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Sergey Petrossov-Benefiting Private Aviation

SERGEY PETROSSOVMr. Sergey Petrossov is a young entrepreneur that always had a talent for starting businesses. Currently, he is the CEO and architect of JetSmarter, a mobile marketplace that make it easy for customers to customize their flights on a private jet.

Sergey Petrossov came to America with his family in 1988, at the age of four. They would live in California and Colorado, before settling down in South Florida. Sergey was just becoming a teenager at the time. While in high school, he attempted to start an import/export outfit that distributed car rim tires. Later on, he would attend the University of Florida, where he and some of his colleagues would create a chat system with audio and video for webmasters who provided customer service on their websites.

Upon graduating from the university in 2009, Sergey Petrossov co-founded a cloud-based educational program that was focused on offering distance learning to students residing in Russia and Eastern Europe. The same year, Sergey would find out how difficult it was to book a trip on a private jet. This information would be a catalyst in him developing a solution to this problem.

After accepting an invitation to take a ride with a pilot who owned a private jet operation, Sergey Petrossov became aware of the archaic method for acquiring a private flight. A person would have to call the aircraft company and wait a couple of hours for someone to send an invoice. Upon receiving the form, the individual would have to sign it and then return via fax or scanner. Petrossov knew this whole process required a digital update.


Gathering all the information from experts in the private jet industry, Sergey Petrossov was ready to progress by recruiting a small tech team to help him develop software. In 2012, a beta test of JetSmarter was distributed to his family and friends for a review. The responses were positive. So, in 2013 the app was released to the public. Folks could now book seats, share a flight with like-minded people, or reserve a whole private jet for their group from their phones and computer devices. JetSmarter was well-received and by 2014, it had been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

Vijay Eswaran on The Power of Entrepreneurship

Prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist from Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman and founder of the QI Group. The QI Group is a multinational organization with interests in financial services, education, hospitality, real estate, and direct selling. QNET, a subsidiary of the QI Group, exists as a testament to Vijay Eswaran’s entrepreneurial success as it merges e-commerce with more conventional sales methods.

Entrepreneurship Through E-Commerce

Hailed as a social impact hero throughout Malaysia and the world over, Vijay Eswaran is using his entrepreneurial expertise to change the world. When asked about his journey to success, Vijay Eswaran shares that he started from nothing. With no funding, family, or connections, Vijay Eswaran faced an uphill battle amidst the discouraging environment of Asia’s economic crisis.

Where others may have given up, Vijay Eswaran knew he was destined to succeed. With pure conviction and determination, Eswaran decided to pursue his passion of working for himself. With the help of his like-minded business partners, Eswaran pushed ahead to overcome obstacles and build his direct selling business.

Discussing how he built his company from the ground up, Eswaran shares that challenges are a fact of life. Learning how to deal with and embrace these obstacles is the driving force behind Vijay Eswaran’s success. According to Eswaran, failure and success are both parts of an entrepreneur’s growth and development. It was this belief that success was always an inevitability in his career that helped to push Eswaran to the height of his career.

The Power of a Team

When asked about his leadership style, Vijay Eswaran references a story that his father shared with him as a little boy. The lesson of “service above self is one that Vijay Eswaran carries with him to this day. This enduring mantra drives Vijay Eswaran to focus on cultivating a company culture akin to that of a small, interconnected company. This way, regardless of how large his global business becomes, he will always remember their humble beginnings. It is this lesson of humility that Vijay Eswaran chooses to impart to his employees.

While Vijay Eswaran is a driven leader, he attributes a significant portion of his success to his team. Early on in his career, Vijay Eswaran learned that no company can take responsibility for their success; this belongs to the people that worked hard to drive the company forward. As an entrepreneur, this people-focused mindset allows Eswaran to shift his focus on attracting the right people to guarantee his business endeavors flourish.

