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Peter Briger Liquidates FIG’s Bitcoin Technology Investment

When bitcoin technology entered the international market, Peter Briger was enthusiastic about bringing cryptocurrency into the United States. He believed it was a great opportunity for Fortress Investment Group or FIG in New York and invested into bitcoin, in 2013. From 2014 to 2015, the cryptocurrency market experienced a downturn which had a huge impact on its value. Wall Street Journal reported on November 1st, 2017 that the bitcoins were worth approximately $22 million in value in February 2017. It was during the same month SoftBank agreed to purchase FIG for $3.3 billion.

Since February 2017, bitcoin rose to 551 percent with a value worth $6,600 for one bitcoin. Peter Briger saw Fortress’s investment increase by $120 million in value. When SoftBank acquired FIG, bitcoin had a market value of over $9,000. Financial Times reported in 2018 SoftBank had Fortress to liquidate the bitcoin investment because of volatility. It became a bonus package for Masayoshi Son, the owner and CEO of SoftBank which had a value at $200 million at the time of acquisition.

The acquisition agreement stipulated Peter Briger continue his position as Co-CEO and Principle of Fortress Investment Group in New York. His mission for the cyptocurrency investment was to introduce and regulate the technology in America. As part of the agreement, SoftBank included the bitcoin investment at zero value. Financial Times reported in April 2019 SoftBank took a loss of $130 million after selling the bitcoin investment. When Masayoshi acquired the liquidated asset, it had a value of $150 million in the cyptocurrencymarket.

Peter Briger established the Credit Equity Asset Department at Fortress Investment in 2002 and became a Principle and Chairman years later. After he received a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania, he worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. After working for the firm for nearly 15 years, he became a partner and sold his interest to invest in FIG. Peter became a billionaire in 2007 and made the List of the World’s Billionaires for Forbes two consecutive years. He manages credit portfolios for private equity and hedge funds comprising undervalued, tangible, intangible, lending, and distressed assets.

How Maarten de Jeu Took The World of Corporate Strategy by Storm

When one is the leader of a sizeable business they often have to ask themselves questions such as: “what direction should my business take or what is the best way to brand my company in a market that is changing every day?” Individuals who are responsible to shareholders and personnel must pose questions to themselves and to their teams about whether or not they should pursue a new line of business in a market that is overseas or if they should focus on investing in their research and development division in order to gain a competitive edge. It goes without saying that these are often difficult and seemingly undecipherable inquiries. However, they are also the kinds of questions that corporate strategists help business leaders answer every day. Learn more:


When there are countless resources on the line the decisions that an executive makes cannot be arrived at in a haphazard fashion. Rather the choices a large corporation makes regarding the use of its resources and the execution of its mission-critical operations must be made in a thoughtful way. The professionals who work in the area of corporate strategy are uniquely positioned to empower business leaders to make strategic decisions that will put their companies on a path towards success. Corporate strategist Maarten de Jeu has spent his career becoming an exemplary model of how individuals who work in the world of corporate strategy can be an asset to their industries. 


Mr. de Jeu embarked on his journey to become a successful professional by laying a strong educational foundation for himself. His educational background is characterized by its rigor and its breadth as Mr. de Jeu has completed studies in various disciplines and at institutions of higher learning that are spread out across the globe. As a graduate student, Maarten de Jeu was enrolled at Leiden University in the Netherlands where he studied public administration and social science. He went on to earn a Master of Arts from Leiden University. After that Mr. de Jeu would go on to build upon the foundation of knowledge that he established at Leiden University by electing to further his education in the United Kingdom. 


Mr. de Jeu decided to attend the University of Oxford where he studied business administration and graduated with a Masters of Business Administration. Having completed studies in both public administration and business administration Mr. de Jeu was granted a holistic view of the issues that managers face as they lead various types of organizations. Mr. de Jeu’s rigorous study in the area of management enabled him to become an effective strategist and advisor to the companies that he has worked for. After graduating Mr. de Jeu went on to work for a company that is known as Aviva in the areas of strategy and corporate development.

