About Lime Crime’s Growth and Innovations

The firm has gained national recognition as one of the best makeup dealers in the market. Recently, Lime Crime was acquired by Tengram Capital Partners, a private equity company. There are also leadership changes where Stacy Panagakis was named as the next Chief Executive Officer. Lime Crime was pioneered by Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton and has been operating for about ten years.

One of the main factors that have given the beauty brand a competitive advantage is the ability to employ creativity and adopt the latest innovations. The company is a trendsetter in the beauty industry. Some of the products that have contributed highly to Lime Crime’s popularity include the Unicorn Lipsticks in a rainbow of shades and the Unicorn Hair. Most of the firm’s clients originate from Los Angeles, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The Tengram acquisition aims to facilitate the expansion plans.

Through the partnership, the management hopes to increase the production of quality products that meet the customer needs. To facilitate the distribution of Lime Crime’s products, the leadership of the firm has purposed to create more partnerships with retailers across different locations. The customers will be able to acquire the products more conveniently from the nearby stores. According to the management of the firm, the move is expected to increase the customer base

Lime Crime values the feedback of the customers and uses it to develop products that meet their demands. The firm has plans to increase the number of products available to their clients and making improvements on the current formulations. One of the partners from Tengram, Richard Gersten, expressed his excitement about the new partnership. He described Lime Crime as a market leader in the industry. He acknowledged the efforts that the founders have made in the growth of the brand.