Tips of Seeking a Suitable Lawyer

Residents of New York City have come up with an easier way to locate professional lawyers to handle their legal matters. They include criminal cases and child custody issues. Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) from the New York State Bar Association has established a new online portal. The portal will help individuals who are seeking lawyers to handle their legal matters.


How the Online Portal Operates


When looking for a lawyer, an individual is supposed to visit the website ( and fill out a confidential questionnaire that describes their location and legal issue.


The State Bar staff later reviews the questionnaire and matches the individual with an appropriate attorney. In case the individual resides in one of the 17 counties that operate lawyer referral services, the individual’s request will be forwarded to the appropriate county bar association by the State Bar.


If the individual talks to the referral lawyer, they pay up a fee of $35 for the initial consultation. However, an exemption is made matters that include medical malpractice and personal injury. Further, the individual is under no obligation to retain the attorney after the consultation. The individual pays an extra fee, which is agreed upon by the client and the lawyer if they retain the referral lawyer.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein studied at Cornell University where he pursued his degree in Arts, Art History. Later, he graduated from the University of Chicago with Masters of Arts, Art History. Jeremy is an alumnus of the New York University School of Law.


Currently, Jeremy Goldstein is an associate at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The law firm is committed to advising compensation boards and CEOs on executive compensation. Before starting his firm, he was an associate at a law firm known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.


Betsy DeVos: A Successful Businesswoman, Politician, and Philanthropist

Betsy BeVos is the Education Secretary of President Trump’s cabinet. She is known as a very successful businesswoman of the DeVos Family. The less known part of her personality is her philanthropic activities. In 1992, she began her political career by joining the Republican Party. Betsy DeVos held various positions in the Republican Party from time to time. Throughout her life, Betsy has been a strong advocate of educational reforms in the United States. Her philanthropy revolves around reforms in education. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos who is the founder and President of the Windquest Group. The couple decided to establish their family foundation for philanthropy in 1989. It is how Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was founded. The foundation provides funds to various institutions to support causes for education, leadership, justice, arts, and community. In 2015, Betsy DeVos gave away twelve million dollars for different causes. The amount was five times she used for her campaigns from 2010 to 2015. The couple is on the twenty-fourth spot on Forbes list of “America’s Top Givers.”

Betsy gave away four-hundred-thousand dollars to Loudspeaker Media Incorporation which is run by Campbell Brown—a former anchor at CNN Channel. Brown will utilize the funds for his educational website. He also runs the Partnership for Educational Justice which is a nonprofit company. Betsy DeVos provided an additional amount of four-hundred-thousand dollars for the company. The Success Academy Charter Schools and GREAAT Schools, Inc. received one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars and five thousand dollars respectively. The Potter’s House is a famous Michigan-based Christian School that Betsy visited on the invitation. She promised to provide funds to school during her visit. The school received two-hundred thousand dollars as Betsy promised. Alliance for School Choice is a nonprofit organization works closely with the American Federation for Children. Betsy provided a funding of one-hundred-thousand dollars for the alliance. A foundation which works for the reforms in the education system was given fifty thousand dollars by Betsy DeVos. Follow Betsy on

A think tank in Washington D.C is the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Betsy DeVos is a member of the Governing body of the Institute for which she donated seven-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars. She also donated ten thousand dollars to a libertarian and nonprofit law firm known as Institute for Justice. For Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc., Betsy provided six-thousand-and-five-hundred dollars. The University of Maryland has an institute named College Park Foundation which was given five-hundred-thousand dollars. The university named the foundation after the name of Betsy and Dick. The School of Missionary Aviation Technology provides training for flight and aircraft maintenance to men and women. Betsy gave one-hundred-thousand dollars to the school. Several other institutions including the Ferris State University were provided thousands of dollars by Betsy. Read more news on The New York Times.

Waiakea Water Finds Success In Uniqueness

As one of the most hated industries, the bottled water industry is hard to break into. Even though it’s one of the most popular drinks in the world, it’s not an easy business. Ryan Emmons stepped up the change the face of the game. He saw the massive hole that was sitting in the middle of the market, to be filled by a water company full of socially conscious elements.

Most people in the beverage industry are over 50, leaving it hard for Ryan Emmons to find connections within the industry. Soon he found other young entrepreneurs that he clung to, seeking advice and support in each other.

