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Everything you need to know about Richard Liu

Important facts to know about Richard Liu- Richard Liu is an Internet entrepreneur from China. He has been able to achieve high levels of success due to his hard work and his termination to never give up. He is the CEO and the founder of This is a website for the mall located in China. This mall has become very successful and continues to grow each and every year.

This important e-commerce that was founded by Richard, has been able to improve the economy in China. Richard Liu has always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur even after getting out of college. After college, he started to invest his income into a restaurant business. He wanted to start getting his feet wet in the entrepreneur field, and this is how he was able to achieve such a high level of success in his life.

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OSI Group’s Acquisition of Rose Packing Company to Result in Growth Spurts for OSI

Recently, the Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Group, L.L.C. successful acquired Rose Packing Company Inc., a meat producer that has long been established in the city of Chicago and which has grown to be regarded as a leading producer of pork products for the foodservice and retail sector. Like OSI Group, Rose Packing Company is headquartered in Illinois, but unlike OSI, it is located in the city of Barrington. Rose Packing Company was a family-owned and operated business prior to the transaction, which for five generations have been producing and selling various types meat and has grown to become well-established in the meat industry. Its production facility in Chicago alone employs more than 700 employees.

The transaction will result in OSI acquiring the entirety of the assets in the possession of the Rose Packing Company’s. By acquiring Rose Packing Company Inc., OSI Group has acquired the potential for spectacular growth in that the acquisition not only complements OSI’s existing thriving business but also supports OSI’s ever-growing business by providing it with new and additional processing capabilities for meat production as well as a strong sales presence in a number of desired channels. The Rose Packing Company acquisition is also a great fit in terms of culture. The two companies share a deep commitment to their customers in relation to the provision of unique and innovative solutions to their meat product needs.

Further, the two company have in common a commitment towards excellence and place great store on how important it is to have strong business relationships. OSI and the Rose Packing Company together have over two hundred years of expertise in the meat production industry and have deep roots in Chicago. In fact, OSI Group came into being in Chicago in 1909, originally only as a family meat market. But OSI has come a long way since then such that the company has grown to become a leading global food provider. OSI Group has consistently provided the world’s leading brands with unique and innovative food solutions.


Sergey Petrossov created JetSmarter to solve a unique flying need

Sergey Petrossov is an industry innovator who has received several awards. The Russian born Florida resident received a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology award and also was awarded South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel.

Currently, Sergey Petrossov is the CEO of JetSmarter. Before starting JetSmarter he co-founded both an online chat system for website customer service and a platform for distance learning for educational institutions that are Russian-speaking.

Sergey Petrossov got the idea for JetSmarter while he served as a board adviser to a private jet operator in South Florida. When he took his first charter flight he quickly realized that the booking system for charter flights was out-dated with today’s society. He quickly realized that he could solve the booking process with technology and JetSmarter was born.

Sergey invested his own capital and gathered members of his development teams from previous projects and began to plan. His plan was for a mobile app that would connect consumers looking for private jets with some of the top-rated private jet operators.

He was able to raise some additional funds and worked with hundreds of vendors and partners to make sure that everything was working as it should.

JetSmarter was launched to the public in March of 2013. Members of the JetSmarter team have worked on projects successfully with companies such as NASA, Nokia, Mercedes Benz, and Uber. The team worked tirelessly to create a unique and successful project. JetSmarter is the world’s largest private aviation travel and lifestyle community.

Malcolm CasSelle: Technology Guru on Modern Trading

Today, the hustle is real. Nobody stays idle at home and manages to meet all expenses. That said, people go to work to earn a living. However, salaries are never sufficient for ideal savings. In this regard, people take a step further to invest the little savings they accumulate over time. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a contemporary company that helps individuals invest by participating in an online marketplace comprised of virtual game assets. As a matter of fact, it is creating a new system of assets that previously couldn’t be traded or exchanged.


When talking about WAX, the talk cannot be finished up without recognizing Malcolm CasSelle. At the present, he is the face of this company where he plays a significant role as its President. Considering the fact that it is a technology-oriented company that mainly deals with online deals of various products such as video games, its head must possess some knowledge in IT. This is confirmed by the fact that Malcolm holds a degree in Computer science obtained from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a master’s degree on the same from Stanford University.


Malcolm CasSelle’s role as President of WAX is not his first executive role. He formerly served as the senior VP and General Manager of SeaChange International. Before this, he was the CEO of MediaPass, one of the successful online companies that provide paywall solutions for generating subscription-based revenues for different types of digital content. Besides, he was also the CEO of Xfire. In short, he is a professional scholar who has perfect knowledge of technology and digital assets. His history also tells that he has substantial knowledge in tech companies.


At work, Malcolm CasSelle is usually attentive and careful in all his dealings. He is an exceptional and dynamic person as described by other individuals he has worked with. In fact, they attribute his success to outstanding leadership skill and incredible teamwork that makes everyone under his management excited and happy to work together. He uses his money wisely on investments since he has invested heavily in a number of companies such as Zynga and Facebook. Lastly, he speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin.


