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Academy of Art University and Its Excellence in Nurturing Creativity

Richard S. Stephens is the architect of The Academy of Art University which started operating in 1929. The school is privately family owned and experienced a couple of changes since it began its operations. Back in the days, the institution was used for teaching advertising art only but later evolved to be an Academy Art College before it changed its name to the currently known The Academy of Art University.


The institution has grown to enroll more than 12,000 students who are taught by well-experienced lecturers. Currently, The Academy of Art University has 283 lecturers who are employed on a full-time basis and 1154 on a part-time basis. This prestigious school is located in San Francisco and has proved to be one of the largest among all the other private universities found in the United States of America.


Interestingly, the university is accredited to provide online classes for the courses they offer and their system accommodates both undergraduates and postgraduates. Most of their courses go for fours but there are some that take a bit longer, 6 years if the students enroll for part-time studies. The university participates chiefly in athletics as one of its major co-curriculum activities and has received a series of accolades due to their good performances.


The Academy of Art University has been participating in New York Time Fashion Week as from 2005. These events are normally held twice every year to give various fashionistas and designers a platform for showcasing their talents. During the most recent event that was held in September 2017, many of the fresh graduates, students, and alumni came together in unity to rock the runways with rich designs of different origins. Some of the students used this opportunity for their internships.


The designs done by the students during the fashion week included the MFA Fashion Design that they adopted from China and Los Angeles, BFA Knitwear Design of New York origin and much more. This was an amazing opportunity that enhanced the creativity of these students.


Altogether, The Academy of Art University has made great advances that the students have explored for the success of their careers.