Boris Ivanov Is Careful In Choosing Who He Will Spend His Time With

There is a job that Boris Ivanov has taken on that requires him to explore new areas and see what they have to offer. He works as the head of the global exploration and production unit for Gazprom, spending time visiting new places and seeing what they have to offer. This man has recently helped his company to discover gas in a place where they had not found it before. The gas was discovered in Algeria, and it could change the way that gas sales are done in Spain and Portugal. This discovery could be a big deal for Gazprom and all those who are working for the company.

Because he enjoys meeting new people, the work that Boris Ivanov does for Gazprom seems appropriate for him. He is able to travel to new places and meet those who are living in those areas where he is working. He has shared that one of the things that he loves most about his work is taking on challenging projects with those people he has just met, in areas that he is visiting that are far removed from his home.

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There are some who choose to spend time only with those who are wise and who will lift them up. Boris Ivanov has shared words that he lives by, and he has said that it is better for a person to spend time with those who are smart than those who are foolish. He has shared how it is better to lose money, even, while a person is with those who are smart than to be able to earn money while with those who are foolish.

When he was being educated, Boris Ivanov dedicated a lot of his time and efforts to his studies. He was about to graduate with honors from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. This man is said to have skills in the areas of international business and business development. This man is said to know how to handle project management and marketing work. He has worked a variety of jobs.

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