Betsy DeVos and Educational Strategies

Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. Many in education don’t understand her standpoint on educational choice, but she has worked hard in education from the time she was at university at Calvin College. Now that she is the 11th US Secretary of Education, DeVos continues to work hard for students. She has stated that students come first in many interviews, but it’s been difficult to hear her message as many in the Democratic party do not support educational choice.


However, that isn’t the case for presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who actually wrote about the success of educational choice and vouchers. DeVos has been fighting against the assumption that educational choice requires public funding. She has stated in interviews such as with “60 Minutes” that educational choice is funded by philanthropy and doesn’t use tax dollars.


Educational choice allows students to pick schools outside of where they are zoned. This helps students who are dealing with problems in their current networks, such as impoverished students attending failing schools. Public schools also have a problem with common core and teaching to standardized tests, which DeVos wants to prevent. She believes that students need to be placed first above all others and given the opportunity to choose their own school.


In states like Florid and Louisiana, educational choice is thriving. In these states, students are able to pick between magnet schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling options, and virtual schools. With the rise of online schooling, many students have been able to attend school from home, which solves many problems at once. Students don’t need a voucher to go to these online schools.


In addition, it’s a fear of school campuses, which DeVos has addressed. She started to work with policymakers in 2018, which led to many changes at public schools. Now campuses will have a guardian whose role is to protect the school from any type of gun activity or violence.


One decision remains. Should teachers be allowed to carry guns to prevent this type of violence? DeVos didn’t believe that more guns should be allowed on campus and didn’t agree with the policy, but it was left up to school districts to decide what to do. So far, only a few school districts have allowed teachers to carry guns to school.


In addition to her work with school reform and education reform, DeVos has toured with First Lady Melania Trump in the hope to change people’s opinions on educational choice and philanthropy. DeVos knows the power of philanthropy because it has helped with her campaigns for over two decades. She continues to fight for educational choice across the US even as she has less than a year to bring more states on board.


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A Quick Glance At The African Princess: Isabel dos Santos

They say a country’s economy depends on how empowered her women are. The 20th and 21st centuries have witnessed the rise and change in women’s roles all across the world. Now more than ever, women compete healthily with their male counterparts in education, innovation, employment, and even entrepreneurship. We could attribute these changes to the pioneers who saw the need to fight for gender equality and made tangible changes that younger women can enjoy.

Isabel dos Santos is one such lady. She hails from Angola, a country that still struggles to accommodate women in building the economy and utilizing its resources. Isabel, however, went against all notions and fought tirelessly to build an empire with her name on it despite facing male competition.

Coming from a stable background, Isabel dos Santos was lucky to receive a decent education that paved the way for her to create her own world. She has been of immense help in creating opportunities for other fellow women who aspire to become more than what the society outlines for women. Through her businesses and companies, Isabel ensures that many Angolans get employment, which in turn empowers their lives.

After graduating from college, Isabel dos Santos promised herself that she would become a household name. So she ventured into the hospitality industry and later veered off into transportation. At the time, the telecommunications industry, another male-dominated industry had picked up. She decided to go bold and gamble on this new concept that had begun to pick. And so, UNITEL was born with Isabel dos Santos as co-founder. She led the company into prosperity, currently branded as one of the largest companies in Angola.

Isabel’s dedication, tenacity, and success have been essential in motivating other women into business and leadership. Her abilities to overcome the negative notions has been recognized worldwide. She joins other influential names such as Oprah Winfrey in the Forbes’ list of wealthy women.

So, what’s Isabel dos Santos’ secret? The African princess believes that lack of information and skills is the main reason why the youth and women continue to strain in impoverished states. Her initiatives are geared at improving these undermined conditions.

We are looking forward to seeing how she maintains her status.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

Luke Lazarus Builds Startup Success with Principles of Success

 Plans to Support

If you have ever gotten used to a good thing, you will understand what it is like when fortune and success can seem more than you really need at the moment.

Giving back to society is a good thing. Philanthropist do it all the time. Philanthropy give back to make society better. Some give their time and talent back in different ways and use different types of financial vehicles to give back.

