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ClassDojo Continues to Dominate in Educational Technology

The ClassDojo app has become one of the most popular communication apps in the world. The reason for this is simple: it is effective in bringing teachers, students and their parents all into the same environment. This is something that is empowering for anyone that may have felt that there was a bridge that needed to be cross to improve communication between teachers and parents.

This app has continued to evolve because so many people believe in the potential that it has. Initially, there was over a million in seed funding for this app. It would go on from being the California-based startup that made a big impact in America to becoming an app that moved throughout the world as a ground-up change application. There is a lot of love for ClassDojo, and people are proving that this type of app environment can work.

The teachers have a chance to communicate with the parents. Special projects can be discussed. Assignments can be relayed to parents, and the students can get more help because the parents will know about the assignments in advance. This is going to make for a smoother transition from one class subject to the next. It is a great way to get the parents to stay involved in the classroom culture.

Busy work schedules can often prevent parents from have a big role in the lives of their children inside of school, but the great thing about ClassDojo is the ability to send instant messages and video content. The empowerment that is given to all parties that are involved is amazing. More people want to be connected to this app because it plays a big part in creating a positive culture. School can be a challenge for some students and teachers, but ClassDojo enhances technology in education.