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Securus Technologies Ensuring Safety of Correctional Facilities with its Drone Detection Technology

Today, drones have become quite popular. One can see them being used for many different things. Apart from using it as a toy, many people are making use of drones for surveillance and even for photography. Drones are quite flexible, and they are also being used by criminals to deliver packages inside the prison. Since prisons today have tight security that is not easy to breach, criminals have found a better way to deliver the banned materials into the prison so that it can be used by the inmates.


Drones today are quite advanced and can be operated from miles away. One does not need to be in the vicinity of the drone as most drones have cameras that allow the operator to see where it is going. They can also carry a weight of around 20 pounds easily meaning that the criminals can tie packages containing tobacco, drugs and even weapons to them and then have them dropped off inside the yard of the prison where the inmates can find them easily. There have been multiple reports of violence inside the prison due to these packages drop-offs inside the prisons.


Two of the newest technologies to enter the correctional sphere is the drone detection technology and the wireless containment technology. The drone detection technology would be used to keep the drones away from prisons, and the wireless containment system would be used to keep the contraband phones away from prison. The use of drones to supply contraband items inside the prisons as well as the use of contraband phones is illegal and must not be allowed, but still, the incidents of such illegal use have been on the rise in recent times. Many other companies tried to develop a technology that would provide a breakthrough, but in the end, it was Securus Technologies that was able to build a breakthrough technology that was able to prove to be efficient and effective in carrying out what it claims to the T.


Securus Technologies has spent a lot in building these two technologies and is committed to its evolution as the time passes. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the drone detection and wireless containment system is necessary for the correctional sphere, and the company would do whatever it takes to ensure that the technology continues to become more potent with time. There are many new upgrades that would be happening to these technologies in the near future. The FCC has announced that it would take the necessary steps to promote the use of such technologies in the correctional facilities so that the illegal use of contraband phones and drones can be eliminated completely. It has cost the lives of many, and some serious steps need to be taken to stop it.



Dr. Saad and Career Motivation

Dr. Saad Saad is a New Jersey-based professional who has been in retirement for some time now. It’s important to note, though, that the retired life has in no way diminished his eagerness regarding the field of medical care. This doctor has always been enthusiastic about looking after his fellow human beings. This may be due to his family background. There are eight siblings in his immediate family. They’re a fascinating combination of professionals as well. He has a sibling who is employed as an engineer. There are a whopping three surgeons. That’s where things start. Dr. Saad spent his formative years in the small country of Kuwait. Although he lived in Kuwait for a long time, he was actually born in Palestine.


Dr. Saad has done many things in his career. There have been many factors that have helped bring on his good fortune, too. Dr. Saad is a highly methodical individual. He adores order and tends to steer clear of chaos at all times. He believes that methodical behavioral patterns pave the way for smoothness. He doesn’t like ever delaying taking care of things that need to be done. Dr. Saad thinks that people can all attain their objectives. He thinks, though, that they have to be persevere. They cannot be individuals who are prone to giving up when things become a little tougher.


Dr. Saad understands that surgical procedures aren’t simple. He deals with that by enforcing numerous rules. Rules can do a lot for his concentration. Dr. Saad has always been a surgeon who has given his patients more than 100 percent no matter what. He doesn’t permit others to speak while they’re inside of his operating room for any reason. He doesn’t let anyone put on music that’s noisy or disruptive at all. He also tries to prepare well for every procedure. He gets adequate rest the night in advance. He consumes a well-rounded and hearty breakfast, too.


This surgeon thrived while he was a student in medical school. He was the school’s salutatorian. This was a great thing for his family members. Dr. Saad’s family did not have a lot of money. They did not have many resources at their disposal, either. That’s the reason it was so critical for Dr. Saad to be a strong student. Learn more:


Dr. Saad appreciates Abraham Lincoln for a variety of reasons. He loves how Lincoln viewed the planet. Lincoln was a President who backed the concept of all human beings having value that can be beneficial for society. Since he’s a pediatric surgeon, that resonates with him. Dr. Saad knows that one patient is never better than the other. People have livers, lungs and hearts that verify this.

How Rocketship Education is Impacting Students in Marginalized Communities.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization that has been advocating for drastic changes in the American education system. Since time in memorial, schools have focused on the teacher-centered learning method, but instead, Rocketship Education is advocating for a student-centered learning technique. Over the years, it has been making discoveries on the different ways schools can be able to practice the personalized system of education and at the same time be able to instill the necessary skills to the students.

