A look at Luke Lazarus’s interesting life

Luke Lazarus is a name that echoes loudly in the business halls of Australia’s southeastern coast. He is particularly popular among startups as he has been offering startup consulting services for more than a decade now. His work revolves around creating business plans for new businesses, helping startup CEO’s manage current and expected growth and also offering advice to them on how they can become even better.


Most entrepreneurs often turn to him as he already boasts quite an impressive portfolio. All his previous ventures have been a success as he has not only started but has also successfully sold off his firms. Also all the startups he is associated with always emerge winners.


What makes him stand out?


Even though there are many startup consultants in Australia, Luke Lazarus remains a leader in this arena and for all good reasons. Apart from his previous successes, Luke not only helps a startup create a business plan but ensures that the plan created is in sync with its story. In other words, the plan can be comfortably outlined to customers, potential investors and partners as well as employees. He also goes the extra mile in putting new and waning businesses on the path to success through his unique investor presentations.


As an entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus recommends everyone seeking success to believe in their success. Even though the success of each startup he is involved with is not assured, Lazarus is usually confident in himself which is what enables him to face challenges and come out with great results. He starts his day early in the morning before the sun is up, meditates for clarity and then later takes a cup of coffee and takes his dog on a walk before hitting the gym.


His Failures


Just like any other human being, he has had his share of failures in life. But as an entrepreneur, Lazarus says that his first business with his childhood best friend is one of the main entrepreneurial failures he has ever encountered. He says that the company failed because they both lacked collaborative plans and since then has learned that in any shared business, it is vital to have the right policies and a clear brand story. There are many types of software that make him productive but the ones he uses often include Uber, G-suite, Google calendar, Slides, Google docs as well as Google Sheets.


If he were to advise his younger self, then he would tell young Lazarus not to worry too much about everything. He says that during his young years, he was always anxious about what lied ahead of him and even though he succeeded in turning most of his goals to reality, not worrying too much would have saved him a lot of headaches.


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