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Who Cares about Mental Illness? Jeremy Goldstein Cares!

Mental illness is something that will affect everyone in some way or another. For 25 percent of the population, mental illness is will be a personal battle according to the World Health Organization. For the rest of the people, it’s a friend or family member that will suffer.

While that number may seem debilitating, it’s important for people to know what mental illness is. Not all mental health problems are genetic and lifelong. Most mental health cases involve people struggling with grief after losing a loved one or people stressing out over work or troubles at home.

People’s instinctive reaction to hearing the words “mental illness” needs to change. Currently, people are scared of being labeled and shunned. People should be interested in learning more about mental illnesses, in particular, how to live happy lives with a condition or how to help someone else live a happy life with a condition.

That’s the overall mission of Fountain House; make life better for those with mental illnesses. Fountain House has been advocating for people with mental illnesses since 1944. Back then, the organization was just a support group helping a few people at a time. Today, Fountain House has global partnerships and is trying to spread its model of health to fellow mental health organizations.

Fountain House initiatives including everything from finding affordable housing for members to finding jobs for members at or near the end of recovery. The ultimate goal is for every member to leave Fountain House and be monetarily independent. For some, it’s a tough battle but that’s why Fountain House fights so hard to change the rest of the world.

In most cases, people with mental health conditions can’t find jobs simply because employers don’t want to hire them. They could be productive members of the company, but unfortunately, many still consider them a liability.

Someone who’s really helpful in the fight for employment equality is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer and has his finger on the pulse of corporate America. Currently, his expertise is best served as a member of the board and an advocate for the organization’s mission. No matter what his future contributions to Fountain House are, he’ll continue throwing wine dinners to raise money.

In 2018, Jeremy Goldstein started a tradition of hosting luxurious wine dinners for his fellow socialites overlooking the New York skyline. Using the relationships he developed as New York’s premier attorney, Goldstein attracts dozens of influential socialites to his dinners.


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DE Shaw and Cooperation

DE Shaw made the choice to terminate a managing director who was called simply Daniel Michalow. This took place in the spring of 2008. DE Shaw indicated that Michalow had engaged in behaviors that were problematic. The behaviors involved coworkers who were female. Michalow didn’t ignore the statements made by the business, either. Michalow stated that he’s a jerk of sorts. He also said, though, that he isn’t a sexual deviant. That was his way of perhaps safeguarding himself.

Staff members for DE Shaw have time limits in place at this moment in time. These time limits go far into the month of September. They have to choose whether or not they’re okay with the guidelines that are set forth by a fresh new non-compete. People who choose to say no to putting their signatures on these pieces of paper may have to exit their positions as soon as possible. They have the ability, however, to hold on to compensation that’s postponed.

Agency supervisors spoke with their team members in the spring season. They revealed that they want to put forth the non-competes as a means of ensuring that DE Shaw abides by all of the newest techniques that are par for the course within the sizable hedge fund field.

The DE Shaw group is one that delves into the development of technological concepts of all kinds. It’s one that delves into all sorts of things that involve international investments as well. It’s perpetually shaking things up.

DE Shaw has a team that’s composed of professionals who take charge of all sorts of matters. There are some situations that aren’t exactly positive for DE Shaw. There may be many individuals who simply do not want to put their signatures on non-completes. These individuals may decide to team up with the aforementioned Michalow.

MAGFAST Offers You a Unique Investment Opportunity

MAGFAST Chargers Provide a Solution for Your Wireless Needs

If you’re like most people, you rely on your mobile devices being charged. When you’re on the go, it can be difficult to locate outlets or a car charger that provides you with good results and a fast charge. MAGFAST Chargers address these issues by providing a solution that uses the technology of magnets and lightning connections that you can use nearly everywhere. You’ll also be able to store connectors for special devices, have added USB and auxiliary connections to work with much more than just your mobile devices. The company also asserts that its MAGFAST Life Extreme product can be ordered with special cables that are strong enough to jump-start your vehicle.