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What GPB Global Resources is Doing to Improve the Environment

There are so many companies that are committed to reducing the impact of negative environmental changes. Some are struggling to achieve their targets while others are still on the course of their work. One of the committed countries is Ethiopia which is working around the clock to enhance improved climatic changes. It has been able to break the world record with a record-breaking target of more than expected in 12 hours. There has been a large number of volunteers who have been involved in the trees planting mission. One of these is the GPB Global Resources.

GPB Global Resources is a global company like its name suggests and has been known for its efforts across the world. The company’s office in Ethiopia was able to play its role in various ways. The majority of these are narrowed down to funding. According to reports, the institution supported two communities in planting more than 1000 trees across the country. These volunteers were able to plant all these trees within a very short period. They were so excited and through Global, they managed to revive their hopes regarding the future of their children which has been affected by the illegal cutting of trees. To know more about the company click here.

The whole event was attended by a large number of volunteers from across Ethiopia. Their Prime Minister was also in attendance and made h event very colorful. Abiy Ahmed took part in the Green Legacy Initiative to prove to the world that he is committed to making the country green. The project is targeting to have more volunteers like the GPB Global Resources so that they can continue reducing the environmental impact.

One of the ways this can be done is through returning of the forests. This was recorded through a record-breaking process that witnessed over 350 million trees being planted across the whole nation. The July 29 initiative saw them break India’s record of 50 million seedlings. This is a good move towards the environmental conservation that GPB Global Resources has enhanced. They did not stop there and have been moving across the globe advising people on ways to preserve the environment.

Toyo Setal’s Big Name in Business World

Toyo Setal is beyond a doubt one of the outstanding companies of the world who are playing their part in environmental sustainability. Toyo Setal has been managed by talented people who believe in taking care of their environment. They are responsible, and they are aware of their corporate social responsibility. That is why they deliver their duties in the best manner possible so that they could become a role model for others also. In this way, various companies learn to follow them also, which is a huge thing for Toyo Setal. This company also is managing its operations on a global level, which increases its significance.

Toyo Setal has a team of managers who are aware of their duties, and they know how to ethically perform their operations. Due to their ethical considerations, Toyo Setal has reached to an amazing standard now. It has quickly reached its success within no time, which is why others also like to learn from them. The best thing about them is their training expertise in which they try to provide the best possible training to their employees. They do not just provide them the guidelines about how to perform their duties, but they also enable them to rely on their skills. So, the concept of self-reliance has been increased and spread far and wide into this company.

The company believes in an extensive rewards system to provide incentives to the employees. It ensures that the employees are satisfied with what they are receiving as compensation. For this purpose, every possible attempt is made to satisfy the employees with the best form of incentives offered in the company. All these attempts are directed towards making the company’s employees feel good about working in this company. They are also given huge changes in growth, and lots of opportunities follow them in this business. All these things make this company highly attractive for everyone who is looking for some opportunity to grow and develop himself. That is why the company has been progressing at a massive level, and every possible attempt is made to help its employees get the best of everything in this company by the management.

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How Smita Shah Succeeds In Entrepreneurship

To this day, she still has difficulty believing it but, at just 24 years of age, Smita Shah became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the history of engineering. So how has she been able to handle all the responsibility and keep her business on track? Well, she recently sat down for an interview where she discussed how she manages to keep her head above water and what she hopes to accomplish in the future of her career. When she was in middle school, she first noticed she was in the minority both in terms of ethnicity and gender which is why she decided to hire as diverse of a team of employees as possible when she opened up her own enterprise ten years down the line. When she was just starting out, she didn’t know if the company would thrive.
Nevertheless, she maintained her own self-confidence as she knew that failure would only result in her working for a different company and success would lead to the company flourishing for years to come and her serving as a role model for the next generation. While she didn’t initially have much faith in the potential prosperity of the company, she now does everything in her power to ensure the company not only maintains itself but also continually expands as the years go by. She was recently thrilled to discover that there are almost as many female students at MIT as there are males and she promises to support all of her employees and their families.
They now have over 500 employees working there but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the intrepid entrepreneur and engineer. Even to this day, she still has some people who inadvertently blow right past her not realizing she is, in fact, the head honcho of the company. This is why she has dedicated her life to trying to help women get ahead in their respective fields, especially in the maths and sciences. Her academic career first began when she was a freshman at Northwestern University where she quickly realized she had a knack for engineering. After deciding to major in it, she went on to graduate as one of the top students in her class. She then received an offer to enroll in graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Learn more:
During her matriculation at MIT, she received the opportunity to intern for the office of the white house chief of staff in the nation’s capital and she humbly accepted this incredible offer. Upon finishing her academic career, she decided to go work as a structural engineer for a company known as SOM and she ended up leaving the position after just a year. This is when Spaan Tech was born, a company devoted to connecting the world through the construction of bridges, railways and various highways across the nation. They are also making it their mission to create lighting for various structures such as lighthouses, lamp posts, and the occasional call box light.