Even though he wasn’t noticed at the beginning, everyone is noticing Emmons now. His Waiakea water company has grown 4,000 percent since he founded the company at age 22, in 2012.

Forbes revealed that Waiakea Water has experienced a 170 percent per year increase since its founding, expanding from selling just over 2,000 cases per year to selling over 122,000 per year. The company’s current value is an astounding $10 million.

According to PR News Wire, Waiakea springs their water from the snowmelt and rain from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. As one of the purest sources on the planet, the water passes through almost 15,000 feet of rock before it develops its signature elements. Waiakea’s water is packed with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is also rich with electrolytes and is naturally alkaline, helping to fight osteoporosis and acid reflux. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

This unique water company was built on charitable initiatives. As a firm believer in giving back, Ryan Emmons partnered with PumpAid to help give fresh, clean water to underserved communities. For every bottle of water Waiakea water sells, 650ML are donated through PumpAid. So far, Waiakea water has helped give over 500 million liters of water to communities in Africa.

What truly sets them apart from their hated rivals is the company’s commitment to sustainability. They are the first premium water bottle company to be rated CarbonNeutral and their product is bottled in an eco-friendly factory. The packaging is made entirely from recycled bottles and from a source that replenishes itself every 30 days.

The Importance Of Hair To Women

Hair has almost always been important to women. Even though these days there are a wide variety of hairstyles including shorter hairstyles, there are other aspects of hair that is important to women. For one thing, it is important to make sure that the hair is healthy looking. Besides length of hair, there are other issues that people are going to have to deal with when it comes to their hair. Among these issues is breakage and out of control hair. While women do wash their hair, it often aggravates the conditions because of the chemicals that are put into the hair care products

Fortunately, there are products that have been made with natural ingredients. One of these products is called Wen by Chaz. Wen By Chaz is made from ingredients that are natural. As a result, they will be a lot better for the woman’s hair. For one thing, there has been a lot of ads that showcase the effects that Wen has on people that use the product. For one thing, it brings people an extra bounce in their hair. Also, the hair color is also given an extra bit of shine which makes it a lot better for people.

With Wen by Chaz, women do not have to resign to a bad hair day. They don’t have to hide their hair out of shame for how their hair looks. Instead, they are able to take the time to present the image that they want to people so that they will not only feel better about themselves, but also attract some positive attention for their hair. This will also bring more attention to Wen by Chaz. People that are able to get a hold of this hair care product will find that they are able to enjoy some of the benefits of this product.

Wen products are available online on Amazon, eBay and on the website.

For more hir care tips, check out Wen on Facebook and subscribe to the WEN channel (


Securus Technologies – Making It Safer

There are many companies that work in the safety field in order to protect the public, but none are able to complete what Securus Technologies is able to do. Securus Technologies has instituted the Wireless Containment Solution, which is helping to stop illegal activity in the jails using cell phones.


Other companies had tried to create something like this too, but they were unable to succeed because they did not have the expertise to do so. Securus Technologies has the ability to create the Wireless Containment Solution, and did so, and many of the correctional facilities are using it across the nation with great success.


The Wireless Containment Solution was made by the company in order to find illegal cell phones and contraband that is being used in the correctional facilities. Once they are able to find these devices, they can stop a lot of crimes being planned and taking place. There were many times that the inmate were using these cell phones and devices to contact people from the outside that were able to do criminal work. By using the Wireless Containment Solution from Securus Technologies, the facilities can stop this from happening.


Securus Technologies works for the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They want to make the world a safer place to live for everyone. They create new technologies on a weekly basis that help with monitoring, investigating and more. The government uses them all the time with help in their facilities, and the company deals with a million and more inmates on a regular basis. The company has also invited the public to come to their facility in Dallas, TX for a tour and a presentation that will allow them to see up close just what the company does on a regular basis. They will be allowed to see the latest technologies and how they work. The company is proud to open their doors so the public will know more about what they do, and how much they want to create a safer world for everyone to live. In the future, the public will see much more from Securus Technologies, because they are creating new technologies on a weekly basis that will benefit everyone.



Highland Capital: The Leading Pioneers in Alternative Investing

Found in 1993, Highland Capital is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. And in over 20 years, this company is reported to have about $18.7 billion in assets with offices located in New York, Singapore, London, Seoul, and São Paulo, Brazil.

