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OSI Industries and Impossible Foods Discover their Common Traits

There are two types of successful businesses over the years. The first type are those that emit self-confidence and sell a product that is simply too good to ignore. These kinds of businesses often have a stronghold on their market consumer base. While second type are a pair of businesses that can work together to meet a greater portion of consumer demand. OSI Industries and Impossible Foods just became the most recent of companies to reach this status. It was a partnership between a meat supplier and a meatless food producer, but the combined nature of their product would encompass nearly all consumers. These two companies describe how their background evolved into this business move.

In order to first understand the current state of food distribution, one has to flashback over a century ago to 1909. Chicago had a thriving German immigrant population and one of them had the unusual idea of starting his own business. The shop saw modern success over the years, but it was the emergence of Ray Kroc during the post-war era that changed everything. This individual built an international food corporation form the ground up. OSI Industries was signed on as the meat producer and distributor. The company owes a good portion of their success to this partnership. View all job openings at

In each generation there will be innovate individuals who seek to challenge the status quo. The 2010s introduced an individual named Patrick Brown who had the connections and knowledge to find a new solution to making the age old food we enjoy. He spent several years researching and experimenting with planets to produce an alternative food that consumers could enjoy. The results of his labor were revealed in 2016 when the Impossible Burger made its national debut. Consumers were shocked at how much it tasted like a normal burger, but yet was more healthier than the typical option. OSI Industries took notice of this rising competition.

The solution that both companies reached was a partnership to give Impossible Burger access to large scale production planet, while OSI Industries could sell the product under their expansive global network.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: Ensuring Investment a Reliable Future

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the type of man who sees great value in analyzing the past. He thinks that we far too often allow this past to escape from our streams of consciousness when, in reality, they are extremely important to the decision-making process. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez knows that if you stare too long into the past, it can be difficult to move forward. At the same time, however, he believes that if you are unable to learn from your mistakes, it is difficult to progress at all within the industry. If it were not for the lessons he was able to learn from failure, he does not see how he would have become half as successful as he is today.

Of course, the financial success is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits he gets out of his job. To him, this is the least significant aspect of his career. There are far more exciting parts about it that he prefers to focus on, like the fact that there is an unlimited potential for growth. This reality keeps him motivated to always try his best, and wherever this motivation comes from in his heart, he is thankful for its existence. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has been all around the world, and he is knowledgeable enough about it to know that not everyone enjoys their careers as much as he does. Because of this, he tends to be thankful of the opportunities that open up before him, and he wants the world to know that he will utilize his opportunities to better it at large.

This is a goal he has had since he was young, and he does not plan on abandoning it the moment he reaches success. This is one of the strongest distinguishing factors for Alejandro Betancourt Lopez; the fact that he has been willing to prove his devotion to the issues he discusses through his career has made him extremely appealing to the public. He is known as a man of action, and not without good reason. As long as he is calling the shots, the investment industry will have a reliable future.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Never Stop Giving Back

It should go without saying that those at the top of the social class scale should give back but many don’t. Occasionally, one of them will do something wrong and use whatever local charity to ‘pay for their crimes,’ but their donations are rarely come from a place of genuine concern for their fellow community member.

Jeremy Goldstein is not one of those selfish corporate professionals that ignore the pain of those less fortunate. Jeremy Goldstein was raised to always give back to his community and those less fortunate than himself. Once his boutique law firm found profitable success, he immediately began sharing his wealth with several local charities.

Throughout his career as a corporate lawyer, he saw many people struggling with their company. It was his first look at mental illness, but he didn’t fully understand what those people were dealing with until he started working with Fountain House, a support group that grew into a internationally recognized mental health expertise organization.

When New York’s top executive compensation attorney heard the number of people that would need to address issues with mental health against the number of those who actually seek treatment, he was floored. Not even one-eighth of the people with mental illnesses seek help simply because they’re too afraid of being socially rejected or embarrassed.

For decades, nations all across the world ignored this ever-increasing epidemic even as the number of sufferers neared one-fourth of the world’s population. It wasn’t until last that anyone in the mental health profession held a global conference to address the world’s current, flawed mental health recovery models. That organization was Fountain House, and it brought together more than 300 mental health experts from 30 different countries.