Many Products to Work for You

Aesthetically speaking, MAGFAST Chargers have a clean and glossy design that looks attractive in the limited edition forest green or alpine white offerings. You’ll also find that the products snap together like building blocks. The benefit this offers is that MAGFAST charging power banks can charge each other without needing a hardwired connection. All products are designed to work together, so you won’t have any wasted components just sitting around. Wall charging allows you to utilize all your electrical outlets while charging your phone right on top of the unit. This is a great feature for busy families that need to charge their phones but require the outlets.

Becoming an Investor with MAGFAST

MAGFAST offers an opportunity to purchase their products as an investor. Backers will receive a free wall unit device simply for attending a video presentation that highlights the 11-point safety system, the green initiatives of MAGFAST, and exactly how the products work. It’s easy to request your invitation to attend by visiting the MAGFAST website at and registering today.

Boris Ivanov Is Careful In Choosing Who He Will Spend His Time With

There is a job that Boris Ivanov has taken on that requires him to explore new areas and see what they have to offer. He works as the head of the global exploration and production unit for Gazprom, spending time visiting new places and seeing what they have to offer. This man has recently helped his company to discover gas in a place where they had not found it before. The gas was discovered in Algeria, and it could change the way that gas sales are done in Spain and Portugal. This discovery could be a big deal for Gazprom and all those who are working for the company.

Because he enjoys meeting new people, the work that Boris Ivanov does for Gazprom seems appropriate for him. He is able to travel to new places and meet those who are living in those areas where he is working. He has shared that one of the things that he loves most about his work is taking on challenging projects with those people he has just met, in areas that he is visiting that are far removed from his home.

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There are some who choose to spend time only with those who are wise and who will lift them up. Boris Ivanov has shared words that he lives by, and he has said that it is better for a person to spend time with those who are smart than those who are foolish. He has shared how it is better to lose money, even, while a person is with those who are smart than to be able to earn money while with those who are foolish.

When he was being educated, Boris Ivanov dedicated a lot of his time and efforts to his studies. He was about to graduate with honors from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. This man is said to have skills in the areas of international business and business development. This man is said to know how to handle project management and marketing work. He has worked a variety of jobs.

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How Marc Beer Became An Entrepreneur

He had no idea it would turn out this way but Marc Beer would eventually go on to become a business owner with a particularly successful career. So how was he able to do so well for himself in a career that has endured for over three decades? The 48-year-old businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur recently sat down to discuss how he managed to overcome adversity and not let any setbacks stand in his way. It all began when he was a freshman in college. This is when he dipped his toe into the world of business and realized that was what he wanted to do with his life. As such, he decided to major in it and he excelled in his coursework. This is why he finished in the top ten of his class and later received his bachelor of science degree in the spring of 87.

He later received his first job offer and decided to take it. He worked at three different companies over the course of the next twelve years and spent this time saving up enough money to become an entrepreneur someday. This dream was finally realized in the spring of 2000 when he became the owner of his own business known as Viacell. It’s not clear why but he would end up selling the company seven years later. Before he did, however, it thrived under his leadership and was even worth upwards of $300 million at one point. They also had a significant amount of employees but it later closed down after the passing of his wife. 

He turned his back on his career so he could subsequently stay home with the kids to comfort them and make sure they had everything they needed. Eventually, two years went by and that’s when he finally realized he was ready to get back to the philanthropy world. This is what led him to start a new company which would become known as Renovia. Created just a few years ago, this new business is specifically designed to create a wide variety of medical products to aid patients who are currently feeling ill or under the weather. The FDA has already endorsed one of their products which means that consumers can use it without fear of it being defective or useless. A grant has recently been awarded to them and it is worth a significant amount of money. Learn more:

In a recent statement, he provided those who are looking to become like him with sound advice. During this time, he told them to always learn from any mistakes they have made in the past, ensure that their economic plan is stable before starting their own business and, most importantly, be willing to make sacrifices to ensure the success of the company. In addition to Renovia, he has also done some philanthropic work with one of the cancer foundations that strives to help people with the disease as well as their families. He serves as an excellent example for future generations.

