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Highland Capital: The Leading Pioneers in Alternative Investing

Found in 1993, Highland Capital is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. And in over 20 years, this company is reported to have about $18.7 billion in assets with offices located in New York, Singapore, London, Seoul, and São Paulo, Brazil.

What They do

This firm is a SEC-registered investment advisor that manages alternative investments, such as structured investments, hedge funds, and distressed investment funds. Investments in hedge, fixed income, and global public equity markets along with a focus on high yield bonds, leveraged loans, and structured products are focused with this company; therefore, it specializes in credit strategies, such as long-only funds, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), private equity of distressed and special situations, and separate accounts. Learn more about Highland Capital Management:

With their philosophy being based on the principles of boldness, discipline, and experience, this firm has become of the most experienced and biggest alternative credit managers worldwide.

Highland Capital also provides alternative investments that include long/short equities, emerging markets, and natural resources. And their client base consists of foundations, fund of funds, high net-worth individuals, financial institutions, endowments, governments, corporations, and public pension plans.

Their Leadership Approach & Community

This firm is an employee partnership and independently owned firm with staff of great expertise, leadership, and unrivaled client service and investment management teams.

Their approach for their clients is to produce above average and consistent returns by applying proven principles in investing and maintaining discipline. They also go beyond in just investing in financial markets by being committed to making a difference through volunteerism and through financial donations to various charities.


According to Bloomberg, Highland Capital Management has been very profitable for their clients, rather they are commercial or residential clients. And they continue to strive with a spirit of excellence to obtain the bests results possible in all their investments.

From An Investment Analyst To A Chairman

Timothy Armour has taken up the duty of chairman of the Capital Group after the death of Jim Rothenberg who was the former chairman. Rothenberg had joined the Capital Group while it was still new in the year 1970 and assisted a big deal in making the company expand globally. What made him successful for this position was his extensive experience in investments. Armour had more than thirty-year experience in investment at the same company.

Armour is expected to work hand in hand with the senior member of Capital Group such as Rob Lovelace, who is the president of the Capital Research and Management department, and Capital Group President Phil Toledo. With the collaboration of these individuals, Capital group will be in a position to carry out all their undertakings and principles.

Armour had the honors of joining the Capital Group in the year 1983, and this is where he began his career. From working with this company for many years, Armour views the general strength of the firm to come from a collective commitment to delivering long-term investments results to their clients and investors and not from an individual.

Recognized as being one of the largest and oldest investment companies worldwide, Capital Group was launched in the year 1931 in Los Angeles, California. Its long-term focus of ensuring they reach their goal is another thing that has made the firm attractive to people of all continents. It has opened branches in more than twenty cities which include Sydney, London, and Tokyo.

Capital Group has been seen to move forward even after the death of their former chairman by underlying a strategy that will partner the firm with Samsung Asset Management. This was the case to help in the asset management and global investment for the Korean market. With this two companies partnering, they lay their focus on four major areas. These areas include product supervision, the distribution channels, investment administration and retirement organization.

The firm is expected to assist in the co-designing the aimed results for the Korean market. This is because Korea is facing a challenge when it comes to continuing financial prerequisite of for their aging population.

Who would ever think that an equity investment analyst would one day become the chairman of the multi-billion organization such as Capital Global? Timothy Armour was able to outdo all challenges and make it in life.