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OSI Group: A Textbook Example of Success

OSI Group is a success story. OSI Group started in 1909 as a small meat market just south of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois, and is now one of the largest value-added food suppliers in the world. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, created the business in Oak Park shortly after arriving in America. He then moved his business from Oak Park to Maywood, another Chicago suburb, under the name Otto & Sons. Kolschowsky built his business with high quality products and was able to venture outside of the local area over the next few decades. However, in 1955 Otto & Sons was able to partner with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, as the restaurant’s meat supplier. This partnership helped Otto & Sons to remain a profitable business venture, but the company did not simply rely on this relationship; instead, it continued to branch out and thrive on its own. Otto & Sons created machines that shaped meat patties and it developed innovative ways of freezing products. These innovations resulted in the company’s opening of its own plant in the early nineteen-seventies.

By 1975, Otto & Sons had become OSI Industries. The company continued to expand and in 1990s partnered with various companies and created a global presence under the names GenOSI. It then went into India under the name Vista Processed Foods, and then it continued to expand into China in 2002 calling itself OSI China.

Still located in the Chicago area, OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. In 2011, OSI Group added the Culinary Innovation Center to that location. OSI Group’s focus has always been on innovation and customer relations, which is now evident in its practice of tailoring products to meet the customer’s needs. Instead of mass producing a product and peddling it out to possible customers, the OSI Group seeks information from its customers, and then it creates products specifically designed to meet those needs. It is that kind of dedication to customer service that has helped a small meat market located in a Chicago suburb to become the global leader it is today. OSI Group acquires Rose Packing

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Ara Chackerian’s Work in the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian has years of service in the healthcare world. He has built a career working as an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Chackerian has spent more than twenty years taking start-up healthcare companies and building them into successful companies. His resume includes work with some of the most successful companies in the healthcare world. He has demonstrated on several occasions that he has the knowledge and skills to build a successful business.

After graduating college, Ara Chackerian entered the working world. One of his first jobs was co-founding the healthcare company PipelineRx. PipelineRx is a national leader in providing pharmacy services. This company was the first of a number of major companies that Chackerian would either start or work with. This list of companies include TMS Solutions and BMC Diagnostics. These companies have been influential by providing unique and innovative medical solutions. Along with working with very well known companies, Chackerian has also served in a number of leadership roles. For several years he worked as the Executive Vice President of PSS/Medical World. This company is a global leader in providing medical supplies.

Ara Chackerian has always been focused on putting patients first. His company TMS Solutions has been forward thinking in addressing mental health issues like depression. Through lots of research he has discovered the power of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and has been a huge supporter of this therapy. He ultimately believes it will join medication and talk therapy as a major part of psychiatric care. Over the years this therapy has been particularly effective in treating those suffering from major depressive disorders.

Giving back to others is a major part of Ara Chackerian’s work. He has become well known for his philanthropic work. During his career he has collaborated with non-profit groups like Nor Luyce, CREA Nicaragua, and JUMA Ventures. He continues to be committed to worthy causes all over the world. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

Paul Mampilly Gives His Views about Wall Street

Paul Mampilly pursed his studies from Fordham University. After his studies, he got a job at a company known as Bankers Trust. At Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly worked as a deputy portfolio manager. After working there for some period of time, he proceeded to Deutsche Bank. At this new organization, he worked as a research assistant. His good work at both organizations led to his first promotion. He, later on, landed a new job at a very prominent company. Immediately after joining the company, it started making more profit and grew very fast. From this good work, more prominent organizations started noticing Paul’s ability. By then he had already made a decision of leaving Wall Street to start his own endeavor.

Paul Mampilly states that he decided to quit because he felt it was better to offer financial help to other people who needed it badly. He therefore left and started publishing a newsletter by the title “Profits Unlimited”. His main aim is helping various people around the world to learn about investments. He further adds that its not always about getting rich but about the peace that comes when one gets financial security. Paul, therefore, dedicates his time to ensure that people gain financial freedom and that they are able to make wise and useful financial decisions. Follow Paul Mampilly on his twitter account.

Paul further says that Wall Street was not bad, but it required a lot of keenness. He terms the many transactions carried out as very delicate and that making a simple mistake can land someone into deep trouble. He, therefore, feels at peace to give people financial assistance as it helps them better their lives. People who gain financial freedom are also able to improve their living standards. On the positive view, Paul states that he loved the experience he gained at Wall Street. He is thankful for the experience he went through during those times.

Paul Mampilly is always careful when giving financial assistance to anyone. He puts into consideration the chances of him giving the wrong advice. He, therefore, advises the financial advisors not to be blinded by success.