What They do

This firm is a SEC-registered investment advisor that manages alternative investments, such as structured investments, hedge funds, and distressed investment funds. Investments in hedge, fixed income, and global public equity markets along with a focus on high yield bonds, leveraged loans, and structured products are focused with this company; therefore, it specializes in credit strategies, such as long-only funds, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), private equity of distressed and special situations, and separate accounts. Learn more about Highland Capital Management:

With their philosophy being based on the principles of boldness, discipline, and experience, this firm has become of the most experienced and biggest alternative credit managers worldwide.

Highland Capital also provides alternative investments that include long/short equities, emerging markets, and natural resources. And their client base consists of foundations, fund of funds, high net-worth individuals, financial institutions, endowments, governments, corporations, and public pension plans.

Their Leadership Approach & Community

This firm is an employee partnership and independently owned firm with staff of great expertise, leadership, and unrivaled client service and investment management teams.

Their approach for their clients is to produce above average and consistent returns by applying proven principles in investing and maintaining discipline. They also go beyond in just investing in financial markets by being committed to making a difference through volunteerism and through financial donations to various charities.


According to Bloomberg, Highland Capital Management has been very profitable for their clients, rather they are commercial or residential clients. And they continue to strive with a spirit of excellence to obtain the bests results possible in all their investments.

From An Investment Analyst To A Chairman

Timothy Armour has taken up the duty of chairman of the Capital Group after the death of Jim Rothenberg who was the former chairman. Rothenberg had joined the Capital Group while it was still new in the year 1970 and assisted a big deal in making the company expand globally. What made him successful for this position was his extensive experience in investments. Armour had more than thirty-year experience in investment at the same company.

Armour is expected to work hand in hand with the senior member of Capital Group such as Rob Lovelace, who is the president of the Capital Research and Management department, and Capital Group President Phil Toledo. With the collaboration of these individuals, Capital group will be in a position to carry out all their undertakings and principles.

Armour had the honors of joining the Capital Group in the year 1983, and this is where he began his career. From working with this company for many years, Armour views the general strength of the firm to come from a collective commitment to delivering long-term investments results to their clients and investors and not from an individual.

Recognized as being one of the largest and oldest investment companies worldwide, Capital Group was launched in the year 1931 in Los Angeles, California. Its long-term focus of ensuring they reach their goal is another thing that has made the firm attractive to people of all continents. It has opened branches in more than twenty cities which include Sydney, London, and Tokyo.

Capital Group has been seen to move forward even after the death of their former chairman by underlying a strategy that will partner the firm with Samsung Asset Management. This was the case to help in the asset management and global investment for the Korean market. With this two companies partnering, they lay their focus on four major areas. These areas include product supervision, the distribution channels, investment administration and retirement organization.

The firm is expected to assist in the co-designing the aimed results for the Korean market. This is because Korea is facing a challenge when it comes to continuing financial prerequisite of for their aging population.

Who would ever think that an equity investment analyst would one day become the chairman of the multi-billion organization such as Capital Global? Timothy Armour was able to outdo all challenges and make it in life.

Twenty Three Layers Takes The Cake in Event Planning

You have an important event coming up in NYC. You want it to be a smashing success but you aren’t quite sure how to handle all of the details. Event planners in NYC are around every corner and you need to make sure that you select right one. Here are some things to consider before making your final commitment:


  1. Event Purpose

Know exactly what type of event you want to host. Confirm if it is personal or corporate in nature. Determine who and how many people will be in attendance and what type of venue is preferred.


  1. Planner Role

Understand your expectations of the event planner. If you have already made some upfront non-negotiable decisions and/or purchases make certain that they are aware. Determine if you want help with something specific such as a venue or assistance with the entire event from A-Z.


  1. Budget

Know your budget beforehand. Prioritize event details from most to least important so that the planner can re-work the budget for lesser items if required.


  1. Interview Planner

Through word of mouth or via professional membership groups specializing in event planning, select at least three potential candidates to interview.


  1. Meet and Greet / Finalize terms

Once you make a selection, bring the planner in to meet face-to-face to start talking specifics and finalize terms.


There are a number of event planning companies in NYC, but Twenty Three Layers is a stand out. They thrive on creating extraordinary events while paying particular attention to design detail. They can assist with weddings, showers, corporate events, styling and even photo shoots. Although based out of New York, they have the ability to assist with planning events worldwide.


Twenty Three Layers has already garnered an impressive list of clients including: Donna Karan New York, Anthropologie, Jaguar, Peter Lik Fine Art Photography and Hugo Boss. Their work has also been mentioned in publications such as Elle Decor, Style Me Pretty, Time Out New York and more.

