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Allied Wallet Partnering with China Union Pay. Really? Wow!

When we speak on Allied Wallet we are talking about one of the largest online credit card processing companies in the world. It is very well known for its innovative payment processing solutions, like when it created a platform that successfully serviced a growing demand shown in Brazil. Allied is in 196 countries, the company is widely is diversified, it is capable of providing services for just about any sized business. With payment gateways for restaurants, car rental companies, supermarkets and hotels, your business is surely ready to take on the world of credit card users and more.

Allied Wallet is an international award winning company. Since 2005, the company has expanded tremendously. No matter how huge the company has gotten over the years, it has always stuck to its values: Providing its employees with a comfortable and fun environment which is believed to keep the team providing the best possible services to clients and their customers. Recently, Allied Wallet partnered with China Union Pay (Twitter).

I’m sure you know this company very well. estimated it to worth 296 trillion yuan in 2019. If you’ve never ever heard of this company, you must have been living under a rock. Is one of the biggest companies knows on the other half of the world. They are the world’s largest payment issuer known to man. When I say number 1, I mean over 6 billion cards issued. With Allied Wallet and China Union Pay joining forces, the demand for China Union Pay cards will be met more effectively. Currently, as of December 2018, the two have issued Union-pay branded cards to Europe.

Today, these Unionpay branded cards are accepted by over 40 million merchants across the world. Allied Wallet’s CEO, Andy Khawaji, is incredibly proud to be a partner of this company. Because of the partnership, Unionpay will handle all of the card issuing and transactions conducted in Europe. Since Unionpay is licensed to sell in Europe, China Union Pay does not have to go through the process of getting a license.

It’s interesting to see what unfolds with these two powerhouses working as a team. The payment processing and card issuing market is due for continuous innovative.

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