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Betsy DeVos’ Desire to Bring Equity in the Education System

Mrs. Betsy DeVos was appointed the 11th U.S. Education Secretary on February 7, 2017, after being confirmed by the Senate. Before this appointment, she had served in various capacities in party and charitable organizations, PACs and also as a business executive. Betsy is the wife of a politician and philanthropist Dick DeVos, with whom they have worked together to support various charitable initiatives in Grand Rapids and across Michigan. They have channeled millions of dollars to charities, with the aim of helping the under-served individuals in the society. Large portion of their donations is used to fund education and other related projects.

Prior to her appointment, Mrs. DeVos was a strong supporter of educational choice and charter school programs. She partnered with other activists to champion for implementation of these programs in over 20 states. The program is also functional in the District of Columbia. Over the years, more and more parents have been enrolling their kids to these programs, allowing them to access better education. Mrs. DeVos’ interest began several years ago when she met parents who struggled to pay education fees for their children at Potter’s House in Grand Rapids. This school was recognized for serving kids from poor family backgrounds in this town. Betsy & Dick decided to sponsor some students, which they did very successfully.However, the number of parents who needed scholarships for their children was alarming making the couple to alternative ways to advance their cause. Later, she was involved in formation of organizations and PACs all fighting for educational reforms in Michigan. Their movement was seeking support from various state governments to pass laws that would allow tax credits to support school choice program. Betsy was personally involved in the formation of the organization responsible for charter schools expansion in the state of Michigan. Through her leadership and efforts, their mission was very successful, and they decided to roll-over the program in other states.

Personal Biography of Betsy DeVos

For more than three decades, Mrs. DeVos has played critical role of fighting for change of education policy in different states as well as on the national level. She was advocating for children and also acting as a voice for parents. When Betsy was growing up, she witnessed leaders supporting several projects focusing on the education sector in her home town. The leaders’ objective was to improve the standard of learning for children in that area. It was a major inspirational that made her decide to focus on education after realizing the inequalities that existed in the U.S. education system. Mrs. DeVos attained her Bachelors of Arts degree from Calvin College. Her philanthropic work has helped many kids in Michigan and across the United States.

Hussain Sajwani family man and Damac Owner of properties

From modest beginnings, the Damac Properties catering division has grown across multiple specialties and today stands as a market leader of 200 projects while serving 150,000 daily meals in countless markets, such as the Middle East, Africa and even the CIS. In addition to serving construction campsites, army encampments, educational institutions, 5-star hotels and onshore or offshore locations, this division specializes in offering ancillary services through camp management, maintenance and manpower supply. Hussain Sajwani was one a top pioneer of the recent property market expansions in Dubai: In the mid 1990’s, he built many hotels to accommodate a growing influx of immigrants coming to the UAE to conduct business and trade.


In 2002


He identified a market opportunity that later established Damac Properties, which grew into one of the largest development companies within the Middle East. Sajwani’s valued know-how and expertise in the fields of property development and marketing, sales, legal solutions, finances, and administration are a few of the key drivers to the company’s success; today, Damac works with several prestigious projects in renowned global cities – such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut, Riyadh and especially London.


DAMAC Properties employs nearly 2,000 employees. It’s a publicly-listed organization with shares that trade on the Dubai Financial Market. Damac maintains one of the best track records in luxury property developments and has delivered more than 17,900 homes with development portfolios of more than 44,000 units at multiple stages of their progress and planning.


As a leading brand in the newest markets


DAMAC Properties has recently joined forces with the most recognizable fashion and lifestyle brands in order to bring newer and more exciting living concepts to the current markets. Such projects include a Tiger-Woods-designed golf property – set to be managed by Trump’s Organization itself – as well as luxury apartments and interiors by Italian designers Versace and Fendi. Also included will be luxury villas by Bugatti and conceptualized Paramount Hotels & Resorts for delivering serviced living at its finest.


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George Soros and his Contribution to the Society

Introduction and History

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary, and he moved to England to study Economics. At this time, he worked both as a waiter and a railway porter to support his studies. Forbes reports that he started his hedge in Wall Street with an initial capital of $12 million. Through his knowledge in understanding different markets, he has raised the worth of the company from the initial investment to the current worth of $30 billion. Residing in the United States, Soros is currently cited as among the richest people in the world. Forbes reports that George had once shorted the British pound in 1992, and he became famous for this act. He broke the Bank of England. His wealth and knowledge have placed him in a position of political influence and philanthropy.