The ultimate goal of Fountain House is improving the overall quality of life for people living with lifelong and serious mental illnesses, but the more immediate goal is removing the stigma around mental illness. Like all stigmas, the stigma around mental illness frightens most people on both sides to want to stay away from each other, which fosters and maintains all the negative stereotypes associated with mental illness.

Despite the stigma, Fountain House has done an amazing job making people with mental health struggles feel like a valued member of society. Fountain House uses employment programs, educational programs, and quality of life programs to give its members the best chance at a full recovery.


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Discover Your Fashion Passion at Academy of Art University


Those interested in fashion design can discover their fashion passion at the Academy of Art University. This fine arts school is located in the center of gorgeous San Francisco. This eclectic neighborhood has always embraced art and diversity. The close knitted neighborhood comes together often for community volunteer projects that benefits their neighborhood and other people. The Academy of Art University runs an impressive fashion design program known for its diverse creativity results. The fashion school students attended the well regarded New York Fashion Week just last Fall. Their runway fashions were an overwhelming hit for the audience in attendance.

New York Fashion Week is a haven for those that want to showcase their original fashion designs. The talented students that participated from the Academy of Art University presented some exciting fashion-forward outfits. These designs represented current environmental concerns with fun fabrics and clothing styles made from ordinary trash materials. Other students presented unique fashion expressions that conveyed their diverse cultural and heritage backgrounds. The runway was filled with beautiful Asian fabrics and designs, Scottish styles and other around-the-globe designs. Soft knits featured intriguing textures, and spectacular draping techniques were on display. These creative fashion students and graduates showed the stunning results from their studies at the well respected Academy of Art University.

The staff from Academy of Art University each have distinctive backgrounds that give them an edge in teaching their specialties. While the fashion school is well known to the public, this all-inclusive university offers many fine degrees and specialized courses to prepare for a huge myriad of arts employment possibilities. The campus is absolutely sensational, and the positive energy vibrations are felt wherever a person is on this thriving college campus. Students find the campus beneficial for spurring their authentically diverse creativity passions and future career goals.

It is easy to see why the students attending Academy of Art University get inspired from each other in a good way. This university has long promoted environmental and social causes. Students and staff often take part in the various neighborhood volunteer activities. Academy of Art University promotes creative individuality.

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Maarten De Jeu Helps Teens Learn About Science Through Farell Fellows Program

Science is an important part of the world that we live in, and scientific discoveries are what have enabled us to reach the developmental level that we are currently at. Without science and innovation, many of the simple luxuries that we indulge in today would have not been possible. It is only because of this development that we are able to lead the lives that we have today.


Encouraging children to move in the direction of scientific development is not always easy, especially because science is often perceived as boring and not something that they are interested in doing. It is important to engage children in a way that makes it seem fun and appealing to them so that they are eager to learn and understand different scientific principals. One institution that is working to change this perception and the manner in which children learn is the Museum of Science and Industry. This is a place that is dedicated to showcasing the numerous developments and innovations that have taken place over the years. The museum is known for being a hub for learning, which is why this was the perfect place to create interest in the minds of children. 


The institution is known for housing several programs, camps, and internships for children to teach them the different nuances of science and innovation. One particular program that has gained an incredible amount of positive attention is the Farell Fellows program. This is a program that is designed to help teenagers who have just passed out of middle school and who are entering high school. The program is designed to help these teenagers understand the potential within the field of science, and to generate interest in the field. The work that is being done by the institution is nothing short of impressive and is something that has grown incredibly popular. Every year, the museum gets a new set of students who want to be a part of the internship program and who want to learn more about science. At the end of the program, the children showcase their findings, experiments and all that they have learned during this time. Learn more:


The Farell Fellows program would not have been possible if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication put in by some of the notable people at the Museum of Science and Industry. One person who has played a significant role in the implementation of this is Maarten De Jeu. Maarten De Jeu is a financial advisor with a keen interest in science and development. He is of the firm opinion that education is one of the most important aspects of any kind of development, and scientific education, in particular, is becoming more and more important with the society that we live in.