Today, Vijay Eswaran continues to use his entrepreneurship prowess while encouraging others. With his tireless work ethic, timeless wisdom, and indisputable success of his company, Vijay Eswaran continues to inspire others to work hard to achieve their goals. Read more about Vijay Eswaran:

How Raffaele Riva Built an International Business and Advice

Raffaele Riva is a multinational businessman with expertise in real estate, wealth and asset management, trusts, international transactions, and investments. Riva is the founder and head of his parent company AUREA Multi-Family Office. He is also the overseer of subsidiary companies named Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA, Milano Fiduciaria, and BGB Aurea Ltd, and others.

Raffaele’s skills come from gaining momentum in many start-ups and managing their daily operations. His international niche comes from serving as a senior executive for corporations located in Canada, Western Europe, South Africa, and Latin America.

With dual citizenship in Switzerland and Italy, Riva is multilingual. He speaks Italian, French, and English. His hobbies include skiing, auto racing, boating, and scuba diving. Other activities he enjoys are wine, arts and culture, and classic cards. Raffaela Rica is also a member of the Monaco Yacht Club and the London Reform Club.

His advice for making it as an entrepreneur is “Do what you like and makes you feel better, believe in it, and never fear of failure.” He also says, “Everyone has his or her business idea and his or her own roadblock. Take the first vital step, and just do it!” Raffaele Riva suggests entrepreneurs take action and never put other peoples’ needs over their own.

Riva gained his expertness between the years 1997 and 2008. Now, Raffaela Riva is married and insists a happy life includes being reasonable and engaging in personal pursuits because money isn’t everything and won’t bring happiness. He finds satisfaction in providing excellent service for clients and enriching their lives with simplicity. His advice is to “Always think positive and to be kept up-to-date. Be curious to learn in any circumstance. Read a lot and everything; watch and listen to any topic of interest.”


Privinvest is Investing in Innovation and Producing it

When it comes to shipbuilding and innovation, there are far and few that have reached the standards set by the Privinvest group. Their outstanding shipyards have been known to produce some of the world’s most stunning mega yachts and commercial ships. The company’s largest selling component is its naval fleets which they’ve provided to more than 40 navies worldwide.

Founded by Iskandar and Aram Safa, the brothers have maintained their Lebanese roots by keeping their headquarters for Privinvest there, but they have definitely expanded since their founding. Today you can find Privinvest shipyards in countries such as France and Germany, and they employ thousands of innovative employees that allow them to continue to break records in the shipbuilding sector. Privinvest is responsible for producing two of the world’s largest ships as well as more than 2,000 ships for a wide variety of consumers.

The company has made it clear recently that, though most of their revenue is achieved through naval vessel production, they will continue to create phenomenal ships that stun the world as frequently as possible. However, they have ventured into a few other territories. CEO of Privinvest, Iskandar Safa, has also been talking a bit about the company getting into other areas of marine work. They’ve begun investing in Marine Renewable Energies and are assisting in the development of a startup called Hydroquest, which will focus on marine turbines in particular bodies of water. They have also begun dabbling in the surveillance field, so they intend to provide their customers with a new form of protection completely developed and produced by the Privinvest group.

From private clients to public consumers, Privinvest has become the most renowned shipbuilding company in the world and leaders in their field. The world is continuously excited to see what they have in store in every coming year.

Peter Briger Liquidates FIG’s Bitcoin Technology Investment

When bitcoin technology entered the international market, Peter Briger was enthusiastic about bringing cryptocurrency into the United States. He believed it was a great opportunity for Fortress Investment Group or FIG in New York and invested into bitcoin, in 2013. From 2014 to 2015, the cryptocurrency market experienced a downturn which had a huge impact on its value. Wall Street Journal reported on November 1st, 2017 that the bitcoins were worth approximately $22 million in value in February 2017. It was during the same month SoftBank agreed to purchase FIG for $3.3 billion.