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Smita Shah is an Engineer Who Understands Her Power

Smita Shah is an amazing female engineer and entrepreneur. Smita Shah has always had an
interest in education and learning. When she was young, she often focused on hard to solve
problems. Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc in 1998. It has become one of the leading
engineering firms in the country. She is sharing the tips she used to help other women who may be working in male-dominated industries.
Smita Shah believes that one thing that holds many women back from progressing is having a poor self-image. It is important for women to see themselves as empowered and strong. She believes more women should shift into the mindset of believing in how powerful they are and how successful they can become. She thinks of her speaking out about what she has been able to accomplish, she will be able to help more women to move forward in their career.
Smita Shah understands women have to overcome different challenges, but they are as capable as a man to become the Chief Executive Officer of a company. There are over one hundred million female-owned businesses. Although this is number is smaller than the number of men who own businesses, there is still no reason why women cannot excel in business. Smita Shah thinks that with the right amount of dedication and ability a woman can rise in any industry.

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Smita Shah recommends that women dress in business attire. First impressions are difficult to
overcome. She thinks women need to dress professionally and take charge of any environment
they are in. Smita Shah also thinks women should take credit for their work. They should not be
afraid to share their accomplishments. They will inspire all kinds of people with their stories.
Smita Shah emphasizes keeping private and professional lives separate. Women should be able to delegate the things they are working on, so they will never be in a position to have to do it all.
Smita Shah knows it is difficult but doable for women to elevate in any industry. She equips them with the necessary tips for them to become successful.

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Tigerswan James Reese

How Veteran James Reese Became An Entrepreneur After Retiring From The Military

James Reese is an entrepreneur in the global crisis management and security industry. He is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Tigerswan. He served for 25 years in Delta Force and fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He established Tigerswan in 2007 after retiring from the military.

Tigerswan is a veteran-owned small business headquartered in North Carolina. It is a beneficiary of the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) program, as James Reese is 80% disabled from his time in the military. When a major military contract is signed there is a set-aside for businesses like his to take part in them. Tigerswan has over 300 employees and has operated in over 50 nations around the world.

Tigerswan James Reese

James Reese says that running a business is nothing like being in the military. When he served he was responsible for the lives of the people under him. He is now responsible for the lives of their families, such as having employees put their kids through college and paying their mortgages.

He’s put his assets into Tigerswan so there’s a lot of risk and liability. However, James Reese says that, on the other hand, it’s a great feeling to be an entrepreneur and build a company that grows and prospers. He has had employees from the start who understand what his company is about and have made great strides in their career.

James Reese says that the set-aside contracts that SDVOSB makes available were influential but not a deciding factor in starting Tigerswan. He came up with the idea of it while serving in Iraq before he knew about SDVOSB. His big break was providing translators to a major defense contractor who had signed a deal with the Department of Defense.

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OSI Industries and Impossible Foods Discover their Common Traits

There are two types of successful businesses over the years. The first type are those that emit self-confidence and sell a product that is simply too good to ignore. These kinds of businesses often have a stronghold on their market consumer base. While second type are a pair of businesses that can work together to meet a greater portion of consumer demand. OSI Industries and Impossible Foods just became the most recent of companies to reach this status. It was a partnership between a meat supplier and a meatless food producer, but the combined nature of their product would encompass nearly all consumers. These two companies describe how their background evolved into this business move.

