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The AIA, Bringing Sustainability to the Forefront

The AIA, also known as, The American Institute of Architects, serves as a non-governmental organization based in Washington, DC. The organization has a long history and was initially started in New York City. With only 13 members, it’s since expanded nationwide, many chapters even serving the local level. One may wonder why such an organization would need to be politically involved, however, there are many reasons.

Robert Ivy is a current Executive Vice President, and, also the CEO of AIA. His team works towards many goals, sustainability is one of the most prominent. Robert Ivy and, his team, lead these efforts by raising public awareness of the work that architects do, and, how it affects everyone’s environment. This means being astute to the materials, planning, design, economics, infrastructure and, policies affecting modern day architecture. While this may seem like a rather exhaustive list, it’s only a sampling of the considerations taken into account when designing a building.

Another topic that Robert Ivy, and, the AIA stress is resiliency. Climate change, natural disasters, and, a deteriorating infrastructure often necessitate extra efforts when planning and designing projects. The communities served by the environments they create are also a top consideration. With schools, churches, parks, and, all the other parts of a community, the planning must be complementary and fit into the landscape of the area.

Legal considerations are one of the biggest issues that the AIA has to contend with. Laws regarding building, the environment, zoning, and, many other real estate laws come into play when planning and, implementing architectural endeavors. Robert Ivy and the organization share its “best practices,” and, many other guidelines to assist architects in their efforts. They also provide continuing education and ethical guidelines, so that the professional standards are upheld. This can be seen in the organization’s bylaws, which it makes publicly available.

As previously stated, the AIA supports professionals in many ways. Support to architects entering the profession is helpful to their success. They are able to be mentored, and, given support to be competitive in today’s market of seasoned professionals. The organization also gives its members the designation of being able to add the credentials of “AIA,” to their names. This is helpful in distinguishing an architect as being an ethically aware and, well-educated professional. The organization continues to support its architects, and, they also support the communities in which they work and live for the benefit of all.

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Malcolm CasSelle: Technology Guru on Modern Trading

Today, the hustle is real. Nobody stays idle at home and manages to meet all expenses. That said, people go to work to earn a living. However, salaries are never sufficient for ideal savings. In this regard, people take a step further to invest the little savings they accumulate over time. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a contemporary company that helps individuals invest by participating in an online marketplace comprised of virtual game assets. As a matter of fact, it is creating a new system of assets that previously couldn’t be traded or exchanged.


When talking about WAX, the talk cannot be finished up without recognizing Malcolm CasSelle. At the present, he is the face of this company where he plays a significant role as its President. Considering the fact that it is a technology-oriented company that mainly deals with online deals of various products such as video games, its head must possess some knowledge in IT. This is confirmed by the fact that Malcolm holds a degree in Computer science obtained from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a master’s degree on the same from Stanford University.


Malcolm CasSelle’s role as President of WAX is not his first executive role. He formerly served as the senior VP and General Manager of SeaChange International. Before this, he was the CEO of MediaPass, one of the successful online companies that provide paywall solutions for generating subscription-based revenues for different types of digital content. Besides, he was also the CEO of Xfire. In short, he is a professional scholar who has perfect knowledge of technology and digital assets. His history also tells that he has substantial knowledge in tech companies.


At work, Malcolm CasSelle is usually attentive and careful in all his dealings. He is an exceptional and dynamic person as described by other individuals he has worked with. In fact, they attribute his success to outstanding leadership skill and incredible teamwork that makes everyone under his management excited and happy to work together. He uses his money wisely on investments since he has invested heavily in a number of companies such as Zynga and Facebook. Lastly, he speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin.


Glen Wakeman on the Makings of a Succesful Venture

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman is a businessman with over two decades under his belt. He is the founder of the SAAS business of LaunchPad Holdings that has been around since 2015.

The young company of LaunchPad Holdings was established from a simple notion which is that an idea is not a plan. Ideas lack the structure that plans have and only once that structure is added does an idea become ready to be turned into a reality. That prompted the creation of LaunchPad Hldings LLC as well as the software platform the company offers which was created to make building a plan far easier.

Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman, received an M. B. A. in Finance as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After completing his studies, Glen Wakeman took on a number of professional opportunities and worked at businesses such as GE Capital. After that, Glen Wakeman established his first company Nova Four (Crunchbase). Glen Wakeman has amassed a lot of experience as President, chief executive officer, as well as various administrative positions. Glen Wakeman has worked in the fields of business development, team managing, and leadership, as well as strategizing and P & L, among else.

Glen Wakeman has a performance methodology that involves five steps. They are risk management, leadership power, human capital, and business execution. He believes that when it comes to productivity his most beneficial trait is his curiosity. Glen Wakeman enjoys analyzing performance numbers and starts his workday with that before moving on to meetings and other tasks. His curiosity has prompted him to learn more and pursue a variety of ventures even if they are out of his comfort zone.