Since February 2017, bitcoin rose to 551 percent with a value worth $6,600 for one bitcoin. Peter Briger saw Fortress’s investment increase by $120 million in value. When SoftBank acquired FIG, bitcoin had a market value of over $9,000. Financial Times reported in 2018 SoftBank had Fortress to liquidate the bitcoin investment because of volatility. It became a bonus package for Masayoshi Son, the owner and CEO of SoftBank which had a value at $200 million at the time of acquisition.

The acquisition agreement stipulated Peter Briger continue his position as Co-CEO and Principle of Fortress Investment Group in New York. His mission for the cyptocurrency investment was to introduce and regulate the technology in America. As part of the agreement, SoftBank included the bitcoin investment at zero value. Financial Times reported in April 2019 SoftBank took a loss of $130 million after selling the bitcoin investment. When Masayoshi acquired the liquidated asset, it had a value of $150 million in the cyptocurrencymarket.

Peter Briger established the Credit Equity Asset Department at Fortress Investment in 2002 and became a Principle and Chairman years later. After he received a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania, he worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. After working for the firm for nearly 15 years, he became a partner and sold his interest to invest in FIG. Peter became a billionaire in 2007 and made the List of the World’s Billionaires for Forbes two consecutive years. He manages credit portfolios for private equity and hedge funds comprising undervalued, tangible, intangible, lending, and distressed assets.

Michael Nierenberg Orchestrates New Partnership For New Residential

Michael Nierenberg is the head leader for New Rez LLC. This company serves as a mortgage loaner; operating throughout the United States Of America. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

He has been with the company for 7 years now. During his time at New Residential, Michael Nierenberg has assisted an abundance of companies and investors succeed in the real estate industry. Visit to know more.

One of the more recent successes of Michael Nierenberg and New Residential is a partnership with Shelter Mortgage Company LLC and Landed Incorporated. The official name for the three company partnership will be called Landed Home Loans LLC. This new venture for New Residential LLC will assist with down payments and homebuyer information. The increase of new resources will help investors explore all of the options that are associated with purchasing and investing in real estate.


How Maarten de Jeu Took The World of Corporate Strategy by Storm

When one is the leader of a sizeable business they often have to ask themselves questions such as: “what direction should my business take or what is the best way to brand my company in a market that is changing every day?” Individuals who are responsible to shareholders and personnel must pose questions to themselves and to their teams about whether or not they should pursue a new line of business in a market that is overseas or if they should focus on investing in their research and development division in order to gain a competitive edge. It goes without saying that these are often difficult and seemingly undecipherable inquiries. However, they are also the kinds of questions that corporate strategists help business leaders answer every day. Learn more:


When there are countless resources on the line the decisions that an executive makes cannot be arrived at in a haphazard fashion. Rather the choices a large corporation makes regarding the use of its resources and the execution of its mission-critical operations must be made in a thoughtful way. The professionals who work in the area of corporate strategy are uniquely positioned to empower business leaders to make strategic decisions that will put their companies on a path towards success. Corporate strategist Maarten de Jeu has spent his career becoming an exemplary model of how individuals who work in the world of corporate strategy can be an asset to their industries. 


Mr. de Jeu embarked on his journey to become a successful professional by laying a strong educational foundation for himself. His educational background is characterized by its rigor and its breadth as Mr. de Jeu has completed studies in various disciplines and at institutions of higher learning that are spread out across the globe. As a graduate student, Maarten de Jeu was enrolled at Leiden University in the Netherlands where he studied public administration and social science. He went on to earn a Master of Arts from Leiden University. After that Mr. de Jeu would go on to build upon the foundation of knowledge that he established at Leiden University by electing to further his education in the United Kingdom. 


Mr. de Jeu decided to attend the University of Oxford where he studied business administration and graduated with a Masters of Business Administration. Having completed studies in both public administration and business administration Mr. de Jeu was granted a holistic view of the issues that managers face as they lead various types of organizations. Mr. de Jeu’s rigorous study in the area of management enabled him to become an effective strategist and advisor to the companies that he has worked for. After graduating Mr. de Jeu went on to work for a company that is known as Aviva in the areas of strategy and corporate development.

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