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Shervin Pishevar Warned Investors The Market Would Be A Roller Coaster In 2018

Investing in the stock market in today’s economic atmosphere is a risky move, according to some economists. Economists around the country think Trump’s economic policies will eventually throw the country into a recession. The trade war with China, the Brexit situation in Europe and the shaky trade relationship with Mexico over immigration issues won’t go away. Mr. Trump will not impose a five percent tariff on Mexican exports, but that’s not enough to save the country from a recession, according to several economists.

The inverted bond yield between the three-month and five-year Treasury notes is a sign that a recession could change the investment playing field by the end of 2019. If an inverted bond yield lasts for a full quarter, it’s a safe bet that recession will strike.

The threat of a recession may be new news to some investors, but Shervin Pishevar, one of Silicon Valley’s super investors told investors they were in for trouble in March 2018. That’s when Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm that sent shock waves through the investment industry.

Shervin Pishevar tweets were a combination of facts and future predictions. Investors now know Mr. Pishevar knew something they didn’t know about the Trump organization. Shervin Pishevar knew Trump’s tax cut was a short-term fix. The tax cut blinded some investors, but Shervin Pishevar’s tweetstorm tried to make them see no asset class was safe as long as Mr. Trump was in the White House.

Some of Shervin Pishevar’s tweets were radical predictions. He predicted a major stock market drop. The stock market is down, but not as much as Shervin Pishevar predicted. But there are signs the stock market is under attack by Trump’s tariff addiction. Shervin also sent a tweet that warned investors about Silicon Valley losing its number one spot in the startup world. But even though China, Brazil, India, and other countries are in the startup game they don’t compare with Silicon valley’s startup output.

Shervin’s tweet about the Feds raising interest rates came true in 2018. But according to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, the Feds may have to cut interest rates in 2019 to keep the U.S. economy healthy.

Bernardo Chua Builds A Successful Direct Sales Business

Bernardo Chua is a businessman from the Philippines. He now lives in Canada and is the chief executive officer of Organo Gold, a company he co-founded in 2008. His company is in the direct sales industry and sells organic beverages with their best seller being coffee. He includes Ganoderma lucidum in all of his company’s products. This is a Chinese mushroom that has reduced to powdered form and is believed to have several health benefits.

He began his career at a business that his family owned and operated. He wanted to get out and work on his own, though, so he found a management job at a travel agency. He eventually expanded this travel agency into one that operated across Southeast Asia. This success led to him co-founding Gano Excel Philippines in 1999. This was his first direct sales company. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

Bernardo Chua, working as the general manager, also expanded this company internationally. When they decided to open up shop in the United States he moved to the Los Angeles area and headed Gano Excel USA as its president. He left this company in 2008 which is when he co-founded Organo Gold.

His company uses direct sales to promote and sell its products. Bernardo Chua set up a system where independent distributors buy Organo Gold beverages at wholesale prices. They then sell these beverages and collect a commission. He says that this system is profitable for both him and the independent distributors that choose to work with his company.

In 2015, he was honored in Manila, the Philippines, due to his international business success. An awards ceremony was held in that city’s Hemady Square and both he and his company were honored. He won the Dangal ng Bayan Award and his company earned two People’s Choice awards. He said that he was very honored to have been given these awards.

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Flavio Maluf Is The Man Behind The Successful Operation Of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex Group when he was a teenager. He took over the realms of leadership in 1997 and has since led the organization into a successful venture. Maluf worked in the trade section prior to paving a pathway into the administrative department. The professional has also made significant contributions to the development of the firm. Maluf is primarily focused on establishing a robust manufacturing portfolio for the family business that he is now manning.

As such, he has positively been contributing to the increased revenue of the firm’s revenues. He has undoubtedly led to the growth of the company. Since 1951, Eucatex has majorly invested in manufacturing building and supply materials. The facility values its operations, especially when it comes to offering a broad range of products that are used in the construction of doors, tiles, and panels. Visit his website to learn more.

Over the years, it has increased its production capacity. Since then, the firm has vastly expanded its production portfolio by adding products to the line of production. While serving as the head cheerleader of the firm, Eucatex Group’s CEO has ventured into partnerships aimed at supporting better production practices not only for clients but society too. By accomplishing that, Flavio Maluf is contributing to the agenda of global restoration in order to help restore the environment.

