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Jeremy Goldstein’s Lawyer Prowess

Before becoming one of New York’s best corporate attorneys, Jeremy Goldstein was a collegiate overachiever. Not only did he graduate from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, but he graduated with distinction in all subjects as well. Next, he earned a Master’s of Arts from the University of Chicago before returning to New York and earning his Juris Doctor (law degree) from New York University.

After graduation, he joined a law firm that specialized in corporate law. He quickly began a partner at the firm due to his unique strategy of getting to know his clients. Shortly after making partner, Goldstein noticed several executive compensation consulting firms branching out on their own and finding success as independent entities.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own law firm, which specializes in corporate governance and executive compensation. His firm also advises CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees. To date, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has worked on some of the largest corporate transactions over the last 10 years.

Goldstein and Associates became the top corporate law firm thanks to Goldstein’s approach to working with clients. While most attorneys saw their clients as successes and failures or paydays; Jeremy Goldstein used a friendlier approach and got to know his clients to better understand what they needed out of their particular transaction.

Using his open-communication approach, Goldstein earned himself on the American Bar Association’s Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee. He’s also considered the foremost expert on matters involving executive compensation and corporate governance. He even travels the country giving speeches on these issues.

Aside from his professional excellence, Goldstein is also an avid supporter of Fountain House, a New York-based charity dedicated to the recovery of men and women suffering from mental illness. Having New York’s best corporate attorney speaking publicly goes a long way toward removing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

As an attorney who works with clients during highly stressful situations, Goldstein’s seen his share of people who needed more than his help but didn’t get it. Sadly, many people suffering from mental illness don’t realize most mental illnesses can be easily treated or even cured.

The greatest way Goldstein helps Fountain House is by raising awareness. For the past two years, Jeremy Goldstein’s held luxurious wine dinners on top of the Nomad Hotel overlooking the New York skyline. His first dinner was such a success; guests begged him to throw a second later that year. Now, Jeremy Goldstein throws at least one wine dinner every year overlooking the New York skyline.


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The OSI Food Solutions Way of Life

Out of all the giant manufacturers of food that the world possesses, the United States is home to one of the premier leaders. This leader is known as OSI Food Solutions, and it has a proven track record of success in food services. OSI was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolshwoski. Otto and his family operated a tiny butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois, but the company would stake its claim in food wholesale years later. After going into food wholesale, the new residence of OSI would be constructed in Maywood, Illinois. The company would partake in another change of location as it would plant itself in Aurora, Illinois.

As of 2019, OSI Food Solutions is now a global enterprise that consists of 20,000 employees. In addition to that, the company now owns more than 60 technologically advanced facilities. Seventeen different countries play host to these facilities. OSI Spain incorporated high-capacity production lines to boost its processing power. By doing so, the company became much more efficient by increasing its processing power to 24,000 ton of poultry. Before this fine addition, the company’s processing production in poultry was registered at 12,000 tons.

Thanks to such dramatic and immediate results, the company’s beef and pork production follow suit, and the overall processing power of the company resulted in the production of more than 45,000 tons of raw meat. OSI Food Solutions has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in advanced technologies, which has led to a great return on investment. Over $7 million was spent on a 200-square-foot facility in the Chicago area. This facility was once owned and operated by Tyson Foods. OSI Food Solutions has strengthened its core structure to the highest degree, and it will continue to produce, develop and sell some of the tastiest value-added foods.

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Blake Mallen Made The Gig Economy Cool

Blake Mallen is a lifestyle entrepreneur that was able to see the gig economy as a viable way to make some money.

Five years ago, Blake Mallen was wondering if he was on the correct career path. He did not like what he was being to do. He looked around and saw that people like him wanted a career path that was full of freedom, flexibility, and financial opportunity.

With his new business partner named Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen was able to create a platform that would help increase the gig economy. This platform should develop brands for the next 15 years. These brands should allow three hundred entrepreneurs internationally in their spare or part-time. They will hopefully be able to upgrade their status and become full-time.

Mallen and Sarnicola were able to develop a global healthy lifestyle brand called Vi. This brand proved that the gig economy could be a powerful tool. This new brand disrupted the direct sales industry. This new brand showed that the new gig economy could be a fun, social and lucrative way to make some money. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Blake Mallen believes that direct sales were originally a side gig. He does not believed people called a side gig decades ago The gig economy was first seen as a taboo because it was a completely different from the traditional 9-to-5 factory or corporate position. He knows that the gig economy was not considered cool when he graduated from high school. Mallen is glad to have made the gig economy cool.

Mallen and Sarnicola came to the realization that it was not the business model that Millennials did not like. They did not like the lack of innovation and a cool factor. Mallen and his business people created a new form of messaging that would challenge people when they were introduced to their brand. Mallen increased the message by using social media marketing practices. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can help spread the message of the gig economy.

Blake Mallen has shown that a person can become very successful in the gig economy.