All About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private owned company. The company was founded in 1999. The Oxford Company has a lot to be proud of since they were one of the first independent educational financial websites of the internet. The goal of The Oxford Club is to help their members gain complete control of the finances and obtain abundant wealth. They are known for helping their members gain financial freedom! If you become a member of The Oxford club, you will have access to social, political, and business networking that will definitely increase your wealth.

As of today, The Oxford Club is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company has about 50-100 actual investors. The Oxford Company has helped about 80,000 people obtain the goal of achieving wealth. The Oxford Club is truly an amazing company.

The Oxford Club is still helping their followers achieve wealth. They recently held a seminar in Sante Fe, New Mexico. This seminar turned out to be very effective, especially for participants who were close to retirement. At this seminar, The Oxford Club answered a frequently asked question which is, “Once I reach retirement, how much money should I have in stocks?”. This question does not come with an one answer response. The amount of money a retiree should have saved at retirement time depends on health, age, monthly income, and monthly bills.

According to The Oxford Club, retirees should be concerned about how much they will need monthly to cover bills and expenses. Retirees should be saving money that will be needed to cover the difference between bills and the amount of social security or pension checks they will receive each month. For Example, if your monthly bills are $7,000 a month or $84,000 a year, the retiree should save $420,000 over the cost of 5 years to cover difference of monthly pension. If you cannot afford to save this much money, The Oxford Company recommends you to work longer, live a lower maintenance life style, or to take a change and be risky with saving for 3 or 4 years.

Glen Wakeman on the Makings of a Succesful Venture

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman is a businessman with over two decades under his belt. He is the founder of the SAAS business of LaunchPad Holdings that has been around since 2015.

The young company of LaunchPad Holdings was established from a simple notion which is that an idea is not a plan. Ideas lack the structure that plans have and only once that structure is added does an idea become ready to be turned into a reality. That prompted the creation of LaunchPad Hldings LLC as well as the software platform the company offers which was created to make building a plan far easier.

Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman, received an M. B. A. in Finance as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After completing his studies, Glen Wakeman took on a number of professional opportunities and worked at businesses such as GE Capital. After that, Glen Wakeman established his first company Nova Four (Crunchbase). Glen Wakeman has amassed a lot of experience as President, chief executive officer, as well as various administrative positions. Glen Wakeman has worked in the fields of business development, team managing, and leadership, as well as strategizing and P & L, among else.

Glen Wakeman has a performance methodology that involves five steps. They are risk management, leadership power, human capital, and business execution. He believes that when it comes to productivity his most beneficial trait is his curiosity. Glen Wakeman enjoys analyzing performance numbers and starts his workday with that before moving on to meetings and other tasks. His curiosity has prompted him to learn more and pursue a variety of ventures even if they are out of his comfort zone.

Glen Wakeman is extremely interested in the way machine learning can help solve business problems. Technology has been a passion for Glen Wakeman for a long time and he pursue of establishing a business working with software is his latest direction.

A piece of advice that Glen Wakeman likes to extend to staring entrepreneurs is to learn how to strategize as the skill comes in handy when turning an idea into a plan.


Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory Supports Digital Entrepreneurs

The career of Mike Baur
Mike Baur has had a passion for banking and finance since he was a teenager. That explains why he later pursued the passion and made a career from it. Mike earned his executive MBA from the University of Bern. He also attained his MBA from the University of Rochester. Mike has worked in the Swiss banking industry for 20 years. In his 20 successful years in this career, Mike was rising through the ranks to become an executive board member at a well-known Swiss private bank. He worked for multiple Swiss banks including Sallfort and Clariden.

Mike Baur started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of 39. Mike started Swiss Startup Factory together with two other partners with the aim of mentoring and supporting young digital innovators. Swiss Startup Factory is privately owned and independently financed. It is the first of its kind in Switzerland.

Mike has a passion for the youth. That explains why Mike Baur spends most of his time supporting and mentoring young entrepreneurs through coaching and offering financial aid to promising start-ups. Mike is the chief executive officer of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is also in charge of fundraising and financing at Swiss Startup Factory.

About Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF)
SSUF was established in 2014 in Zurich. The primary goal of Swiss Startup Factory was to identify and support thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company runs an accelerator program that runs for three months. During the accelerator program, SSUF coaches and mentors entrepreneurs in areas such as investor network, finance, office space, and entrepreneurial network.

Young companies specializing in digital technologies get a chance at Swiss Startup Factory to undergo a structured accelerator program. It enables young companies to come up with the growing innovative power to allow them to compete in the global market. SSUF selects start-ups to go through the accelerator program. The start-ups go through paces and later get tested to make sure they can create a selling idea. By the end of the program, they should also be able to pitch the idea to potential investors.

Ambitious young people can use Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program as a platform to set the world ablaze with their unique ideas and innovations. During the three-month program, entrepreneurs are helped to bring their innovative ideas to the market by using the lean canvas methodology. The young and ambitious entrepreneurs get a chance to work with other innovators and professionals in a collaborative environment. Young entrepreneurs can apply online for the next accelerator batch. SSUF has two intakes; January and September intakes.