Flavio Maluf has additionally helped the company to cut down its production costs, especially when it comes to the cration of raw materials. Maluf has successfully overseen the creation of a recycling firm in the company’s factory. He has also made a positive impact on the reduction of energy costs associated with environmental preservation. Maluf has inspired other companies in the same sector to delve into better production practices. Maluf is an alumnus of the prestigious FAAP University. He pursued mechanical engineering. He applies successful business strategies to the betterment of the organization. Visit:

Maarten De Jeu Believes in MSIs Farrell Fellowship

One of the most successful finance professionals in the Chicago area by the name of Maarten De Jeu believes in the programs of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), which helps to educate their museum visitors on the field of STEM. Maarten is currently one of the founding members and managing directors of SVM Business Advisory. But previously, he served as a co-chairman of the Science Spins programs of the MSI, where their goal was to provide exhibits and interactive displays for the museum patrons, so they will learn more about the history of the bicycle.


The Farrell Fellowship in MSI


MSI is known to be the biggest science museum in the entire Western Hemisphere. They offer a Farrell Fellowship program to engage the interest of the many adolescents in the Chicago area. Of course, the thrust of this summer program is on science, engineering, and technology. The goal is to spark their curiosity and keep their minds growing because learning is a vital component in personal development. By providing them productive avenues, it keeps them away from distracting and destructive choices like drugs and alcohol.


This summer fellowship takes place in 5 weeks and includes a dynamic program not just on science, but also on leadership enhancement and public speaking. Being able to communicate effectively in a field is an asset so this is emphasized throughout the entire program. Leadership is also seen as a strong trait that must be developed early on because taking this dynamic role is expected of everyone at some point in their journey. After all, being able to lead, inspire, and help others to achieve greater heights is a noble endeavor.


End Goal of Farrell Fellows


The primary goal of this Farrell Summer Internship is for the students to have a culminating project that will showcase everything they have learned throughout the entire summer. They get the chance to present interactive science activities that they themselves developed. They don’t just showcase and display these in the museum itself, but they also go out in the surrounding communities to help teach and engage with other kids in the area. One of the most memorable summer projects was called America’s Got Bubbles, which was patterned after the famous show America’s Got Talent. As it can be gleaned from the name, this activity deals with the science and chemistry behind what makes bubbles a bubble. It was a fun topic because young and old are still fascinated with bubbles. Learn more:


Another activity that gained attention was the building of carnival tens from newspapers, which they taught to younger children in the community. On top of that, there was a launch of model rockets in an interactive striker game. Other activities included visiting 17 public library branches in the Chicago Area. Truly, this remarkable program that was spearheaded by Maarten De Jeu is changing children’s lives for the better as it leads them into a positive direction. 

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From Small Business Owner To Global Competitor – Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Story

Currently worth at least $57 billion, is one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms. Its founder and CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong, has an estimated net worth of 7 billion.

A graduate of Renmin University of China, Richard Liu would follow up his degree in sociology with  EMBA from the China Europe International Business School.

After a two-year stint working with Japan Life, Liu opened a small retail business in Beijing. Named Jingdong, the company focused on selling computer parts. A massive success, Jingdong would go on to expand to 12 stores by 2003.

That same year, trouble would strike.

The SARS Epidemic

Near the end of 2002, China was the victim of a dangerous viral outbreak. Leading to the deaths of hundreds, the SARS outbreak ravaged the Beijing region. Forcing both customers and staff alike to become home-bound, the future of many brick-and-mortar stores turned grim.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was no exception.

Livelihood threatened, Richard Liu needed to change direction. Recognizing a change in the shopping habits of consumers at the time, Liu sensed a powerful business opportunity.


The Birth of

By 2004, Jingdong’s physical stores had been replaced with digital ones. Jingdong had become a fully online operation.

Renamed 360Buy Jingdong, the change was a major success. Strong customer support quick delivery and a powerful user experience, proved itself a strong competitor in the online business world.

Continuing it’s focus on selling computer parts, the company’s success would soon attract other hungry businesses to itself. Cultivating a strong business relationship – one that would turn into a long-term partnership – would expand to sell a large variety of consumers goods.
In 2014, became China’s first publicly traded company on NASDAQ. The decision would lead to a 15% rise in stocks that same day.

Richard Liu Qiangdong continues serve as CEO and remains an essential element in daily operations.