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Meatless Burgers Via OSI Food Solutions

If you have some form of knowledge about the food industry, then you’ve probably heard of OSI Food Solutions. This particular food manufacturer is a top choice when it comes to food processing, food management, food distribution and food development. OSI was founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski back in the early 1900s. During this specific timeframe, the business was family-owned and operated as a local butcher shop. As the decades passed, this little butcher shop would expand into a global enterprise of wholesale foods. As of 2019, OSI Food Solution is worth over $6 billion. Read this article at to learn more.

Who would have ever thought that a former butcher shop would expand into meatless food solutions. This is certainly the case with OSI Food Solutions as the company will be working hand-to-hand with Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods has a specialty in this particular subject, and it has played an enormous role in bringing these meatless products to the food market. This California-based company has only been around since 2011, but it has created many partnerships with high-profile, fast-food chains. The Impossible Burger is probably the company’s go-to product as of today. This meatless burger got its start at St. Louis-based Burger Kings over the past year. Thanks to such huge demand, Impossible Foods is looking to take this burger to a mainstream level.

OSI Food Solutions and Impossible Foods will be rolling out this majestic burger to a number of chains by the end of 2019, including White Castle. Staying ahead of the game is the way to go, and this partnership will surely institute its case for further growth. OSI Food Solutions’ food scale has increased six times over thanks to this exclusive partnership. With so many advanced facilities available, OSI Food Solutions won’t miss a beat throughout this new transition in food services.

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Betsy DeVos and Educational Strategies

Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. Many in education don’t understand her standpoint on educational choice, but she has worked hard in education from the time she was at university at Calvin College. Now that she is the 11th US Secretary of Education, DeVos continues to work hard for students. She has stated that students come first in many interviews, but it’s been difficult to hear her message as many in the Democratic party do not support educational choice.


However, that isn’t the case for presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who actually wrote about the success of educational choice and vouchers. DeVos has been fighting against the assumption that educational choice requires public funding. She has stated in interviews such as with “60 Minutes” that educational choice is funded by philanthropy and doesn’t use tax dollars.


Educational choice allows students to pick schools outside of where they are zoned. This helps students who are dealing with problems in their current networks, such as impoverished students attending failing schools. Public schools also have a problem with common core and teaching to standardized tests, which DeVos wants to prevent. She believes that students need to be placed first above all others and given the opportunity to choose their own school.


In states like Florid and Louisiana, educational choice is thriving. In these states, students are able to pick between magnet schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling options, and virtual schools. With the rise of online schooling, many students have been able to attend school from home, which solves many problems at once. Students don’t need a voucher to go to these online schools.


In addition, it’s a fear of school campuses, which DeVos has addressed. She started to work with policymakers in 2018, which led to many changes at public schools. Now campuses will have a guardian whose role is to protect the school from any type of gun activity or violence.


One decision remains. Should teachers be allowed to carry guns to prevent this type of violence? DeVos didn’t believe that more guns should be allowed on campus and didn’t agree with the policy, but it was left up to school districts to decide what to do. So far, only a few school districts have allowed teachers to carry guns to school.


In addition to her work with school reform and education reform, DeVos has toured with First Lady Melania Trump in the hope to change people’s opinions on educational choice and philanthropy. DeVos knows the power of philanthropy because it has helped with her campaigns for over two decades. She continues to fight for educational choice across the US even as she has less than a year to bring more states on board.


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A Quick Glance At The African Princess: Isabel dos Santos

They say a country’s economy depends on how empowered her women are. The 20th and 21st centuries have witnessed the rise and change in women’s roles all across the world. Now more than ever, women compete healthily with their male counterparts in education, innovation, employment, and even entrepreneurship. We could attribute these changes to the pioneers who saw the need to fight for gender equality and made tangible changes that younger women can enjoy.

Isabel dos Santos is one such lady. She hails from Angola, a country that still struggles to accommodate women in building the economy and utilizing its resources. Isabel, however, went against all notions and fought tirelessly to build an empire with her name on it despite facing male competition.

Coming from a stable background, Isabel dos Santos was lucky to receive a decent education that paved the way for her to create her own world. She has been of immense help in creating opportunities for other fellow women who aspire to become more than what the society outlines for women. Through her businesses and companies, Isabel ensures that many Angolans get employment, which in turn empowers their lives.