Glen Wakeman is extremely interested in the way machine learning can help solve business problems. Technology has been a passion for Glen Wakeman for a long time and he pursue of establishing a business working with software is his latest direction.

A piece of advice that Glen Wakeman likes to extend to staring entrepreneurs is to learn how to strategize as the skill comes in handy when turning an idea into a plan.


Tips On Where And When To Invest

Investment advice is crucial to every investor or prospective investor. The professional opinion of these experts helps investors to make sound investment decisions that steer them towards their investment success. Tim Armour is amongst the informed practitioners in this area that have spanned a successful career all along.

Tim Armour is an extensively experienced investment advisor, and he had an opinion when Warren Buffett tabled his investment strategy. Mr. Buffett had bet and invested 1 million dollars in a passive index fund rather than committing it to a hedge fund, claiming that he would get better returns.

Timothy Armour to the surprise of many is in his support. He argues that many mid and high-level funds shortchange investors. Hence, he shares in Warren’s opinion to invest in a low and straightforward investment for the long-term. He advises investors to commit their funds in the long-term passive index investments as they have low opportunity costs, low volatility risks, and higher returns as opposed to the renowned mutual funds whose returns are mediocre due to excessive trading and high management fees.

However, Tim Armour disputes the belief that passive index returns are the haven for long-term investments like retirement. They may be preferred, but he claims that they do not provide any assurances to down markets. He continues to advise investors to refrain from high-cost funds and affiliating themselves with hedge fund managers who invest their money in unsecured investments.

Tim Armour holds a degree in Economics, and he possesses vast investment experience. He started his career in 1983 as a participant with the company and later on served as an Equity Investment Analyst. Presently, he is the Chairman, CEO, and the firm’s Equity Portfolio Manager.

Dr. Rick Shinto Has Redefined Healthcare

InnovaCare Health has redefined healthcare management by making it unique and innovative. It is providing top-quality Medicaid as well as Medicare Advantage plans. Meanwhile, it is growing highly innovative network models too. InnovaCare Health is focused on providing health care with the aid of cost-effective models that have been effectively incorporated with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

InnovaCare Health has always valued its patients. It is they who come first. It believes in a strong patient-provider relationship as only that can lead to any thriving outcome. InnovaCare Health has always believed in innovation with its medical practices as well as networks that need to be driven by its top physicians. In order to achieve all this and grow as an organization, a proper and effective leadership is vital. This has come in the form of its Chief Executive Officer and President, Dr. Richard Shinto. He has over twenty years of experience in healthcare field. Specifically, this is in the field of clinical as well as operational health care. Before InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto was the President as well as CEO of Aveta Inc. He worked there from 2008 to 2012. Before this, Dr. Rick Shinto was the Chief Medical Officer. This was at NAMM California. He has also worked as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chief Medical Officer. This was for Medical Pathways Management Company. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

Currently Rick Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans. He is based in Puerto Rico. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California. His medical degree is from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has an M.B.A degree from the University of Redlands.

Currently, Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, Inc. She came back to the company in 2015. She has been the Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Health Inc. as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. She has over twenty years of health care experience. She specializes in government programs. These include Medicare and Medicaid too. She has been the Executive Vice President Centerlight HealthCare. She was its Chief Operating Officer too. She has been responsible for the overall management of the company and contributing to its strategic development

She has earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences along with in classical languages. This is from Binghamton University. She has earned her Master’s degree from New York University.

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From An Investment Analyst To A Chairman

Timothy Armour has taken up the duty of chairman of the Capital Group after the death of Jim Rothenberg who was the former chairman. Rothenberg had joined the Capital Group while it was still new in the year 1970 and assisted a big deal in making the company expand globally. What made him successful for this position was his extensive experience in investments. Armour had more than thirty-year experience in investment at the same company.

Armour is expected to work hand in hand with the senior member of Capital Group such as Rob Lovelace, who is the president of the Capital Research and Management department, and Capital Group President Phil Toledo. With the collaboration of these individuals, Capital group will be in a position to carry out all their undertakings and principles.

Armour had the honors of joining the Capital Group in the year 1983, and this is where he began his career. From working with this company for many years, Armour views the general strength of the firm to come from a collective commitment to delivering long-term investments results to their clients and investors and not from an individual.

Recognized as being one of the largest and oldest investment companies worldwide, Capital Group was launched in the year 1931 in Los Angeles, California. Its long-term focus of ensuring they reach their goal is another thing that has made the firm attractive to people of all continents. It has opened branches in more than twenty cities which include Sydney, London, and Tokyo.