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Shervin Pishevar’s Predictions for the Global Economies

Shervin Pishevar’s recent tweet rampage lasted 21 hours. He shared about 50 posts and gave his predictions regarding a financial storm that’s going to affect not only the global economy but the international landscape as a whole. The investor adds that the universe should brace itself for inflation, underemployment, and a crashing stock market. There will also be a Bitcoin crash that would lead to a severe economic crisis. According to Shervin Pishevar, Bitcoin would plummet and stabilize prior to rising over the next two years. He added that the world has come to the end of cheap era money. This indicates that the value of gold would soon depreciate.

Disintegrating the US Trade Wars

When it comes to analyzing the US economy, Pishevar forecasted a major drop in the stock market. Given the current shaky nature of the economy, America isn’t making it better following the stir it has caused in its trade dealings with various capitals. As such, tariffs are increasing for some states such as Canada. This is essential to all nations. However, the president isn’t handling the situation as is required. Shervin Pishevar highlighted the value of Silicon Valley and its end. He touched on the state’s infrastructure, citing that it would be a problematic issue because of short-term thinking by the US government. According to investment reports, only Elon Musk has predicted such problems.

Additionally, American companies hold significant power. Shervin Pishevar says that this should stop if the country’s ingenuity continues. In his rampage, he states that government bonds can’t sustain the market.

A Look at Shervin Pishevar’s Career

Shervin Pishevar is a successful Iranian-American business professional, super angel investor, as well as a venture capitalist. He co-founded Hyperloop One and became the MD of Investment company, a prominent venture capital fund. Mr. Pishevar has seeded in more than 30 companies. Initially, he’s served an MD for Menlo Ventures. He also spearheaded investments in Machine Zone and Tumblr.

Closely Following Isabel dos Santos

The number of millionaires in Africa has been shrinking for the past few years. This year there are 20 which is three less than last year. Of the 20 individual’s included on this year’s millionaire list, Angolan businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos is the eighth richest. This was a rise for her despite the fact that her telecommunications company Unitel experienced a 25% drop in value since last year. This year the number one richest person in Africa is Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, who has held this position for the past 8 years.

He is closely followed by Mike Adenuga, who is also from Nigeria. The third richest person in Africa is the diamond heir, Nicky Oppenheimer, from South Africa. Isabel dos Santos and Folorunsho Alakijada of Nigeria are the only two females on this list of 20. Of all the countries represented on the list, South Africa and Egypt have the largest representation with five individuals each. Nigeria almost equaled them with four individuals on the lest. Morroco had two on the list. Angola, Algeria, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe each had one. Visit Isabel Dos Santos at

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest child of Angola’s former president, Eduardo dos Santos. She is also the daughter of his first wife, Tatiana Kukanova, a native of Azerbaijan. After high school, she studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. While there Isabel dos Santos met and fell in love with the man from Zaire who eventually became her husband. After graduation, she would spend the next 20 years in a vast number of top management jobs. In the early years of the 1990s, she returned home to help the economy of her native country.

In 2013 she became Africa’s first female billionaire. Two years later the BBC listed her among the 100 most influential women in the world. At one point her father made her president of one of the state-run companies, but the very next year she was fired after her father was replaced by a new president.

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Maarten de Jeu Highlights The Farrell Fellowship’s Effects

Maarten de Jeu has made quite a name for himself in the financial world around Chicago. The majority of this has been because of his innovative financial strategies that have provided a significant amount of returns for his clients. Much of this has been with the SVM Business Advisory, which he founded and served as the Managing Partner of. With SVM, de Jeu has worked with a variety of international clients. He first got his start in the industry after graduating from the University of Oxford with an Executive MBA in 2005. Prior to this, he had received an M.A. in Social Science, while also majoring in Public Administration at Leiden University in 2001. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter


Between 1999 and 2007, he gained a significant amount of experience in the corporate finance world, working with TVDK Management Consultants. His skills were highlighted throughout this time as he continued to climb the corporate ladder within the company. After several years, he was promoted to Senior Associate. Maarten de Jeu then traveled from his native Netherlands back to London to work with insurance firm Aviva.


However, Maarten de Jeu has also been known for his love of science education. This led to him co-chairing the Science Spins program with the Museum of Science and Industry. Since leaving the position, he’s still been involved with the science museum.