After graduating from college, Isabel dos Santos promised herself that she would become a household name. So she ventured into the hospitality industry and later veered off into transportation. At the time, the telecommunications industry, another male-dominated industry had picked up. She decided to go bold and gamble on this new concept that had begun to pick. And so, UNITEL was born with Isabel dos Santos as co-founder. She led the company into prosperity, currently branded as one of the largest companies in Angola.

Isabel’s dedication, tenacity, and success have been essential in motivating other women into business and leadership. Her abilities to overcome the negative notions has been recognized worldwide. She joins other influential names such as Oprah Winfrey in the Forbes’ list of wealthy women.

So, what’s Isabel dos Santos’ secret? The African princess believes that lack of information and skills is the main reason why the youth and women continue to strain in impoverished states. Her initiatives are geared at improving these undermined conditions.

We are looking forward to seeing how she maintains her status.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

Luke Lazarus Builds Startup Success with Principles of Success

 Plans to Support

If you have ever gotten used to a good thing, you will understand what it is like when fortune and success can seem more than you really need at the moment.

Giving back to society is a good thing. Philanthropist do it all the time. Philanthropy give back to make society better. Some give their time and talent back in different ways and use different types of financial vehicles to give back.

Taking a Different Direction

  • Do you want to assist other business people navigating the choppy waves of business?
  • Have you the talent to help them make their way up that steep learning curve?
  • Do you sense that the less fortunate business owners could use your help but don’t know how to extend your support to them?
  • Do you see your fellow business owner tottering on the edge of failure?
  • Will they fall headlong into that steep crevasse of mortal ruin and crash if they don’t receive the help they need from you?

If you have felt any of the above sentiments above, then you may have experienced what Luke Lazarus experienced before the launch of Luke Lazarus Consulting in 2013.

Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia planned to provide a supporting role for struggling and near to failure startup businesses that needed robust consultation from professionals.

Success Breeds Success

Probably everyone who loves sports has witnessed a losing team that is considered the underdog behind limbing back from failure to success after they recruit a start player. A start player affects the organization in several ways. First, a star player leads by example. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

Secondly, a star player is someone the team can relate to on the field; they don’t have to view success only in a video performance. Lastly, a star player gives the feeling of “he’s one of us” mentality among team members. When Luke Lazarus began traveling across Australia as a consultant for startup businesses startups knew they had the right person on their side.

Luke Lazarus had an accomplished record with confidence to share his experience and knowledge with others. Luke Lazarus had come up thru the ranks of business. First, he started where everyone else starts, which is at the beginning. He hadn’t inherited a successful business from relative or others but had worked out all the solutions thru learning and application. Many might say Luke Lazarus’ success was “by the book.”

Making a Difference

Luke Lazarus has been successful in his role as a startup consultant. In recent days he’s witnessed many come from almost total ruin to launching their first initial public offering (IPO). Luke Lazarus has seen the transformation that comes from the change that occurs when a burning desire to achieve meets success and stable knowledge.

The startup teams who work with Luke Lazarus are frank about his straightforward approach and ability to lay everything on the line that hinders progress from taking root in a business plan. Luke Lazarus kindly replies its not a luxury but a necessity to be brutally honest with those who rely upon his consulting services for their future survival and success.

Building on Success

Luke Lazarus reached a pinnacle of success before he reached his thirty-second birthday. He launched Luke Lazarus Consulting as a response to the need to support struggling that were struggling or in search of stable guidance. Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia began in 2013.

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Professional Services of Michael Nierenberg

With so many people wanting and needing to make use of an investment professional, you can feel confident in what Michael Nierenberg is doing for so many individuals. Not only is Michael Nierenberg a great choice for this particular need, but you will find that he has been working in the investment industry for years and has a lot of experience behind him. So many people are choosing to make use of Michael Nierenberg and are finding him to be helpful in many different ways.

You will find that Michael Nierenberg has been a tried and trusted option for a lot of individuals and those who want and need to make use of this for themselves. You will enjoy having an investment professional behind you to get the job done and who knows how to handle a great deal of different types of investment options that are right for you. You can get a great feel for how Michael Nierenberg is working for his clients by going to his many social media accounts and seeing what he is doing right now and the type of work he’s done in the past. You will enjoy what Michael Nierenberg is doing for their own particular needs.

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