Betsy DeVos: the new US Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos is the new 11th US Education Secretary. She was appointed to the office in 2016 by President Trump who said that he knew she would do a great job of putting students first. So far, that’s what she has done. She has been leading the way for education reform for many years in Michigan, but now she has the opportunity to make changes across the country.


There are some who don’t like Betsy DeVos. Mostly they believe that she wants to use public funding for private schools. However, she recently went on “60 Minutes” and talked about why she is doing this, and she says that public funding isn’t how it works. In fact, many schools are using philanthropy to fund scholarships and vouchers for students who want to switch over.


While many students are able to pick their education options in a few states, there are many that haven’t joined in educational choice reform yet. Some of these districts are still reeling from other administrative changes in the past, such as No Child Left Behind and common core method.


President Trump has said that common core will go away within his administration, but so far, it hasn’t happened. Many parents are devastated to find that public schools in certain areas must teach this new method for reading comprehension and math skills. However, many don’t believe that it is helping students learn. Rather it tries to program a student’s brain, which leads to other issues with poor test scores.


DeVos is still working hard to get more kids on board with educational choice. She has been touring schools in Florida with First Lady Melania Trump to promote the good that educational choice does for the community. Many underprivileged students have gotten into better schools due to these educational choice programs.


As the 11th US Secretary of Education, DeVos has had to work very hard to get what she wants, and in many states, it’s still uncertain if they will adopt educational choice policies. DeVos hopes that more will come on board by the end of her time. She has less than two years to work with state education leaders.


While she has been working on education reform, she has also been appointed to help with student safety. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, she was responsible for changing many policies so that students would be safer on public school campuses.


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