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OSI Group Has Added A Valuable Company To Its Existing Portfolio Through Acquisition:

Global food solutions outfit OSI Group has recently been pleased to make the announcement that it has acquired leading pork products producer Rose Packing Company. This is a huge win for the global meat supplier because it adds another level of depth to its already impressive strengths in food processing. Rose Packing is one of the most respected companies in the industry and is known for making products such as Canadian bacon and toppings for pizza and salad, among many other great products. OSI Group has attained all of the Rose Packing Company assets as a part of this major food industry acquisition.

With the OSI Group acquisition of Rose Packing Company, two of the food industries most successful operations are now coming together under a single banner. OSI officials have expressed a great deal of excitement with this new development and Senior Executive VP Kevin Scott said that adding Rose Packing Company to the OSI Group portfolio is the perfect complement to the strengths already present while also adding new strengths at the same time. OSI Group has a strong track record of building up its business through these kinds of strategic acquisitions as well as through building up valuable partnerships.

Using these strategies has helped the food processing giant to become one of the world’s leaders and a top one-hundred food operation within the United States. As a part of the OSI acquisition, Dwight Stiehl, the CEO at Rose Packing Company, will continue on under the new management as will the rest of his leadership team. They have expressed a great deal of excitement in getting to work with OSI. The commitment to excellence that both firms have always maintained has made them a perfect pairing. Both companies also possess a wealth of experience in the food industry that adds up to some two-hundred years in total. The acquisition also means great things to come for OSI’s deep customer base as the company will now be able to offer even more in the way of best food products.

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Nitin Khanna’s Transformative and Successful Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Nitin Khanna is an Indian born entrepreneur. He was born in 1971. Nitin Khanna came from a family where his father served in the army. Most of his schooling time in India, he mostly attended boarding schools. When he was an the age of 17 , he managed to migrate to the United States of America where he went to purse his higher education studies. While in the United States of America, he managed to attain his undergraduate degree as well as his masters degree in industrial engineering.

In the late 1990s, together with his brother who had joined him in the United States of America, were able to start a software firm they named, Saber software which became very popular and successful for its contribution towards the electoral process whereby it was involved in providing software used during the election process. Later, Nitin Khanna and his brother sold the software entity and invested heavily in helping mobile firms through his firm, Mergertech.

Nitin Khanna is an individual who has worked with many companies whereby he has developed a rich experience. He believes that most of his time and energy have been mostly directed towards companies having the appropriate individuals who fit well in them. He believes that having the right individuals in a firm is a valuable ingredient for success in a given firm. Nitin Khanna engages in productive undertakings that that work towards his mission and vision of success in any activity he carries out. He also practices time management very well by staying on top of time all the time through prioritizing his areas of concern on a daily basis.

Nitin Khanna is a business minded person that cherishes the success of businesses he has handled with the hope that they grow into multinational companies recognized throughout the globe. He believes in people evaluating their capabilities and skills before deciding to undertake their entrepreneurial dreams. It is therefore his belief that having an idea about entrepreneurship does not guarantee its success. He is also a person who dedicate some time to spend with his family.

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Eric Lefkofsky Using Data to Improve Care of Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky, founder of the Chicago-based cancer technology company Tempus, has recently taken steps to analyze large sets of data in order to optimize the treatment and care of cancer patients. Tempus is currently working to develop a huge database that will contain both molecular and clinical information. Things such as lab reports, radiology images, and clinical notes will be used to provide the clinical information.

The molecular information will be found by genomic tests that will examine things such as DNA or RNA to understand each patient’s tumor and develop treatment options designed specifically for them. Tempus is looking to use this information to improve the decisions of the physicians who are caring for the cancer patients as well as improving the final outcome in the patient’s fight against cancer. This massive amount of data is obviously not something that Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus are going to be collect by themselves.

The company partners with a good number of academic institutions, such as the NYU school of medicine, as well as most of the NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers located throughout the nation. Some people may be concerned about giving their personal data to be used in this way. However, studies have been done that show that the majority of people are fine with giving this information if it used for a greater purpose. Most people would likely be fine with giving this information if it could save lives and help fight cancer.

Adam Milstein Provides Vital Assistance to Jewish Communities

Adam Milstein is the first-born son of a home maker mother and a real estate developer father. Mr. Milstein spent his early years in Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971. His mandatory service included assignment to Ariel Sharon’s army division during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

After he finished his military service, Mr. Milstein enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology, from which he graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s in business and economics. During his college years, Mr. Milstein obtained indispensable real estate investment experience by helping to expand his father’s real estate development business.

Mr. Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration in 1983. He entered the real estate profession as a sales agent and eventually gained enough experience to become a successful real estate investor.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila were married in Haifa in 1974. The couple moved to the United States seven years later and became actively involved in philanthropic endeavors that strengthen Jewish communities worldwide. Adam Milstein’s community development efforts are based on the principles of active philanthropy, life-time impact, and synergy.

Mr. Milstein and his wife co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (AGMFF), which contributes to causes that strengthen the Jewish people and that promote a positive U.S.-Israeli relationship. Mr. Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board.