Taking a Different Direction

  • Do you want to assist other business people navigating the choppy waves of business?
  • Have you the talent to help them make their way up that steep learning curve?
  • Do you sense that the less fortunate business owners could use your help but don’t know how to extend your support to them?
  • Do you see your fellow business owner tottering on the edge of failure?
  • Will they fall headlong into that steep crevasse of mortal ruin and crash if they don’t receive the help they need from you?

If you have felt any of the above sentiments above, then you may have experienced what Luke Lazarus experienced before the launch of Luke Lazarus Consulting in 2013.

Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia planned to provide a supporting role for struggling and near to failure startup businesses that needed robust consultation from professionals.

Success Breeds Success

Probably everyone who loves sports has witnessed a losing team that is considered the underdog behind limbing back from failure to success after they recruit a start player. A start player affects the organization in several ways. First, a star player leads by example. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

Secondly, a star player is someone the team can relate to on the field; they don’t have to view success only in a video performance. Lastly, a star player gives the feeling of “he’s one of us” mentality among team members. When Luke Lazarus began traveling across Australia as a consultant for startup businesses startups knew they had the right person on their side.

Luke Lazarus had an accomplished record with confidence to share his experience and knowledge with others. Luke Lazarus had come up thru the ranks of business. First, he started where everyone else starts, which is at the beginning. He hadn’t inherited a successful business from relative or others but had worked out all the solutions thru learning and application. Many might say Luke Lazarus’ success was “by the book.”

Making a Difference

Luke Lazarus has been successful in his role as a startup consultant. In recent days he’s witnessed many come from almost total ruin to launching their first initial public offering (IPO). Luke Lazarus has seen the transformation that comes from the change that occurs when a burning desire to achieve meets success and stable knowledge.

The startup teams who work with Luke Lazarus are frank about his straightforward approach and ability to lay everything on the line that hinders progress from taking root in a business plan. Luke Lazarus kindly replies its not a luxury but a necessity to be brutally honest with those who rely upon his consulting services for their future survival and success.

Building on Success

Luke Lazarus reached a pinnacle of success before he reached his thirty-second birthday. He launched Luke Lazarus Consulting as a response to the need to support struggling that were struggling or in search of stable guidance. Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia began in 2013.

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Professional Services of Michael Nierenberg

With so many people wanting and needing to make use of an investment professional, you can feel confident in what Michael Nierenberg is doing for so many individuals. Not only is Michael Nierenberg a great choice for this particular need, but you will find that he has been working in the investment industry for years and has a lot of experience behind him. So many people are choosing to make use of Michael Nierenberg and are finding him to be helpful in many different ways.

You will find that Michael Nierenberg has been a tried and trusted option for a lot of individuals and those who want and need to make use of this for themselves. You will enjoy having an investment professional behind you to get the job done and who knows how to handle a great deal of different types of investment options that are right for you. You can get a great feel for how Michael Nierenberg is working for his clients by going to his many social media accounts and seeing what he is doing right now and the type of work he’s done in the past. You will enjoy what Michael Nierenberg is doing for their own particular needs.

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Dick DeVos and Aviation Considerations

Dick DeVos is in no sense a man who has given up on his life. He’s truthfully the complete opposite of that. He’s a man who is just getting started. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s been plodding along for decades and decades now, though. He’s honestly been doing a lot more than “plodding along.” He’s been taking the huge planet by storm. He’s been doing so in conjunction with his wife, Betsy DeVos, too. They make an inimitable pair. There are few couples on earth who can hold a candle to them as far as working goes.


Dick DeVos’ first name at birth was Richard. He still thinks of himself as being Richard, too. He got that name from a family of consummate professionals. His father was a major aspect of the establishment of the famous Amway Corporation in the United States. This is why the younger DeVos felt fully at ease taking over as the head of the substantial marketing entity. He was the man who headed things for the Amway Corporation for a long stretch of time in the nineties. This gig extended into the 2000s, too.


