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Employment of Medical Practitioners Made Easy With Brian Torchin

Employment of medical practitioners may be at a point quite hectic. This is simply because employers do not really have the assurance of professionalism. However, Brian Torchin has torched the medical field by easing the hustle of employing qualified personnel. Running things digitally he has established his name far and wide by owning a company purely involved in the recruitment of qualified professionals.

Making hits in social media, Brian Torchin is very vibrant in his social media accounts linking them together and always updating links to websites simply to assist in the recruitment of persons in healthcare centers and organizations linked to the medical field. He is as well very active in posting articles in his blogs to equip employers with necessary skills in employing people.

In the course of his career, he has brought for a number of companies. After being a certified medical practitioner he opened a clinic that was located in Philadephia. He later came up with the staffing company that was an answered prayer for employers. This company was set to provide suitable candidates for job opportunities in the medical field. It offered an array of diversity from nurses to physicians to therapist and much more.

Brian Torchin has the satisfaction of a number of accomplishments. To begin with, he attended a well-known university where he graduated as a chiropractic medical practitioner. This led to his second accomplishment which was opening his own chiropractic clinic that offered solutions to many ailing people in Philadelphia. His biggest accomplishment is this staffing company HCRC that made employment of medical staff easier.

He studied in the University of Delaware and became a qualified chiropractic specialist. He is the CEO of HCRC staffing company that extends its branches as wide as across Europe and Australia. He is also an entrepreneur and an author as well.

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A look at Luke Lazarus’s interesting life

Luke Lazarus is a name that echoes loudly in the business halls of Australia’s southeastern coast. He is particularly popular among startups as he has been offering startup consulting services for more than a decade now. His work revolves around creating business plans for new businesses, helping startup CEO’s manage current and expected growth and also offering advice to them on how they can become even better.


Most entrepreneurs often turn to him as he already boasts quite an impressive portfolio. All his previous ventures have been a success as he has not only started but has also successfully sold off his firms. Also all the startups he is associated with always emerge winners.


What makes him stand out?


Even though there are many startup consultants in Australia, Luke Lazarus remains a leader in this arena and for all good reasons. Apart from his previous successes, Luke not only helps a startup create a business plan but ensures that the plan created is in sync with its story. In other words, the plan can be comfortably outlined to customers, potential investors and partners as well as employees. He also goes the extra mile in putting new and waning businesses on the path to success through his unique investor presentations.


As an entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus recommends everyone seeking success to believe in their success. Even though the success of each startup he is involved with is not assured, Lazarus is usually confident in himself which is what enables him to face challenges and come out with great results. He starts his day early in the morning before the sun is up, meditates for clarity and then later takes a cup of coffee and takes his dog on a walk before hitting the gym.


His Failures


Just like any other human being, he has had his share of failures in life. But as an entrepreneur, Lazarus says that his first business with his childhood best friend is one of the main entrepreneurial failures he has ever encountered. He says that the company failed because they both lacked collaborative plans and since then has learned that in any shared business, it is vital to have the right policies and a clear brand story. There are many types of software that make him productive but the ones he uses often include Uber, G-suite, Google calendar, Slides, Google docs as well as Google Sheets.


If he were to advise his younger self, then he would tell young Lazarus not to worry too much about everything. He says that during his young years, he was always anxious about what lied ahead of him and even though he succeeded in turning most of his goals to reality, not worrying too much would have saved him a lot of headaches.


For updates, follow Luke Lazarus on Facebook.


Article Title: From cabdriver to billionaire: Vijay Eswaran

Article Text:

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of companies, with headquarters in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and operating in over 30 countries. He is also a successful author, educator, motivational speaker and philanthropist. He was born in Penang, Malaysia to a modest family of Indian origin. It is reported that he worked as a cab driver to fund some of his higher education in London before working as an information systems engineer for companies in North America and South-east Asia.