Find them on NYC:

Fabletic’s Physical Locations Are Excelling

Online retailers are booming and a lot of brick and mortar stores are floundering. The physical stores that cannot keep up with customer’s new needs are wondering why their superior product at a lower price point isn’t enough to keep the customers around. The truth is that the consumer in the retail market today requires a lot to keep them as a loyal customer. They are looking for the best value product and today, that means they are using the showroom technique to shop for a product in store, and then they are turning around to look for a better value online.


The VIP membership is what Fabletics offers their customers to get them a better deal, keep them satisfied, and keep their customers around at the same time. When customers sign up for the $50 per month commitment, they are signing in for a stylist service that hand picks athletic wear pieces especially for them each month. $50 doesn’t buy a lot in the athletic wear realm at the moment, maybe one pair of good quality sport leggings. On Fabletics, the dollar gets the members a lot more. With Fabletics, the monthly $50 can buy a customer a pair of leggings, a sport bra top, and a zip up that layers over the top. The entire outfit can be purchased for less than the price of one pair of leggings in comparable stores. Based on price and value alone, Fabletics is already the better deal which keeps the customers coming back for more each month.


The service offered by Fabletics is giving customers something far more valuable than just a new outfit. They are offering a service with their membership that helps to keep shopping for activewear in the busy woman’s life a pleasurable and modern experience. The outfits hand picked for her are delivered right to her computer screen, so she can easily click and have it delivered right to her door. Because she is being delivered the hand picked styles straight to her inbox and account, she doesn’t have to waste time shopping and clicking around for products that are unsuitable for her needs and style. Time is money after all, and she’s not wasting her time or money with the Fabletics service. Payment is already saved on the site, she knows the time frame that she will be shopping for clothes, and she knows how much she will be spending. The consistency and ease of the VIP membership becomes a valuable part of her lifestyle.


Fabletics VIPs have become very excited about the opening of brick and mortar stores. In fact, the VIP members are the prime customers at the physical locations. The members are so happy to experience Fabletics that experiencing the store is another realm of the Fabletics brand. Offerings at the store are tailor fit to each location using data science from the website, further enhancing the user experience by offering trends and styles popular with the local customer style type.

Norman Pattiz Makes Announcement Of New Podcast To Already Massive Network

In December of 2016, the founder and Executive Chairman of PodCastOne, Norman Pattiz, announced the arrival of a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. Pattiz made the announcement on behalf of PodcastOne, the nation’s largest advertiser-supported podcast network. Beyond the Darkness will add the company’s already massive inventory of podcasts.



Beyond the Darkness will be a new addition to WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network. This podcast will feature entertaining and informative conversations with experts in the area, including researchers and experiencers of the paranormal. The podcast is meant to challenge everything anyone has ever known about ghosts, angels, demons, aliens, monster encounters, miracles, and mysteries.



The new podcast will air on Mondays on the PodcastOne app, iTunes, and It will be hosted radio producer and host Tim Dennis and radio host and author Dave Schrader. Founder Norman Pattiz is thrilled to add Beyond the Darkness to The Jericho Network collection, which as delivered more than just wrestling to its listeners. As one of the jewels of the podcast network, The Jericho Network collection has evolved into something much more.



Norman Pattiz isn’t the only one excited about the new podcast. Chris Jericho is also excited to add Beyond the Darkness to his network. He expects the new podcast to bring PodcastOne a whole new massive fanbase, with the help of Beyond the Darkness‘ expert hosts.



PodcastOne, the country’s largest podcast network, was founded by Norman Pattiz, whom also founded radio-giant Westwood One. PodcastOne hosts over 200 of the most popular podcasts from popular hosts like Steve Austin, Penn Jillette, Adam Corolla, and Shaquille O’Neal.



Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which under his leadership has become the country’s largest radio network. He was appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, helping to oversee all nonmilitary broadcasting services. He founded an America-based satellite TV channel that broadcasts in 22 different countries across the Middle East, called Alhurra.



Pattiz chairs the Board of Governors for Los Alamos National Security, LLC and Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. He created Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010, which creates and funds multi-platform programming for broadcast and online distribution. Norman Pattiz is also a prominent donor to the Democratic Party and sits on the national board of the Israel Policy Forum due to his Jewish descent.

Norman Pattiz