In addition to financial resources, the Milsteins commit significant time and expertise to every project they sponsor. They create partnerships with agencies that support individuals throughout the entire life cycle, from childhood through later adulthood, and actively promote organizations that maintain life-long connections with service recipients.

Through consulting and fundraising, Adam and Gila Milstein help non-profit agencies to enhance their overall impact by partnering with other community-based organizations that have shared goals and a similar mission. Adam Milstein is a Board member of several organizations that promote Jewish solidarity and that support Jewish communities. He and Gila continue their active philanthropy through the work of the AGMFF.

Dr Dov Rand –Most Committed Health Practitioner and Nutritionist

Dr .Dov Rand is basically a rehabilitation specialist and a physical medicine. He has worked for over 15 years in the Health Aging Medical Centers. During the time, he has been able to offer the best health services by use of modernized machines to improve the proximity of health in people as they get old. In his youthful years, he learned the art of determination and hard work. He also participated in athletic pursuits. Rand was a tennis ball player and was a professional that he even achieved the competitive level through his performances and level of conditioning.

After the age, he still didn’t leave the art but he rather brought it forward to his career. This is because he continued being concerned with health practices. Dr. Rand is a graduate of Rutgers University where he achieved his degree in medicine. He later went to Howard university where he increased his proficiency in the medical school. After his theoretical learning, he went to saint Barnaba’s medical hospital to equip himself with practical skills of the same. It’s after then that he proceeded to Albert Einstein medical center for the internship

Dr .Dov Rand urge to specialize in the medical career is because he was always interested in nutrition and health. He realized the manner in which people eat determines how the person’s health will proceed in the after years. The centers that Dr. Dov Rand attended for internship also campaigned on health and nutrition that made him feel in the right place

His daily routine is always getting up and the first thing he does is working out. It’s after then that he is allowed to take a very healthy breakfast. He then gets ready for work and patients who need health advices and health follow ups are his daily customers. His main goal is being of help to others. He tries as much as possible to educate people on health routines. Dr Dov Rand feels successful when he reaches as many people as he can (Gazetteday).

His big secret is ensuring that he develops his profession. He reads books and other articles in regard to his career and also attends conferences of the same.

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New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp has dedicated matters of the real estate to the better level in the United States. Through the move that they have taken as a company, most of the clients have become satisfied through they work. The company was erected with its head office in the city of New York. The mode of handling the issues of the trade in the United States have been of much benefits to the citizens, and most of the institutions have lauded their steps. New Residential Investment Corp deals with Residential Securities and Loans and mortgage loans to the clients. It has made a great measure, and so far it has introduced the Live TV that is used to make the information through their site. The primary factor that has made the company stand out in the market is the excellent platform that the workers are using to trade in their website. Management has been much consistent on the matters of the positive changes within the company. Integration of technology to mark the new level of the innovation in the scene of real estate have been of much benefits to the clients.

New Residential Investment Corp has also put into their management system the team of experts that closely monitors the direction of the company based on the set objectives and fix challenges in case of any problem.

The excellent leadership of the company and the good strategy they are using have been enough to convince citizens of the United States of the great deals of the New Residential Investment Corp.

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Stream Energy: First Respondents After the Hurricane Harvey Mayhem

Hurricane Harvey officially tied with Hurricane Katrina as the most destructive hurricane on record. The monstrous hurricane destroyed much of Texas, leaving thousands of people without homes and power. Many cities were also flooded, and coastal towns were decimated by the gigantic storm surges produced by the hurricane. Hurricane Harvey’s destruction reached more than $100 billion, and people have started claiming their insurance.

Stream Energy, which is a Dallas-based energy provider, is one of the first companies to arrive at the evacuation centers housing the survivors who fled their homes that are either destroyed by huge waves or damaged by floods. Stream Energy provided food, clothing, water, and hygienic kits to those who survived, and they also turned over a certain amount to the American Red Cross to be used for buying additional supplies for the survivors. Stream Energy has its own philanthropic department, called the Stream Energy Cares, and they mobilized their rescue teams to locate people who are in need of help.

Stream Energy Cares has been providing relief efforts to thousands of people, and many were delighted that they are the first ones to give assistance to those who are in need. The company is known for helping people who are having issues with their energy sources, and the reason why they decided to reach out other states is that they wanted to give an affordable choice for those who are complaining about their high energy rates. As of 2018, the company started to expand in Delaware, where they were welcomed by the locals.

The energy company stated that they will keep on helping those who were affected by the disaster, and they will also partner with the government to address some of the issues that the survivors are facing. Many homes were out of power and destroyed after Hurricane Harvey unleashed its power, and the company promised that they will be looking into the electrical posts that tumbled after resisting the strong winds from the hurricane. They will also release a budget that will be used to rebuild homes for those who were affected by the destructive force of nature.