The Museum of Science and Industry is known for being one of the largest science museums in the world, and the largest in the country. However, it requires a significant amount of funding for many of the services it offers. One of the most notable of these to increase the amount of Chicago-area teens who are interested in science. While a certain amount of this is through education, the MSI is also doing so through the use of a more hands-on approach. This is where the Farrell Fellowship comes in. For the past few years, the program provides internships to teens across the area considering a career in the scientific community.


The Farrell Fellowship has been having quite a considerable effect in recent years. This has allowed students to become increasingly involved in science and begin laying the groundwork for a career in the field. In 2014, for example, students staged America’s Got Bubbles. This was an educational show that presented viewers with the science and chemistry behind bubbles. Despite being informational, the program was well-received, thanks in large part to its entertainment value. Learn more:


Recently, Maarten de Jeu has noted that there have been helping students with a variety of other educational activities. Some of the most notable of these include the likes of developing and launching model rockets and much more. Through this, The Farrell Fellowship has helped to increase overall interest in science education across Chicago.

Jingdong Streamlines Procurement Process For Businesses

Article Text: has emerged as a leading e-commerce outlet not only in China but also in the greater Asian region as well. Jingdong’s success in online retailing has put it on the coveted position as the largest retailer and internet firm by revenue. The company has stayed committed to delivering authentic and top quality products ranging from electronics, cosmetics, apparels, and food products. Their vast network covers more than 99% of the Chinese population.’s reputation as a leading online retailer has been instrumental in its provision of procurement services to various firms. Their many years in the sector have put them in a position to meet other companies’ procurement needs and fulfill an unexploited market. Some of the procurement areas they specialize in include improving other firms’ procurement process, maintenance of office components through repair and finally buying of office supplies such as furniture and computers.

Most companies that have worked with confess that the relationship has significantly improved their operations. Jingdong has acted as a one-stop solution to various companies and provided them with services that were hitherto unavailable to them. Companies that have worked with them reveal that they have managed to improve their procurement efficiency by at least 50%. With such positive testimonials, has managed to increase its market share, currently having more than 7 million enterprise clients.

A One Stop-Solution to Traditional Procurement’s introduction of procurement as one of their services could not have come at abetter time. Their services have overshadowed traditional procurement that was highly inefficient and opaque. Apart from being inefficient, traditional procurement required companies to have individual relationships with different suppliers and at times rely on incompetent merchants. The benefits that are associated with modern procurement cannot be underestimated.

For instance, Jingdong gives its clients an opportunity to access a plethora of products from various suppliers on the same platform. The process has simplified traditional procurement that required you to go through a long list of suppliers and setting procurement teams to meet with prospective customers. Indeed, their system has brought not only transparency but also reinforced trust among them and their clients. The company’s spirited effort to provide tailor-made services have created a loyal pool of customers over the years.

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Donata Meirelles’ Key Fashion Tips

The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is a cliche that is not entirely true. The way you look is very important because it is an indicator of a lot of things. Fashion is one of your first lines of defense and communication. Your physical fashion is the first visual cues that you present to the people who see you, and most especially the people you interact with. Which is why everyone should take time with choosing how they dress and present themselves because this is the first message that they send to everyone, and it is a manifestation and a reflection of who you are and how you want to be seen as.

Donata Meirelles is a legendary and an iconic fashion authority – and she has a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to be able to design your own fashion and define your own identity. Besides your main pieces like your top and bottom, and your shoes. Donata Meirelles puts a lot of importance on accessories, because accessories will always complete the look. See more on

Donata Meirelles says that there are a lot of elements that you can play with your accessories like textures and fabrics. Right now, ankle boots are getting into trend again and they are gaining fetishistic status and take the most casual looks into more sexy and more daring looks. Bucket bags are also getting back into cycle, as they were so successful in the 90’s – they are getting back their statute now. And they are regaining their status as the darling of the times.

Donata also punctuates that everyone should invest on things that hold timeless and as classics. Handbags with classic shapes, great fabric and special finishes are always reliable. Donata punctuates that excellent quality handbags are always a good investment, and they will always stand with you through the times.

Donata punctuates that fashion is always a cycle and trends always go back in style, one way or another. And it is always great to check out trends from way before to reinvent yourself and take inspiration from fashion fads before and make it your own and modernize it. There are a lot of elements that you can get from the fashion from before, like the 80’s like metal laminates, embroidery and varieties of luster – these are some of the highlights from the fashion of the 80’s.

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