Organo Gold Shares Creative Ideas to Spice Up

On 29th September people celebrate the international world coffee day. So, the world-leading brand in coffee Organo Gold decided to share ideas and innovation in the coffee making process. Organo Gold has come up with the ideas to add different flavor in the coffee the people make to enhance their taste buds. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold gave three new flavors that include the iced orange Creamsicle, pumpkin spice and, cinnamon mocha. All these flavors sound delicious and mouth-watering. Organo Gold has been known for bringing innovative ideas to the coffee world and coffee culture. People like their innovative ideas due to which Organo Gold is an internationally recognized brand.



USHEALTH Advisors Has Key Tips for Long Term Healthy Eating

Most people know that healthy eating is one of the keys way you can stay in shape, avoid illness, and lead a more active lifestyle, but that is often easier said than done. There are lots of ways to lose focus. People often do not have the time to make healthy meals, on the easiest ones on offer in the supermarkets are often very unhealthy. Eating out and eating healthy is also a problem. Most restaurants are more focused on adding salt and fat to their meals as they taste good. It is only by making a long term plan and sticking with it that healthy eating will stay a part of your life. It is all hard work and no enjoyment, it will never last. USHEALTH Advisors has studied some of the best ways to eat healthy and make it last. Learn more about the organization of UShealth Advisors at

USHEALTH Advisors recommends preparing dinner before you get home in the evening. After a long day at work, people do not want to spend an hour making dinner. Putting ingredients in a slow cooker is a great way to have something ready in the evening that can also be very healthy. Spicy Turkey Chili is a great option. Lean turkey and lots of spices are great for a bunch of reasons. New research has shown hot spices can help with overall health.

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal, but people still skip it. It can lead to hunger issues later in the day, and it can have longer term problems for overall metabolism.

USHEALTH Advisors has a range of tips to help you start a health eating plan and more importantly stick to it.

Most people know pizza should be avoided, but that applies more to take out and frozen pizzas. USHEALTH Advisors recommends making your own pizza and then they can be as healthy as you want. Putting on a variety of toppings and putting the pizza in the oven does not take much work.


OSI Group Joins With Impossible Foods

OSI Group and Impossible Foods are partnering to create and produce a burger that is meatless. Many people are turning to meatless or plant based diest. Eatings diets that contain less or no meat has proven to be healthy for many people. Since people are becoming more healthy and are wanting plant based foods, these two mega food producers had to come together and create a plan to offer plant based food options to their customers. Impossible Foods will be naming their meatless meat the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger will give off vibes of the traditional beef burger but will not be made of beef. It will be made of a plant based substance making it a vegan food. Impossible Foods will be using the processing production capacities of OSI Group to bring their concept to life.

Impossible Foods plan to bring this burger to retail shelves around the world. They are starting to get production rolling. This partnership is beneficial to both food producers as they create the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods picked the well known meat producer OSI Group because they knew they had the capabilities, experience, staff, expertise and resources to help them create this one of a kind meatless burger. Creating a plant based food is something both companies have a mission to create and bring to customers who want plant based foods to eat. Both companies have a large presence and well-known background in the food industry.

Impossible Foods knew that at least one of the sixty five facilities owned by OSI would work perfectly with their plans to produce thus meatless burger for retailers. Forming a century ago, OSI Group has always been a leader in the food production sector. They create foods. They transport foods. They create partnerships. They aim to remain the giant leader they are by producing quality foods, keeping standards, keeping up with demand, buying companies around the word and creating partnerships with others. They have a history that is deeply involved in America, economics and international success. For a century they have poured out excellence. Because of their excellence, companies like Impossible Foods are willingly and want to work with them.

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Betsy DeVos and Schooling Questions

Betsy DeVos isn’t a silly or frivolous gal. She’s a lady who has accomplished so much throughout her incredible time on this planet. She’s impacted so many lives in the United States. She’s changed people for the better. People have changed her for the better as well. DeVos is fortunate enough to have an incredible support system in place. That support system starts with a man by the name of Dick. He’s her diligent and attentive husband. He’s her backbone in all sorts of ways. She definitely doesn’t need assistance in the strength department, though.


DeVos was born with a different name. She’s like many other women around the planet in that sense. She started out as a gal named Elisabeth Prince. Although she’s still Elisabeth Prince at the core, she’s changed in all sorts of monumental ways throughout the years. She’s been a tireless champion for all sorts of causes in the United States. Doing charitable work is natural to her. Operating as a philanthropist is just as natural to her. She has a penchant for bettering humankind. Her husband has that exact same penchant. They can verify that, too. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation isn’t at all a joke to them. It’s something they’ve been working on since the end of the eighties. They’ve had many sleepless nights out of the desire to push the not-for-profit group forward.


There are so many topics that encourage DeVos to contemplate life. She thinks about educational concepts in America. She wants to live in a country that makes getting education simple for young people. She wants pupils in the United States to learn all about mathematics, science, history, social studies and more. It makes her feel helpless any time she realizes that there are so many youths who are unable to go to schools of their own choosing. There are so many frustrated American parents who know what she’s talking about as well. These people have discussions that touch upon the subject of educational choice.