In 1998, he started a network for direct selling in the Philippines, which later evolved into QNET. Soon it expanded into the Middle East and Africa, dominating direct selling markets there. With the success of QNET, Eswaran expanded his business interests and formed the QI Group of Companies with investments in diverse fields like real estate, telecommunications, education, luxury and collectibles, and hospitality.

One of Eswaran’s passions is for mentoring and developing entrepreneurs, and he hosts a training and networking event called V-Convention. He has also established Quest International University Perak (QIUP) to provide quality, research-based and affordable education. Plans for a QI city are under way, which will host QIUP as well as a hospital, accommodation and retail spaces. He is a highly respected speaker, having given speeches at leading universities and leadership forums such as World Economic Forum events.

Eswaran has achieved tremendous success as an author as well, with 6 published books to date on leadership and his ruminations on life, with 3 achieving bestseller status– In the Sphere of Silence, Two Minutes From the Abyss, In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought, and As I See It…

Always being social minded, Eswaran is heavily invested in giving back to the community and was named in Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011. RHYTHM Foundation is the arm of the QI Group that is involved in child mentoring, women empowerment and special education. Eswaran has committed 10% of corporate profits to philanthropy and is a proponent of the vegetarian lifestyle.

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Nitin Khanna’s Transformative and Successful Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Nitin Khanna is an Indian born entrepreneur. He was born in 1971. Nitin Khanna came from a family where his father served in the army. Most of his schooling time in India, he mostly attended boarding schools. When he was an the age of 17 , he managed to migrate to the United States of America where he went to purse his higher education studies. While in the United States of America, he managed to attain his undergraduate degree as well as his masters degree in industrial engineering.

In the late 1990s, together with his brother who had joined him in the United States of America, were able to start a software firm they named, Saber software which became very popular and successful for its contribution towards the electoral process whereby it was involved in providing software used during the election process. Later, Nitin Khanna and his brother sold the software entity and invested heavily in helping mobile firms through his firm, Mergertech.

Nitin Khanna is an individual who has worked with many companies whereby he has developed a rich experience. He believes that most of his time and energy have been mostly directed towards companies having the appropriate individuals who fit well in them. He believes that having the right individuals in a firm is a valuable ingredient for success in a given firm. Nitin Khanna engages in productive undertakings that that work towards his mission and vision of success in any activity he carries out. He also practices time management very well by staying on top of time all the time through prioritizing his areas of concern on a daily basis.

Nitin Khanna is a business minded person that cherishes the success of businesses he has handled with the hope that they grow into multinational companies recognized throughout the globe. He believes in people evaluating their capabilities and skills before deciding to undertake their entrepreneurial dreams. It is therefore his belief that having an idea about entrepreneurship does not guarantee its success. He is also a person who dedicate some time to spend with his family.

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Edwin Miranda Shares His Passion For Digital Marketing

Edwin Miranda is a business executive and brand strategist. For the past 25 years, he has been the chief executive officer of KOI IXS. This marketing company, based in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, uses technology and consumer-driven insights to help its customers achieve higher performance. They offer measurable results and a unique approach that blends creativity and performance-based KPI’s.

He says that performance marketing can help global brands engage in meaningful ways with their customers and acquire a larger market share. Edwin Miranda says that his team is made up of passionate and talented people including strategists, designers, and creators. His company has worked with many influential brands over the years and he likes to provide them with the edge they need to stand out from the crowd.

He starts his days early by getting up at 5:30 am, working out, and checking his news feeds and emails. After that, he spends time with his wife and kids before getting to his office each day at 7:30 am. Edwin Miranda says he has a daily meeting each morning where they bring ideas to life.

A new trend that he is really excited by is attribution and predictive marketing. He says that this produces great results for his clients. His company uses machine learning technologies to help their clients acquire and grow their customer base. It is effective at identifying lapsed and at-risk customers so that they remain customers of a brand he is working for.

He is a graduate of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. In 1995 he graduated with a degree in business administration and marketing. He recently attended the Massachusets Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management where he completed their executive program in digital marketing, digital communication, and social media analytics.