What does DeVos do for his career now? He does so many things that it can often be tough for people to list them all. He’s a seasoned Windquest Group powerhouse, first of all. He tackles all sorts of business tasks for the respected company in America. He makes a point to tackle extra assignments for the firm any time he can.


Charity isn’t something that DeVos ever dismisses. His wife doesn’t ever dismiss the subject, either. They’re two individuals who legitimately care about charitable concepts. They genuinely care about philanthropic ones all the same. How can they prove that? They can prove it by presenting people with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that’s a non-profit. That means that it doesn’t profit due to any of its actions and activities. It’s been a major organization in the United States since its anticipated inception at the closing of the eighties.


Dick DeVos spends a lot of time thinking about travel via airplane. That’s the reason people turn to him any time they have questions that relate to the aviation department. He’s so enthusiastic about the field that he actually made the decision to plan an aviation academy in the Midwestern region of the United States. The charter school was introduced to people in the region in 2010. It’s called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Since it’s part of the city’s big airport, it gives its pupils a feeling of convenience. Teenagers who want to become the pilots of tomorrow frequently prefer the up-and-coming institution.


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Jose Auriemo Neto Leads the Company

The Brazilian brothers Fabio and Jose Auriemo founded JHS in 1972. In 1995, following a years-long dispute, they split the company into two entirely independent companies: JHSI and JHSF. Fabio took full leadership of JHSF, a real estate development company. The brothers have since reconciled must have still kept their businesses separate. In the mid-2000s the son of Fabio, Jose Auriemo Neto, was instrumental in helping to lead the real estate development company,

JHSF, into the luxury retail sector. Its first project to this end was the massive shopping complex, Parque Jardim, which was the largest construction project in Brazil up to that time. It was such a huge success that Jose has long since led the company to build a luxury complex in every single major Brazilian city. The project included more than just building the many structures in the complex.

It also included JHSF paying to relocate 70 families and also building a bridge over a nearby river. Shortly after starting construction of Cidade Jardim, Auriemo became a partner in the Fasano hotel chain. In this role, he works closely with the founder and owner, Rogerio Fasano. He has since led JHSF beyond Brazilian borders into Punta del Este, Uruguay and New York City. It also owns some extremely lucrative and famous buildings throughout Brazil which it leases to various kinds of companies.

Agera Energy CEO Makes an Impact

Agera Energy has a new CEO, Geoffrey Duda, to lead the large and growing company. Duda is well established in the energy industry, having led an energy company prior to accepting the position with Agera Energy. Follow Agera Energy on

As a business leader, Duda has proven his capabilities in leading companies into new markets and through various stages of growth. This experience will serve Agera Energy well given its current size and interest in continued growth among clients and areas served. Read more about Agera Energy at


Already the new CEO has made an impact in the company, and reiterated his goals and mission moving forward. These ideals give everyone in the company a clear idea of what the growth and ares of focus in the company will be going forward.



Everything you need to know about Richard Liu

Important facts to know about Richard Liu- Richard Liu is an Internet entrepreneur from China. He has been able to achieve high levels of success due to his hard work and his termination to never give up. He is the CEO and the founder of This is a website for the mall located in China. This mall has become very successful and continues to grow each and every year.

This important e-commerce that was founded by Richard, has been able to improve the economy in China. Richard Liu has always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur even after getting out of college. After college, he started to invest his income into a restaurant business. He wanted to start getting his feet wet in the entrepreneur field, and this is how he was able to achieve such a high level of success in his life.

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Unitel CEO Isabel dos Santos Brings New Job Opportunities To Angola

Isabel dos Santos has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential women. This is according to a report released by the BBC in 2015. Her accomplishments in her own career, as well as in business development and philanthropy, have been notable. Isabel is actively involved in the efforts for further development of Africa as a whole and specifically of Angola.

Isabel dos Santos is Angolan, and she hails from a notorious family in the African country. Her father served as president of the country for more than four decades. She is in her mid-forties, and her work experience has been primarily on the management level in several different sectors. Isabel has worked for employers whose focus includes media, infrastructure, technology, and more. Check out on her Twitter for more information.

