Barbara Stokes Contributions to Disaster Management

Disasters management is arguably one of the few areas where private and public entities come together and work smoothly towards a common agenda. Barbara Stokes is one of the people that are passionate about helping people in disasters and giving them a soft landing back to post-disaster life. Read this article at She is an instrumental figure in Disaster Relief Construction Industry and through her leadership; the organization has redefined private entities’ roles in disaster management. For more than 15 years, Barbara Stokes has been instrumental in working with the relevant federal government agencies in assisting people in regaining normality in their lives. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Mercer University graduate is also passionate about other areas away from disaster management. Barbara Stokes is ardent about biomedical engineering. Since she is also zealous about the potential of manufacturing industry, Barbara Stokes has worked with different entities for 18 years. She is fortunate to work with both private entities as well as the Federal government. In all the projects with the federal government, Barbara Strokes points out that they gave her a chance to change the lives of people in the USA. She is also fortunate to be a volunteer in various projects. She is a believer in charity, and she considers that it is one of the best ways to give back to humanity.