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Michael Nierenberg Orchestrates New Partnership For New Residential

Michael Nierenberg is the head leader for New Rez LLC. This company serves as a mortgage loaner; operating throughout the United States Of America. Visit Medium to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

He has been with the company for 7 years now. During his time at New Residential, Michael Nierenberg has assisted an abundance of companies and investors succeed in the real estate industry. Visit to know more.

One of the more recent successes of Michael Nierenberg and New Residential is a partnership with Shelter Mortgage Company LLC and Landed Incorporated. The official name for the three company partnership will be called Landed Home Loans LLC. This new venture for New Residential LLC will assist with down payments and homebuyer information. The increase of new resources will help investors explore all of the options that are associated with purchasing and investing in real estate.


Discover Your Fashion Passion at Academy of Art University


Those interested in fashion design can discover their fashion passion at the Academy of Art University. This fine arts school is located in the center of gorgeous San Francisco. This eclectic neighborhood has always embraced art and diversity. The close knitted neighborhood comes together often for community volunteer projects that benefits their neighborhood and other people. The Academy of Art University runs an impressive fashion design program known for its diverse creativity results. The fashion school students attended the well regarded New York Fashion Week just last Fall. Their runway fashions were an overwhelming hit for the audience in attendance.

New York Fashion Week is a haven for those that want to showcase their original fashion designs. The talented students that participated from the Academy of Art University presented some exciting fashion-forward outfits. These designs represented current environmental concerns with fun fabrics and clothing styles made from ordinary trash materials. Other students presented unique fashion expressions that conveyed their diverse cultural and heritage backgrounds. The runway was filled with beautiful Asian fabrics and designs, Scottish styles and other around-the-globe designs. Soft knits featured intriguing textures, and spectacular draping techniques were on display. These creative fashion students and graduates showed the stunning results from their studies at the well respected Academy of Art University.

The staff from Academy of Art University each have distinctive backgrounds that give them an edge in teaching their specialties. While the fashion school is well known to the public, this all-inclusive university offers many fine degrees and specialized courses to prepare for a huge myriad of arts employment possibilities. The campus is absolutely sensational, and the positive energy vibrations are felt wherever a person is on this thriving college campus. Students find the campus beneficial for spurring their authentically diverse creativity passions and future career goals.

It is easy to see why the students attending Academy of Art University get inspired from each other in a good way. This university has long promoted environmental and social causes. Students and staff often take part in the various neighborhood volunteer activities. Academy of Art University promotes creative individuality.

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A Move Towards the Future: SoftBank Group Corp’s Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Focused on the Information Revolution, SoftBank Group Corporation is a global technology firm that is the driving force behind the Information Revolution. Its global portfolio comprises of companies providing and advancing internet services, telecommunication, artificial intelligence, and clean energy technology. Looking to move forward with the Information Technology SoftBank Group Corporation formed the SoftBank Vision Fund as of May 2017 to invest internationally in businesses that are the leaders in moving the Information Revolution into its next stage. At the time they held $93 billion capital committed to the investment of these businesses.

As of today, SoftBank Group Corp has announced the completion of the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash. SoftBank Group Corporation now owns all shares of the alternative-investment firm and its subsidiaries, after meeting the previously agreed upon terms of the transaction receiving all necessary approval for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group in July of 2017. At the conclusion of the sale of the alternative-investment firm to SoftBank Group Corporation, the bought shares converted to $8.08 per share; to be distributed accordingly as merger proceeds, as stated in the Fortress Definitive Proxy listed under the Merger Agreement dated for June of 2017.

As a result of the acquisition, SoftBank Group Corporation consolidated the finances of Fortress Investment Group. SoftBank Group Corporation removed all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange for the alternative-investment firm’s final financial results to be added onto SoftBank Group Corporation’s consolidated financial statement. Even though purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation, Fortress Investment Group remains in operation as an independent business keeping its headquarters location in New York. Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randy Nardone remain in their original position as principals under the direction of SoftBank Group Corporation. Already having strong leadership, it is the intention of SoftBank Group Corporation to maintain the current leadership, personnel, business model, and brand that has made the alternative-investment firm such a success thus far.

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Greg Blatt Career in Match Group

Running a company is not a walk in the park. Most modern businesses are collapsing because they lack the right professionals to serve in leadership positions. Match Group, however, has thrived in the past years despite the competition it has faced from various dating companies. The person responsible for the success in Match Group is Greg Blatt. For some time now, the business executive has been serving as the chief executive officer and chair of the organization. Before Greg Blatt could join Match Group, the entrepreneur had already served in several other prominent positions, getting the experience needed. Although he has left the platform, the business executive is happy about his accomplishments. 