As the chief executive officer of Unitel International, Isabel is helping to build and vastly improve the economic environment in Angola. The company brings a range of advanced technologies to the area’s residents and businesses. With the influx of advanced global technology available to Angola, Isabel seeks to develop more industry and jobs. She has been involved in the furthering of 50,000 additional job opportunities, and that has made a great impact on Angola’s population.

Another area beyond technology in which Isabel dos Santos excels in is her experience in the field of infrastructure and transportation. Isabel dos Santos founded a trucking business in the early 2000s. Her expansive business expertise covers numerous aspects of the challenges faced in the global economy. She has led several companies and serves on the boards of others as a member and part owner.

Isabel dos Santos is considered amongst the richest women in Africa. Part of her wealth comes from her family, and a large part comes from the success and profitability of her own business ventures. Isabel’s professional endeavors also include public speaking. She has been present at many widely attended national and international seminars, meetings and forums to share her views and perspective on the current and future economic trends.

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New ViSalus President Blake Mallen Uses His Marketing Experience To Move The Health Brand Forward

ViSalus is on quite an upward path in the nutrition marketplace, and that path has now spanned past a decade. Blake Mallen is partially responsible for this, since he was among the three ViSalus founders years ago. Mr. Sarnicola and Mr. Blair were the others. Bringing, via ViSalus, a healthy direct sales offering of shakes has propelled this team financially, and Mallen in particular has found marketing to suit his sales oriented set of skills. Leading the vital marketing department at ViSalus is how Mr. Mallen proved himself before ultimately finding himself even more elevated in that company’s structure. Helping the entity’s trajectory towards thriving is what allowed the presidency role to recently fall upon Blake, and a major task for Mr. Mallen es now expanding his nutrition company further.


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Comment “LIFE”👇🏻 if you’ve made the shift to not only do things to get more hours in your life, but also more life in your hours! 💪🏻⁣ .⁣ We all know the things we can do to help get more hours in our life:⁣ .⁣ ✅ eat healthy ⁣ ✅ exercise ⁣ ✅ stop bad habits ⁣ .⁣ But here are some ways to get more life in our hours:⁣ .⁣ ✅ be present⁣ ✅ do things for the first time ⁣ ✅ create moments ⁣ ✅ express gratitude ⁣ ✅ leverage your time ⁣ ✅ leverage your money ⁣ ✅ do things that make you happy⁣ ✅ get in nature ⁣ ✅ reduce screen time ⁣ ✅ focus on priorities ⁣ ✅ cut out negativity⁣ ✅ travel to new places ⁣ ✅ give back ⁣ ✅ _________?⁣ .⁣ Drop a comment below 👇🏻 with shifts you’ve made to add more life to your hours!⁣ .⁣ #BlakeMallen⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #life #shiftthescript #exercise #healthy #lifestyle #gratitiude #moments #money #travel

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Blake Mallen being among the ViSalus member base is cetainly fortunate for the weight management oriented company, and his presidency will aid in the profit gathering of ViSalus from this nutritional market. A leader with Mallen’s experience is quite enviable with regards to this nutritional brand sphere, and when strengths of Mallen are added to the strengths of Ryan Blair, ViSalus CEO, it is difficult for any peer health businesses to keep pace with ViSalus. Via Mallen’s marketing understanding, the group’s direct sales saw a sum o $2 billion during a certain period, and that could be dwarfed if the global ViSalus efforts continue.

Though Los Angeles, California, still acts as ViSalus headquarters, the group’s reach now goes across twelve countries in the European region. With both ViSalus and Blake Mallen becoming increasingly prominent as far as nutritional brands are concerned, he team of both Blake Mallen and Blair can leverage ViSalus resources and their experience to press for further ViSalus expansion. Getting into other nutritional markets is among Blake Mallen’s tasks as company president, and this will necessitate challenge for not only president Mallen, but also CEO Blair and the entirety of the ViSalus team. Dedication seems to be a professional commonality for Blair and Mallen, and this has thus far proven advantageous though the organization’s lengthy and lucrative existence.

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