In order to first understand the current state of food distribution, one has to flashback over a century ago to 1909. Chicago had a thriving German immigrant population and one of them had the unusual idea of starting his own business. The shop saw modern success over the years, but it was the emergence of Ray Kroc during the post-war era that changed everything. This individual built an international food corporation form the ground up. OSI Industries was signed on as the meat producer and distributor. The company owes a good portion of their success to this partnership. View all job openings at

In each generation there will be innovate individuals who seek to challenge the status quo. The 2010s introduced an individual named Patrick Brown who had the connections and knowledge to find a new solution to making the age old food we enjoy. He spent several years researching and experimenting with planets to produce an alternative food that consumers could enjoy. The results of his labor were revealed in 2016 when the Impossible Burger made its national debut. Consumers were shocked at how much it tasted like a normal burger, but yet was more healthier than the typical option. OSI Industries took notice of this rising competition.

The solution that both companies reached was a partnership to give Impossible Burger access to large scale production planet, while OSI Industries could sell the product under their expansive global network.

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Discover Your Fashion Passion at Academy of Art University


Those interested in fashion design can discover their fashion passion at the Academy of Art University. This fine arts school is located in the center of gorgeous San Francisco. This eclectic neighborhood has always embraced art and diversity. The close knitted neighborhood comes together often for community volunteer projects that benefits their neighborhood and other people. The Academy of Art University runs an impressive fashion design program known for its diverse creativity results. The fashion school students attended the well regarded New York Fashion Week just last Fall. Their runway fashions were an overwhelming hit for the audience in attendance.

New York Fashion Week is a haven for those that want to showcase their original fashion designs. The talented students that participated from the Academy of Art University presented some exciting fashion-forward outfits. These designs represented current environmental concerns with fun fabrics and clothing styles made from ordinary trash materials. Other students presented unique fashion expressions that conveyed their diverse cultural and heritage backgrounds. The runway was filled with beautiful Asian fabrics and designs, Scottish styles and other around-the-globe designs. Soft knits featured intriguing textures, and spectacular draping techniques were on display. These creative fashion students and graduates showed the stunning results from their studies at the well respected Academy of Art University.

The staff from Academy of Art University each have distinctive backgrounds that give them an edge in teaching their specialties. While the fashion school is well known to the public, this all-inclusive university offers many fine degrees and specialized courses to prepare for a huge myriad of arts employment possibilities. The campus is absolutely sensational, and the positive energy vibrations are felt wherever a person is on this thriving college campus. Students find the campus beneficial for spurring their authentically diverse creativity passions and future career goals.

It is easy to see why the students attending Academy of Art University get inspired from each other in a good way. This university has long promoted environmental and social causes. Students and staff often take part in the various neighborhood volunteer activities. Academy of Art University promotes creative individuality.

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Maarten De Jeu Helps Teens Learn About Science Through Farell Fellows Program

Science is an important part of the world that we live in, and scientific discoveries are what have enabled us to reach the developmental level that we are currently at. Without science and innovation, many of the simple luxuries that we indulge in today would have not been possible. It is only because of this development that we are able to lead the lives that we have today.


Encouraging children to move in the direction of scientific development is not always easy, especially because science is often perceived as boring and not something that they are interested in doing. It is important to engage children in a way that makes it seem fun and appealing to them so that they are eager to learn and understand different scientific principals. One institution that is working to change this perception and the manner in which children learn is the Museum of Science and Industry. This is a place that is dedicated to showcasing the numerous developments and innovations that have taken place over the years. The museum is known for being a hub for learning, which is why this was the perfect place to create interest in the minds of children. 


The institution is known for housing several programs, camps, and internships for children to teach them the different nuances of science and innovation. One particular program that has gained an incredible amount of positive attention is the Farell Fellows program. This is a program that is designed to help teenagers who have just passed out of middle school and who are entering high school. The program is designed to help these teenagers understand the potential within the field of science, and to generate interest in the field. The work that is being done by the institution is nothing short of impressive and is something that has grown incredibly popular. Every year, the museum gets a new set of students who want to be a part of the internship program and who want to learn more about science. At the end of the program, the children showcase their findings, experiments and all that they have learned during this time. Learn more:


The Farell Fellows program would not have been possible if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication put in by some of the notable people at the Museum of Science and Industry. One person who has played a significant role in the implementation of this is Maarten De Jeu. Maarten De Jeu is a financial advisor with a keen interest in science and development. He is of the firm opinion that education is one of the most important aspects of any kind of development, and scientific education, in particular, is becoming more and more important with the society that we live in.

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