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Gino Pozzo Enjoys His Time As A Soccer Club Owner At Watford FC

Even those who have a little knowledge of the workings of English soccer know it is one of the world’s richest and most competitive football leagues. What very few of us would expect is for the owner of one of the most successful clubs of recent years to state soccer is more of an enjoyable experience to couple with his other business activities. Gino Pozzo of Watford FC has created one of the most stable working environments in English soccer and recently stated his other business activities are usually the focus of his family.

The Pozzo family does have an extensive history in soccer across Europe starting with the pu9rchase of Udinese by the family patriarch, Gianpaolo Pozzo. The Pozzo family has a history of taking clubs with a tarnished image and polishing them into a diamond in the top leagues of Europe. The family began their soccer experiences in Italy’s Serie A with the purchase of their local team, Udinese when the historic club found itself in financial difficulties. Gino Pozzo would go on to repeat the trick of developing a club in difficulties into a national power.

Upon arriving at Watford FC, Gino Pozzo found himself at the head of a former Premier League club that had slid down through the leagues. The fall of The Hornets had come swiftly but was followed by a Pozzo-inspired return to the top flight with three successive promotions. For many owners, a return to the Premier League after so long would result in a period of spending on players and coaches, but not for Gino Pozzo. Returning to the Premier League was vital for the business plan of Gini Pozzo and was achieved through the skills developed by the Pozzo family to identify the best young players from around the world.