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Stream Energy: Rewriting Social Empowerment Narrative in Dallas

Corporate scholars point out that the greatest mark of a company is how it uses its profits, especially on philanthropy. Although Stream Energy was one of the most active companies in the charity world, Hurricane Harvey redefined their approach in this important niche. With over 56 inches rain, it was a moment to revisit their approach to charity especially to neighborhoods surrounding Huston.

Since the company was one of the less affected by this hurricane, it used a large portion of its profits to help families get back together after the infamous hurricane. The management of Stream Energy, with the help of other professionals, designed one of the most effective foundations in Texas.

Through this foundation, Stream Energy has been able to change thousands of lives in Texas and more importantly children’s lives. Unlike other organizations, the foundation understands that collaborating with other entities helps in expanding the operational scope.

For less than three years, the entity has worked with different organizations in Dallas especially in giving children a better experience on their recreational lives. Through different programs, Stream Cares continues to change thousands of homeless children in Texas and its environs and this according to the management this is their greatest contribution to Texas communities.

Stream Energy was previously one of the most active partners to other charitable organizations such as the Red Cross. Although the organization is currently channeling their CSR to their foundation, they still work with global charity organizations regularly. According to the management, this relationship with other entities helps them to retain a good working relationship with other organization.

Apart from changing lives through their well-thought energy programs, the management believes that this is also a better way to serve the Texas population and more importantly share their profits with thousands of people. In 2019, the company intends to improve its resource allocation to the foundation.

With other major projects in like such their Green project, the company is still focused on its four-pillar plan. Some of the projects include providing unmatched energy services to both commercial premises as well as private spaces. The company is also a leader in providing wireless services and Internet connections.

Money Comes Easier When Nick Vertucci Teaches You How To Create A Real Estate Portfolio

One thing you will quickly discover about real estate is that it is not as easy as you may really think that it is. You can find yourself struggling with build a foreclosed property where you can actually make a profit. There are shows about flipping properties that makes everyone assume that they can do it too.

You may not even know what you need to look for.

One thing that people tend to see about Nick Vertucci is that he is someone that has gone through the steps that real estate investors are just experiencing. This is why he started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He wanted to show people that there was a chance to make a profit, but it was about more than the glamour and glitz of the HGTV spotlight. Vertucci wanted people to know that there would be times where sweat equity would be needed it.

The thing that Nick Vertucci does is give people a much more realistic perspective. As an investor you may assume that you can buy property and contract all the work out. This, according to Nick Vertucci, is the quickest way to lose money. You may be able to contract out more work as you gain experience and make a profit, but you never start with a lot of contracted workers in the beginning. There is too much of a risk in losing money this way.

What you ultimately need to do is get into the business of flipping homes by getting out there and doing some of the work yourself. That is what it will take to help bring your budget down to a realistic place. These are the types of things that you learn when you start attending Nick Vertucci Real Estate classes. You become much more aware.

Stream Energy: First Respondents After the Hurricane Harvey Mayhem

Hurricane Harvey officially tied with Hurricane Katrina as the most destructive hurricane on record. The monstrous hurricane destroyed much of Texas, leaving thousands of people without homes and power. Many cities were also flooded, and coastal towns were decimated by the gigantic storm surges produced by the hurricane. Hurricane Harvey’s destruction reached more than $100 billion, and people have started claiming their insurance.

Stream Energy, which is a Dallas-based energy provider, is one of the first companies to arrive at the evacuation centers housing the survivors who fled their homes that are either destroyed by huge waves or damaged by floods. Stream Energy provided food, clothing, water, and hygienic kits to those who survived, and they also turned over a certain amount to the American Red Cross to be used for buying additional supplies for the survivors. Stream Energy has its own philanthropic department, called the Stream Energy Cares, and they mobilized their rescue teams to locate people who are in need of help.

Stream Energy Cares has been providing relief efforts to thousands of people, and many were delighted that they are the first ones to give assistance to those who are in need. The company is known for helping people who are having issues with their energy sources, and the reason why they decided to reach out other states is that they wanted to give an affordable choice for those who are complaining about their high energy rates. As of 2018, the company started to expand in Delaware, where they were welcomed by the locals.