Capital Group has been seen to move forward even after the death of their former chairman by underlying a strategy that will partner the firm with Samsung Asset Management. This was the case to help in the asset management and global investment for the Korean market. With this two companies partnering, they lay their focus on four major areas. These areas include product supervision, the distribution channels, investment administration and retirement organization.

The firm is expected to assist in the co-designing the aimed results for the Korean market. This is because Korea is facing a challenge when it comes to continuing financial prerequisite of for their aging population.

Who would ever think that an equity investment analyst would one day become the chairman of the multi-billion organization such as Capital Global? Timothy Armour was able to outdo all challenges and make it in life.

Norman Pattiz Makes Announcement Of New Podcast To Already Massive Network

In December of 2016, the founder and Executive Chairman of PodCastOne, Norman Pattiz, announced the arrival of a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. Pattiz made the announcement on behalf of PodcastOne, the nation’s largest advertiser-supported podcast network. Beyond the Darkness will add the company’s already massive inventory of podcasts.



Beyond the Darkness will be a new addition to WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network. This podcast will feature entertaining and informative conversations with experts in the area, including researchers and experiencers of the paranormal. The podcast is meant to challenge everything anyone has ever known about ghosts, angels, demons, aliens, monster encounters, miracles, and mysteries.



The new podcast will air on Mondays on the PodcastOne app, iTunes, and It will be hosted radio producer and host Tim Dennis and radio host and author Dave Schrader. Founder Norman Pattiz is thrilled to add Beyond the Darkness to The Jericho Network collection, which as delivered more than just wrestling to its listeners. As one of the jewels of the podcast network, The Jericho Network collection has evolved into something much more.



Norman Pattiz isn’t the only one excited about the new podcast. Chris Jericho is also excited to add Beyond the Darkness to his network. He expects the new podcast to bring PodcastOne a whole new massive fanbase, with the help of Beyond the Darkness‘ expert hosts.



PodcastOne, the country’s largest podcast network, was founded by Norman Pattiz, whom also founded radio-giant Westwood One. PodcastOne hosts over 200 of the most popular podcasts from popular hosts like Steve Austin, Penn Jillette, Adam Corolla, and Shaquille O’Neal.



Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which under his leadership has become the country’s largest radio network. He was appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, helping to oversee all nonmilitary broadcasting services. He founded an America-based satellite TV channel that broadcasts in 22 different countries across the Middle East, called Alhurra.



Pattiz chairs the Board of Governors for Los Alamos National Security, LLC and Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. He created Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010, which creates and funds multi-platform programming for broadcast and online distribution. Norman Pattiz is also a prominent donor to the Democratic Party and sits on the national board of the Israel Policy Forum due to his Jewish descent.

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Nathaniel Ru Noble Idea to Encourage Healthy Eating through Sweetgreen

A casual fast food phenomenon, Sweetgreen has taken the market by storm with its offerings of delicious of salad and quick lunch. According to an article published by Business Insider on March 2016, customers are lining up at Sweetgreen to take a bite at the tasty and reasonably priced food in the same manner they line to acquire the latest iPhone. The chain started out in 2007 in Washington, DC before expanding to 40 chains in cities such as New York and LA. The idea to start the restaurant was born out of the belief that people want a healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly dining experience.


One of the strategies attributed to Sweetgreen’s success is the clever way of picking locations. The chain uses a host of parameters, key among them demographics analysis. Ru told Business Insider that the timing of store opening was just as important as the number of stores the chain operates. He points out that Sweetgreen opened its first store in New York in the chic Nomad neighborhood located on 28th and Broadway, away from clustered first food chains located on 28th street. The move sets Sweetgreen apart from other chains such as Chipotle. The other Sweetgreen locations in New York include Williamsburg, Tribeca and Nolita.


The aura that greets you when you get into a Sweetgreen store is eerily similar to the kind you get when you step into an Apple store. First on line are clean lines and smiling faces followed by a reassuring feel. The essence of service design which the restaurant espouses is a culmination of a number of things, including storytelling, technology and design aspect. Food orders can be done in store or using the Sweetgreen app, that mimics the store experience. Already 30 percent of the chain’s clients order their food using the app. The chain is also committed to the idea of working with farmers and landowners to minimize food wastage.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru stands tall as the Cofounder and CEO of Sweetgreen. According to the website Startuphoyas, Ru is an expert in startups, restaurants, retailing, event management and food service. He graduated in 2007 from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University with a BSc in Finance. During the same year, Ru started Sweetgreen at the heart of Georgetown. Today, the casual fast food chain operates in over 6 states. To enhance the chain’s offerings, Ru launched Sweet life, a premier music and food festival in 2010. The store hopes to expand its business further, thanks to the partnership it has forged with various VCs. In 2015, the chain completed 3 rounds of venture capital funding that brought $95 million, an excerpt published by Bloomberg reveals.