There are many educational subjects that are a big deal to DeVos. She likes to think about choice and the United States’ vast educational system. She likes to think about schools in general. Her husband doesn’t tune her out any time she chats about schools. He even has his own school to ponder. That’s the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The name of the institution isn’t at all misleading. It’s an institution in Grand Rapids that revolves around air travel, engineering, and related subjects. Students who know what they want out of their careers often try to sign up at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It was founded at the airport about 10 years ago.


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Patients Rave in Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews prove everything that you’ve heard about this Austin-based cosmetic surgeon. Found at various websites online, the reviews make it easy to get the information you want and need to decide if this is the right cosmetic surgeon for your needs. It’s safe to say that Dr. Walden will not disappoint. Current and prior patients alike appreciate the thorough care they receive at this clinic, whether they come in for a basic procedure or something more complex. Dr. Walden has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the Austin area, one of the only women on the Board of Directors of Cosmetic Surgery.

Patients Appreciate Dr. Walden & Staff

And it shows. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews provide only a small glimpse into the excitement that comes after a visit with the doctor. Clients say they feel-at-home, comfortable, and more than satisfied with the procedures provided by the doctor. Most clients dislike the long waits to schedule an appointment, but people want to see Dr. Walden and perfection certainly can take some time. Apart from this disadvantage, customers and clients agree that Dr. Walden is one of the best cosmetic surgeons not only in Austin but the entire sate. And, almost every patient who’s ever visited with Dr. Walden highly recommends her services to their friends and to others.

A Trusted Name in Cosmetic Surgery

Not all doctors are created the same. Don’t learn this information the hard way, especially when going under the knife for a procedure as important as cosmetic surgery. When your health is on the line, even when you want a cosmetic procedure, make sure you trust a doctor who cares about your health and best interests. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews provide insight into this cosmetic surgeon and why so many people have come to know and trust her services over the years.

Why LocationSmart Could be Your Biggest Asset

Geolocation can do a lot for your business. Businesses are learning more about how to become customer-centric, and this is one of the newest and most reliable ways to ensure that you are helping your customers get what they need. Utilizing LocationSmart, helps businesses do this because customers can get relevant real-time information based upon where the customer is.

When a business like Target uses a service like LocationSmart, they can improve upon the response rates that they get from customers based upon their buying behavior. What is happening in one zip code may not be transpiring in another.

Consider all of the devices that a business works with. This is especially true of a big retailer like Target. When those devices are all connected, and they are each given their own unique IP address. The sole purpose of these IP’s is to track the user.

The data being gathered can tell the retailer, or any company as much information about the buyer as they would like to know. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase  and LocationSmart | Capterra

Every user of LocationSmart will have a different end purpose in mind. It’s always about improving the customer experience. Research has found that when there is no customer experience from start to finish, there is no chance at customer retention. This is when a company needs to dig a little deeper to determine how they can work better at enhancing the customer experience.

There are several other reasons that a company will utilize a tool like LocationSmart, including reducing the risk of fraud, as well as improving advertising with very strong geo-specifics. The big target for this is their app.

When a customer is using a store’s shopping app, they are looking around and making a buying decision. This data is transmitted and used for information on buyer behavior.

This is the trend, and it’s making it easier for retailers to learn more about their customers, why they buy and how they buy. In turn, LocationSmart can help your company or your organization remain more secure than ever. Devices that are connected to your network should all be a part of the protocol with LocationSmart.

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Jingdong Introduces Way To Buy Gifts And Avoid Them Being Rejected

Giving gifts has been a tradition in China stretching back millennia. Traditionally, these are handed over in person. In the new world of e-commerce with websites, though, gift-giving often takes place by ordering a gift on and having it delivered to the recipient. There’s a problem with this, though. To send a gift to someone you need to know their mailing address. If you don’t know that you need to ask the person. This person will surmise that you want to send them a gift and then politely try to talk you out of it.

Jingdong created the “JD Gift” program to solve this unintended awkward situation. People can pick out the gift, pay for it, and put in the recipient’s name. will send that person a message asking them where to mail the gift. Jingdong enabled this by partnering with Tencent’s WeChat. Since the transaction has already been completed, the recipient won’t feel like they need to decline the gift. JD Gift is especially good for younger people who spend a lot of their time online. They often feel it’s awkward to hand over a gift to someone in person since they spend most of their socializing online.

In a survey, many younger people said that they didn’t want to risk having their gift rejected so they like to send e-gift cards instead of a traditional gift. users can now select to have a physical gift card sent to a recipient. This is especially useful since the annual Qixi Festival is coming up on August 7. Similar to “Valentine’s Day”, this festival is a time for partners to buy gifts for one another. This holiday is based on the folk tale “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”. How this story goes is that these two people meet and fall in love. However, this is forbidden and so each of them is sent to opposite sides of the heavenly river. On just one day a year, they are able to meet as a flock of magpies forms a bridge over the river. Learn More.