The energy company stated that they will keep on helping those who were affected by the disaster, and they will also partner with the government to address some of the issues that the survivors are facing. Many homes were out of power and destroyed after Hurricane Harvey unleashed its power, and the company promised that they will be looking into the electrical posts that tumbled after resisting the strong winds from the hurricane. They will also release a budget that will be used to rebuild homes for those who were affected by the destructive force of nature.

Stream Energy Sets up Charity Foundation

Houston residents did not know that 2018 was going to be characterized by storms. The people were going through their normal routines when Hurricane Harvey started; dropping over fifty-six inches of storms in Dallas and many other regions. Thousands of people were affected by the storm in a way or the other. Lives were lost and properties destroyed. Getting back the city to the normal state was the next thing to do. There was so much to do, but the people did not have the resources needed to accomplish all of the things.

Stream Energy, a company that has its roots in Dallas, took up the challenge help where possible. The institution has been earning so many profits in the recent times, and this is why it has contributed a huge sum of money to help the residents. The donation will not be issued like the others done in the future. Stream Energy believes that philanthropy is one of the foundations it laid when it was starting. This is why it has established Stream Cares to take care of the donations that will be offered to Texas and other parts of the nation. This is not the first time the Dallas based company will be giving out its donations. The company has donated in the past, but it will not be formalizing its operations through Stream Cares.

Stream Cares Foundation has been established at a time where the people in Houston are in need. The institution will start by helping the needy cases in the society and other local charities in the area. Stream Energy came to this conclusion after it realized that there was so much to handle in the community, and a separate arm of the company could accomplish the responsibilities better. Stream Cares Foundation will be managed by individuals who are experienced in managing public funds so that more beneficiaries will be reached. Stream Energy will also ensure that vulnerable members of the community will be assisted by the foundation. The donations that will be used by the charity foundation will be coming from the company and any other organization that is interested in changing the lives of the needy.

Robert Ivy’s productive leadership at the helm of the AIA

Robert Ivy is currently the executive vice-president who also doubles as the chief executive officer of the 90,000-member American Institute of Architects. His ascent to the helm of the company follows his tremendous contribution in the field of architecture across the country, a period which he meaningfully utilized to help bring positive changes and inspiration in architecture. Under his leadership at the Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has also positively transformed the architectural profession and redefined it in positive and unprecedented ways that have served to define what the 21st-century architecture is all about. Working towards restoring public confidence in architecture, Robert Ivy has been pivotal in ensuring that the American Institute of Architects regains its vital position in shaping infrastructure across the country. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

As far as protecting and upholding the interests of architects across the country is concerned Robert Ivy has been a vocal person. According to his perception, architects, who contribute a relatively small number of professionals as compared to other professions, have a significantly strong voice – one that cannot be ignored. He has therefore taken upon his responsibility to ensure that architects across the country are unified with a similar voice. The unity of architects to that effect gives them a collective bargaining power which can be positively utilized in helping drive national and institutional agenda.

Also, his advocacy for the integration of architects across the country is also a positive initiative that would ensure that architects can exert their force in proportions equal to other lobby groups. Having a common stand to this effect would ensure that architects operating through the American Institute of Architects umbrella body can utilize their profession and technical know-how to address pressing issues related to the confluence between humanity and infrastructure.

The consolidation of architects across the country to form the AIA has also helped build a strong framework that guides architectural practice. According to Robert Ivy, this is a highly essential mandate that has helped enforce a standard code of ethics and standards, thereby helping ensure trust between the public and architects. The fact that architectural membership within the architectural institute has to be assessed and evaluated on the basis of conduct of individual architects is a strong incentive – enough to ensure that individual architects conduct themselves appropriately in order not to lose their membership. The enforced code of ethics by the Institute, therefore, serves as an appropriate check and balance to ensure that only accredited architects are allowed to practice in the country.