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Nicolas Krafft’s Role In The Growth Of L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft is an expert in business development. He is in charge of growth at the L’Oreal company, which deals with fashion and beauty. He held various positions at the institution before becoming its Vice President in Global Business Development. He studied at the University of St. Gallen before enrolling to INSEAD in 2006 for a corporate general management programme.

On September 30th last year, the company held its annual fashion and beauty show for the second time on a floating runway on River Seine. This event broadcasted in more than 30 countries simultaneously. L’Oreal Paris had many persons in attendance, therefore, showcasing its aim at changing the fashion industry using its products. Screens in the show enabled tourists and passers-by to watch it freely.

Equileap awarded L’Oreal with the award of the top gender-balanced organization across Europe. This move helps the investors in making investment decisions without the criteria of finance. Women training and empowerment is a pivotal aim of the fashion company. Jean-Claude Le Grand believes that gender equality and equal opportunities to be an organization’s main growth drivers.

L’Oreal has an objective of improving the lives of the people in the society. This is done through the offering of employment and enabling social inclusion. This strategy worked in China where over 100 women got employed to cater for their family needs. Another project in Burkina Faso for shea butter enabled the company to help in the preservation of the shea trees and providing a fair income for all those who participate in the collection of shea nuts.

Sustainable packaging is a thing that L’Oreal treasures most. It uses biodegradable and recyclable containers thus promoting the environmental state. Lighter packages assist the corporation to reduce resources needed in production. Krafft is proud of having a professional team who play a significant role in the growth of the company. Marketing of the products on social media platforms and using modern technology grows their sales according to Krafft.

L’Oreal reduces its gas emissions through the use of renewable energy. It also uses photovoltaic panels from solar energy to become carbon neutral. Their Burgos factory established a liquid recycling station that enables the institution to not waste even a single drop of water. Nicolas Krafft assisted in the development of several hair products which were in demand.

Jeunesse Global creates revolutionary health drink with Reserve

Jeunesse Global is one of the newest entrants to the global health and beauty space. Founded in 2009 by industry stalwarts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has risen from an obscure Florida startup to become a company valued at more than $1 billion. Today, Jeunesse Global has millions of customers across the globe and thousands of distributors for its innovative lineup of products. The company commands a loyal following, with much of its business being repeat orders for some of its highly sought-after health and beauty products.

The company’s rise from the humblest of beginnings almost defies belief. Jeunesse was started out of the garage of Ray and Lewis as little more than a way to pass the time. But by the end of its first year, the company had done nearly $1 million in total sales. By the end of its fifth year, Jeunesse had hundreds of distributors selling tens of millions of dollars to customers located in many countries throughout the world.

All of this success can be squarely attributed to the company’s ability to spot underserved market niches and quickly develop effective products to fill those needs. At the same time, Jeunesse has specialized in keeping prices highly competitive, often being able to severely undercut some of the company’s closest competitors on price. This has made its products wildly popular, both for their effectiveness and for their affordability.

One example of the kind of revolutionary thinking that Jeunesse routinely puts into its products is the company’s Reserve health drink. Reserve takes one of the most potent ingredients from red wine, resveratrol, and puts it into a health-packed drink that delivers some of the most copious heart protection of any supplement or drinks on the market today.

Reserve allows users to get most of the benefits of red wine consumption without the risks associated with consuming alcohol. This represents a breakthrough in consumer health products, and it has been widely recognized as a potentially game-changing health drink by experts across the globe.

Reserve is available exclusively through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors. More information can be found on the Jeunesse Global website.