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The philanthropic and social work of Soros

Up to date, George has given about $12 billion for philanthropy. Having been discriminated upon during the Nazi regime, he understands what it means to be a minority. The current groups of people that include the drug users, people with disabilities, families, and groups that cannot support their causes have been his main interest. With the desire to create s better community, he has dedicated his life to making other people’s lives count. A few years back, Soros ensured that most black people who could not get a proper education were given scholarships. He funds the things in which he believes. Supporting orphanage homes, people with disabilities and the less fortunate families are some of his major contributions. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Contribution to the American Politics

For a long time, George has always tried to stay away from the political arena. He does not like to involve himself with too much of politics. The latest presidential race became one of his major interests in the history of politics in America. He financed several candidates from the Democrats’ party. He believed in their ideologies, and he has always been a critic of Trump too. There is a connection which he has had with Hillary for the last 25 years. She welcomes him to discuss on different economic matters and how to improve the American economy. With his wealth, he financed her campaigns. There is a particular time when George Soros pumped $25 million after putting other resources in line for the elections. He did not only fund the presidency, but he also financed other positions like the congress and the senate as long as they were from the democrats. Learn more about this article at

Lori Senecal Scales the Height of Success at CP+B

One of the most renowned CEOs in the world will exit her role at the helm of CEO of CP+B Global. Lori Senecal has been at the helm of CP+B Global since March 2015 a new role in the company’s history. She was responsible for overseeing the expansion of CP+B on a global scale and was the go-to person for the coordination of the eight international offices that represent the company in different regions of the world. Over the course of the years, she has infused into the administrative structure with much-needed agility, energy, as well as the creative attention that has made CP+B worthy of being a global brand.

Mentoring New Crop of Leaders

Many in the CP + B circles as well as in the industry will miss her but she will not leave a vacuum. Over the course of her tenure at the helm of the company, she has helped bring in a new crop of leaders where she has been actively involved in mentoring them to progress the CP+B agenda all over the world. One of her greatest achievement has been bringing the American Airlines account early in her tenure at CP+B. Over the course of her career, she has had a stellar performance with an extraordinary gift of building strategic partnerships.

Global Dynamics

She has one of the most enviable global dynamics of marketing that has enabled her to be the best in her industry. Some of the multinational companies have benefited from her prowess in digital marketing including Nestle, Coca-Cola, and BMW. In these and many more agencies, she continually created and managed profitable departments and branches.

Work-Life Balance

With such a high-flying career, it is easy to think that Lori Senecal is all work and no play. She has carved out an enviable work-life balance. When she is not busy at work, she is passionate about traveling, photography, politics, and having fun no matter the place or time. She is also into helping startups to get on their feet especially those advancing technology to create their own launch platform. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.


Lori Senecal displays impeccable team management as well synergy building in every organization. CP+B will feel the gap after her departure. However, with the new generation of leaders at the company, her legacy will live on.

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Jeremy Goldstein warns executives about dangers of activist shareholders

Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the nation’s most prominent executive compensation attorneys. After a career spanning nearly two decades with famed law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, Goldstein has decided to leave the life of big-time corporate law. He has elected to strike out on his own, forming his own practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.


Goldstein has also successfully had his name added to the Lawyer Referral and Information System, a system that connects those seeking legal counsel with some of the state’s most competent attorneys. The system is run by the New York State Bar Association, the oldest continually operating state bar association in the United States today. Founded in 1876, the New York State Bar Association has been the model upon which most other state bar association throughout the country have been constructed. The New York State Bar Association has more than 72,000 members, representing the state’s top legal talent. With Goldstein having his name added to this prestigious list of the state’s top lawyers, he has made a definitive first step towards becoming the head of his own successful practice.


Goldstein hopes to transfer the same level of high-quality legal counsel that he has provided to some of the largest companies in America too small and medium-sized business owners throughout the state of New York, who often faced the same types of executive compensation conundrums as do their larger counterparts.


One of the areas in which Goldstein has most strenuously warned executives against complacency is in the realm of activist shareholders. Goldstein says that no one could potentially wreak more damage on a vulnerable company then an activist shareholder who gains control of the firm either through proxy or by direct acquisition of shares.


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