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All that you need to know about Ryan’s Girlfriend, Shayna Taylor.

Ryan Seacrest, the most adored television host has been accused of sexual harassment allegations. However, his personal life seems to remain the same. Taylor, Ryan’s girlfriend has promised to stand by him through all the thick and thin. In social media, she mentioned Seacrest as the most civilized, respectful and gracious human being. Knowing Ryan for almost 6 six years, Tylor further shared some glimpses about the hard work and efforts that Ryan has put in to make himself a man of success and deserving every bit of it. The caption was made two days after Suzie Hardy, Ryan’s earlier stylist publicly alleged him for misconduct.

Again ahead of the Oscar night, Taylor, who is currently 25 years old took the Instagram by storm by once again by standing at Seacrest’s side saying that no matter what, everyone would see the truth. But what else do we know about Taylor. Let’s find it out:

She loves cooking

Her love for cooking can be seen from her Instagram account “My Bikini Kitchen” where she shares all her hygienic and healthy recipes for her followers. Not only this, Taylor has attended the Art Institute in California and is a certified chef from Ritz Carlton located in Southern California.

She is a model too

If you follow her Instagram account, then you will be awe-struck seeing her photo-shoot and travel pictures. Taylor, since past four years, has been working with Wilhemina models and rocking every single look that she carries.

She has been a host of several cooking channels and has done live segments with Ryan and Kelly.

In October 2017, Along with Ryan, Taylor appeared on his show and amused the audience by demonstrating her own recipe of banana bread.

According to the outside sources, Seacrest and Taylor have already dated each other once but broke-up. As it seems now, they are all set to be together for eternity. They are currently living in an apartment in New York City and have adopted two dogs at their house as this what Instagram picture says!