To achieve results, Rocketship Education proposes that learning should extend out of class. In the school’s curriculum, they have adopted a new model where a teacher visits the home of each student to familiarize with the student’s background. With this method, the teacher can build a cordial relationship between the institution, student, and family.

Rocketship Education has created a parent leadership program where families and stakeholders alike can hold political leaders accountable, seek political attention, and help achieve quality education in the public-school sector. Since Rocketship only offers elementary education, the platform provides parents with an opportunity to ask for quality systems in middle and high schools.

Rocketship does not offer the complete K-12 system since it’s focused entirely on elementary education. The school’s leadership believes that providing an alternative to the already existing public-school system will not solve the problems facing the model. They want to help stakeholders, partners, and parents demand equity in the public schools so that their children will enjoy quality education.

Rocketship Education is a group of elementary schools that offer quality primary education, especially in the marginalized communities. It was started by John Danner and Preston Smith in a church in San Jose, California. It has developed over the years, and it now has branches in Washington, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Preston Smith, the chief executive of the elementary school, is a former teacher, and his children attend the school’s branch in San Jose.

Jed McCaleb – Co-founder of Stellar

Jen McCaleb is best known for being a successful blockchain cryptocurrency guru. He is also a programmer. He created Mt.Gox which is a Bitcoin exchange company-the very first to be more precise. He has also pioneered many other companies such as eDonkey and continues to pursue other endeavors.


Jed McCaleb’s most recent venture is called Stellar and he handles the technical part of the company. Stellar got its start when McCaleb realized the potential behind Bitcoin. However, Stellar is able to connect institutions which Bitcoin was not able to do. Stellar is primarily for the unbanked portion of the population and many businesses, nonprofit organization, and financial institutions are already utilizing Stellar for their needs. Stellar has been upgraded since its birth in 2014 and is much more scalable than it used to be. It also offers more security and is more modular. Stellar is also an affordable service that is very useful.


Jed McCaleb is a busy man and is always learning. He’s an avid student on the teachings on artificial intelligence and believes that there is great and untapped potential in the capabilities of artificial intelligence. He also believes that artificial intelligence has the ability to make our lives better and can solve a lot of our problems. Jed McCaleb is heavily involved in the machine intelligence research institute or the MIRI and is also an advisor to the MIRI.


Jed McCaleb spends a good amount of his time planning and developing his ideas. He also recognizes that because of the internet, it is easier to get great products out there. This is partly why Stellar has become so successful as well. He overcomes his personal struggles by not letting them stop him and by overcoming them. He stays focused and always feeds his mind so that he can become more knowledgeable and so that he can come up with new and exciting ideas and ventures to expand and explore. Jed McCaleb is not afraid of a good challenge and is always seeking out new challenges to overcome. He has many interests and has a global approach to things.

AvaTrade Review Highlights Their Potent Resources for Currency Markets

AvaTrade strives to be the ultimate online trading resource for those interested in the forex markets and they are also committed to providing the highest quality experience for retail traders. Their services are clearly articulated so clients know exactly what they are paying for and what they’ll be receiving. They are also a gateway to all world markets as well as currencies from A to Z. With over $60 billion dollars per month traded on this platform, customers can be assured that their capabilities are sufficient to meet their investing needs.

AvaTrade offers superlative educational resources that enable customers to navigate complex global markets more efficiently. However, it doesn’t do the work for you regarding how much to invest as well as entries and exits. The extraordinary tools and resources that they provide can be the impetus for a confident approach to the markets that neophyte investors may need.

The novice forex participant is a particular concern of AvaTrade and their tools are well suited for newcomers. Industry experts are on hand to provide timely answers to pressing market questions that beginners may have. Their guidance can be crucial in helping clients overcome avoidable mistakes that could prove to be costly.

Seasoned investors or traders can also benefit from using AvaTrade and the power of their resources. Tutorials and webinars by industry insiders are relevant to all levels of market participants and illustrate how AvaTrade can benefit anyone. The ability to make sound decisions quickly is a critical component of market success and AvaTrade could very well be the difference for many forex players.

AvaTrade was started in 2006 and has been changing financial destinies ever since as their primary goal is to empower clients to trade with confidence. They are committed to putting the customer first and offer industry-leading tools and resources to make trading as smooth as possible.

They are able to access over 250 market vehicles which include currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. Their technology works efficiently with any type of device and they offer one of the most advanced platforms out there. They are also committed to giving their customers an ultimate peace of mind by holding their accounts in segregated funds to increase security.