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Gino Pozzo Enjoys His Time As A Soccer Club Owner At Watford FC

Even those who have a little knowledge of the workings of English soccer know it is one of the world’s richest and most competitive football leagues. What very few of us would expect is for the owner of one of the most successful clubs of recent years to state soccer is more of an enjoyable experience to couple with his other business activities. Gino Pozzo of Watford FC has created one of the most stable working environments in English soccer and recently stated his other business activities are usually the focus of his family.

The Pozzo family does have an extensive history in soccer across Europe starting with the pu9rchase of Udinese by the family patriarch, Gianpaolo Pozzo. The Pozzo family has a history of taking clubs with a tarnished image and polishing them into a diamond in the top leagues of Europe. The family began their soccer experiences in Italy’s Serie A with the purchase of their local team, Udinese when the historic club found itself in financial difficulties. Gino Pozzo would go on to repeat the trick of developing a club in difficulties into a national power.

Upon arriving at Watford FC, Gino Pozzo found himself at the head of a former Premier League club that had slid down through the leagues. The fall of The Hornets had come swiftly but was followed by a Pozzo-inspired return to the top flight with three successive promotions. For many owners, a return to the Premier League after so long would result in a period of spending on players and coaches, but not for Gino Pozzo. Returning to the Premier League was vital for the business plan of Gini Pozzo and was achieved through the skills developed by the Pozzo family to identify the best young players from around the world.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky seems to be an expert in the Tempus Chicago lab. Tempus is a medical startup that he started. While he is showing off slides of breast cancer, the lab is combining artificial intelligence and health care. He is 49 years old and has launched five companies for roughly $250 million each. He is worth $2.7 billion.

All of Eric Lefkofsky’s ventures are based on data improving the industries they are in. Tempus is no different and will allow doctors to create a more effective, personalized cancer treatment. Using the genomic sequencer Tempus can identify mutations in the epidermal growth factor gene. There are 700 employees of Tempus and after Eric Lefkofsky’s $100 million they raised another $420 million for cancer treatments. He expects the company to expand into chronic conditions next. The sequencing costs at Tempus run $1,000 to $5,000 per user. The company loses money from this, but they also license a library of insurers, researchers and drug companies.

In 2001, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded a marketing company called InnerWorkings, a transportation company called Echo Global Logistics and an advertising software company called Mediaocean. One person he hired had an idea for a company and he invested $1 million. It became Groupon. He helped a few other companies during this time. In 2014, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not understanding the lack of data from her doctors he started Tempus. Even with top data, the competition is fierce. Though he was sent fewer samples than other companies, people were surprised with the data Tempus sent back. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky:

The Importance of Jeremy Goldstein via Fountain House

Did you know that more than 400 million people on a global scale suffers from mental illness? Are you aware that this issue has become a worldwide epidemic? Have you ever heard of a nonprofit organization by the name of Fountain House? Well, Fountain House is a progressive-thinking organization that specializes in empowering mental-illness sufferers. This particular organization is backed by a solid support team of professionals. Fountain House was also founded back in 1944. Six people who suffered with mental disability are held in high regard for bringing this project into fruition. These individuals are a true testament of mental-illness success.


On the other hand, Jeremy Goldstein has played an extremely large role in the success of Fountain House. This man is known as a philanthropist, an attorney and a brilliant thinker. Goldstein also serves on the Board of Directors for this exclusive organization. He was able to work his magic in 2018, and it has certainly paid off. New York’s NoMad Hotel was ground zero for creating awareness and raising funds for the Fountain House organization. Some of the most high-profile people in the city attended this special event, and they spared no expense. Over the course of two events that took place on separate days, Jeremy Goldstein was able to generate as much as $56,000. This $56,000 was used to support the cause in an effective way. Fountain House has its own facility, and many of its participants reside within its structure. The environment is very pro-active, especially when comes to creating employment for its participants.