Joining Match Group 

In a recent interview, Greg Blatt discloses that joining the popular company was never expected or planned. When he completed his college education, the experienced business leader decided to visit several areas of the world doing what he loved most; painting houses and bartending. After several years, he joined one of the law schools in the country because he felt that it was going to be enjoyable. The businessperson noted that he did not have a career plan in law. 

However, in the process of acquiring his law studies, Greg Blatt discovered that he had a special interest in finance and corporate law. One of the law firms in New York City offered the executive an opportunity to practice and get the skills he was looking for. After serving for a while, the former CEO felt that the career was not working for him. For some years Greg worked for Martha Stewart. When online dating came into the global market more many years ago, Greg Blatt knew that this area had a lot of potentials, so he took the chance. 

Building Match Group was a challenging affair, but it gave the executive the satisfaction he was searching for a long time. Over the years, Greg Blatt says that he has served in different positions in Match Group. Most of the time, his bosses in the company were impressed by the services he delivered, and that is how he landed the position of CEO. 


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Lincolnshire Management: Innovative, Helpful and Successful Management for Returning Clientele

Lincolnshire Management: Innovative, Helpful and Successful Management for Returning Clientele

Lincolnshire Management continuously engages with successful clients and private equity associates for ultimate business manifestation. When a worker decides to work with animals, they must read a few important legal guidelines. When a worker begins their career as a veterinarian, they need to attend the right school. Woking with unique animals can be a rewarding profession. An individual who works with animals needs to know information regarding their health statistics and how to feed them. If an animal does not recieve the proper food and water, they will not be nourished.

Lincolnshire Management

Animals that grew up in a wild environment are able to care for themselves better than animals that grew up in captivity. When an animal survives in the wild, they become stronger. There are many animals that are able to leave captivity and survive in the wild. In order for an animal to properly survive in the wild, they must use their instincts and previous knowledge to continue living. When an animal witnesses dangerous circumstances, they are less likely to make the same mistake twice. When an animal is involved in a dangerous fight, they may become injured.

Lincolnshire Management

If an animal is vulnerable, they may be attacked. When an animal is attacked, they have to defend themselves. When an animal is under attack they may begin to bark, growl or bite. When an animal bites, they use their teeth. Animals have sharp teeth that serve them well. Their teeth allow them to be protected by other animals. When an animal is extremely fast, they can outrun their competitors.

Lincolnshire Management

When an animal successfully outruns their competitor, they do not have the opportunity to be caught. If the predator can not catch their prey, the prey will be able to continue living. If the predator is able to attack their prey, the prey may or may not survive. When an animal is severely hurt, they may begin to lose strength.

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Stream Energy: Rewriting Social Empowerment Narrative in Dallas

Corporate scholars point out that the greatest mark of a company is how it uses its profits, especially on philanthropy. Although Stream Energy was one of the most active companies in the charity world, Hurricane Harvey redefined their approach in this important niche. With over 56 inches rain, it was a moment to revisit their approach to charity especially to neighborhoods surrounding Huston.

Since the company was one of the less affected by this hurricane, it used a large portion of its profits to help families get back together after the infamous hurricane. The management of Stream Energy, with the help of other professionals, designed one of the most effective foundations in Texas.

Through this foundation, Stream Energy has been able to change thousands of lives in Texas and more importantly children’s lives. Unlike other organizations, the foundation understands that collaborating with other entities helps in expanding the operational scope.

For less than three years, the entity has worked with different organizations in Dallas especially in giving children a better experience on their recreational lives. Through different programs, Stream Cares continues to change thousands of homeless children in Texas and its environs and this according to the management this is their greatest contribution to Texas communities.

Stream Energy was previously one of the most active partners to other charitable organizations such as the Red Cross. Although the organization is currently channeling their CSR to their foundation, they still work with global charity organizations regularly. According to the management, this relationship with other entities helps them to retain a good working relationship with other organization.

Apart from changing lives through their well-thought energy programs, the management believes that this is also a better way to serve the Texas population and more importantly share their profits with thousands of people. In 2019, the company intends to improve its resource allocation to the foundation.

With other major projects in like such their Green project, the company is still focused on its four-pillar plan. Some of the projects include providing unmatched energy services to both commercial premises as well as private spaces. The company is also a leader in providing wireless services and Internet connections.