Benefits of Being a Member of the Oxford Club

Julie Guys is the current chief executive officer of the Oxford Club, one of the largest private groups on the planet. The Oxford Club is keen on recruiting members who are interested in doing trading and other businesses that can help them grow. According to Julie Guth, being an Oxford Club members yields many benefits. One of these is the ability to know more people that can help out with an individual’s business. The vast network of entrepreneurs who are members of the club can ultimately bring a drastic change to someone’s business. Being a member of the Oxford Club can also help out an individual to show their product to the world, giving it a higher chance to gain more customers. The Oxford Club was founded in 1989, and since its establishment, it has become influential in changing the lives of other people. The Oxford Club is truly an exclusive brotherhood especially for those who wanted to change their lives for the better.

Those who wanted to become a part of the Oxford Club can easily become a member by contacting the group and giving them an individual’s personal information. They also offer three membership types, and each comes with its own benefits and privileges. Once an individual becomes a member, they would now have the capability to access the resources that the group has online and on their website, and they can start using it for their advantage. Being a member of the Oxford Club also gives access to some of their facilities around the world, like the Clubhouse in Baltimore and other places of recreation found in France and Central America. The Oxford Club is a promising platform that will help entrepreneurs and business people alike.

The Oxford Club is also offering different kinds of investment options for their members. They can invest in the stock market or the cryptocurrency market, and with members who are keen on trading, creating a huge hedge fund for the club is not a problem, and it has the potential to become profitable since it will be guided and handled by the members of the club who are experts in the field.

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Siteline Cabinetry is the New Custom Cabinet Juggernaut

Siteline Cabinetry is the newest creation of Corsi Group, which was created by Pat Corsi. Siteline was founded in 2015 to close a gap in the custom-made cabinet market. The company’s primary building is located in Keysville, Virginia.


The way Siteline is different from most cabinet suppliers is that they have no need of expensive warehouses. All of its products are created directly after the order is made. This allows the consumer to be involved in the creation of their very own one-hundred percent unique cabinets. Customers can order cabinets for their kitchens, closets, laundry rooms or any other room in their home. Due to Siteline’s unique production methods, they are able to provide customers with anything they need.


Siteline has nearly 300 choices for its customers to choose from. Clients can pick the type of wood, the color of the paint, the style of the door, and can even ask Siteline to include secret panels and hidden compartments in their cabinets.


The company is able to handle these orders in a timely fashion because it uses the best manufacturing equipment available. Siteline utilizes a Weeke Vantech router, a Holzma panel saw and many other tools and technologies. These tools, in combination with their one-hundred percent digitized ordering system can guarantee your product will be in your possession in a months time from when the order is placed.


Siteline assures its customers of high-quality products by offering a limited lifetime warranty. Siteline promises to repair all of its cabinets as long as they are still owned by the original purchaser.


Siteline doesn’t directly sell its cabinets to individuals, however. It sells its cabinets to construction companies and remodelers. It is the job of the supplier to work with the average consumer to create the finished product. Supplier of Siteline’s Cabinets can be found all through out the United States.

Ara Chackerian and The Medical Tech Solutions He Offers To The World

The world is filled with challenges and new modern problems that before were just a figment of imagination and stuff for novels. Today, these challenges could not be more real, and we need innovators to address them, analyze them and find ways to fix them. One of these brave people who want to rise to the occasion is Ara Chackerian, the Co-founder of TMS Health Solutions.

Health Problems Today

There are numerous professional reports right now that indicate how much risks we are facing now that the world is getting more complex. Some say that the best way to address these would be to decentralize to make the environment and scope of study less abstract and more concrete. In the case of Ara Chackerian, his beliefs seem to parallel such methodology, but he adds some more. We can read from the IdeaMensch interview that he is now helping entrepreneurs find ways to address the modern health challenges of the global market. He hopes that with the entrepreneurial pursuits that he has done, he can augment the problems related to mental health. His TMS Health Solutions seems to focus on finding ways to address depression, make its symptoms tolerable and find great methods to lower the risks that people will have such mental health issue.

Before the active involvement in TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian has shown great passion in investing and entrepreneurial ventures, building health-tech services such as BMC Diagnostics, Ambion/Provider Links, and PipelineRX. His dedication in the medical business field has also extended to the point of heading board memberships and groups whose responsibility is to aid people who experience medical issues with the help of tech.

About Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian’s executive bio would have to start with the fact that he’s based in San Francisco, as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. His successful career has already spanned decades, and most of his work has already taken place in the field of medical solutions involving diagnostic imaging. With such vision for people’s medical health care status, Ara is able to provide magnetic stimulation for people who need it the most and people whose last resort would seem to be in medical tech. Check out his page for more.

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