Mental-illness suffers can and are able to work specific jobs. Thanks to the organization’s huge support team, many of the participants have gone on to work in horticulture, education and culinary. The options are growing and growing by the day. This proactive community is based on a strong bond that’s shared by all members. It’s also becoming a growing community of friendship. Jeremy Goldstein is the man of the hour thanks to his proficient efforts. He is well on his way to setting new standards in this particular subject as well as changing the status quo.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews Rate Her Thriving Cosmetic Surgeon Practice in Austin, TX

Rated as one of the top plastic surgery experiences in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s cosmetic surgery and laser center continues to receive five-star reviews for all kinds of procedures and non-invasive treatments. Patients head to Yelp, Google, and RateMDs to leave comments about her beautiful work.

One patient described her work as exceptional. This was a complicated procedure involving breast reconstruction after another surgeon had botched a mammaplasty. The patient complimented Dr. Jennifer Walden for her expertise and artistry, delivering beautiful results. Part of the procedure included a fat transfer. The patient commented on Dr. Walden’s perceptive accuracy and perfectionism.

In addition to breast augmentation, patients also left Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews about rhinoplasty. She was able to perfectly sculpt a patient’s nose so that it matched the patient’s request perfectly. Many of the reviews mentioned Dr. Walden’s ability to comfort and educate during the consultation process. Before the procedures, many patients noted how much time Dr. Walden took to explain each part of the process, including after care.

While Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews reveal her expertise in plastic surgery, her location also provides hair restoration, laser treatments, skincare treatments, and cellulite reduction therapy at the MedSpa. Many of the reviews complimented her staff and nurses for their expertise at injectables, complimenting one nurse for having expert, gentle handles while injecting Botox expertly. The results were highly rated and left one patient speechless. Many Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews talk about her perfectionism, but they also mention how kind she is.

One of the plastic surgery reviews praised Dr. Walden for her facilities and staff in addition to her incredible cosmetic work. Her results were nothing less than amazing, and the experience was worth it. Other reviewers noted that she was the plastic surgeon in Austin, stating that she was able to look at the real issues and listen to concerns of patients. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the body led to many more five-star reviews.

Whether you are looking for a breast augmentation, Botox, laser treatment, or hair removal, all of your cosmetic needs can be met at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s practice.



Why Privinvest Is One Of The World’s Leading Shipbuilding Groups

Privinvest is a shipbuilding group that is based in the Middle East. Akram Safa and Iskandar Safa, two brothers, founded this company. They build high-end ships including naval, commercial, and mega yachts. Its shipyards are in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and in the Mediterranean.

There are over 2,500 employees of Privinvest. They design and construct ships, supply integrated systems, provide support and training, and transfer technology to nations that are interested in establishing a shipyard. They are also increasingly focused on Marine Renewable Energies, including underwater turbines, wind farms, and hydrokinetics.

Since Privinvest was established over 20 years ago it has built and delivered over 2,000 vehicles. 40 navies from around the world have bought their ships. These naval ships include combat ships, offshore patrol vessels, multi-purpose platform vessels, maritime surveillance trimaran, and interceptor patrol boats. These ships are built at their shipyard, CMN, in Cherbourg, France.

They build seven types of commercial vessels. These include two barges and four fishing ships. The largest fishing boat they have built is the Longliner 42 NG. This is a 42-meter long boat specially designed for tuna fishing. It can be out for up to 45 days and has cold storage for up to 80 tons of fish.

Privinvest has built several mega yachts for high net worth individuals. The latest of these is Sailing Yacht A which was built in one of their German shipyards, NOBISKRUG. It is nearly 468 feet long and is 12,600 gross tons. In both design and technology, it is one of the world’s best PYC mega yachts.