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Meatless Burgers Via OSI Food Solutions

If you have some form of knowledge about the food industry, then you’ve probably heard of OSI Food Solutions. This particular food manufacturer is a top choice when it comes to food processing, food management, food distribution and food development. OSI was founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski back in the early 1900s. During this specific timeframe, the business was family-owned and operated as a local butcher shop. As the decades passed, this little butcher shop would expand into a global enterprise of wholesale foods. As of 2019, OSI Food Solution is worth over $6 billion. Read this article at to learn more.

Who would have ever thought that a former butcher shop would expand into meatless food solutions. This is certainly the case with OSI Food Solutions as the company will be working hand-to-hand with Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods has a specialty in this particular subject, and it has played an enormous role in bringing these meatless products to the food market. This California-based company has only been around since 2011, but it has created many partnerships with high-profile, fast-food chains. The Impossible Burger is probably the company’s go-to product as of today. This meatless burger got its start at St. Louis-based Burger Kings over the past year. Thanks to such huge demand, Impossible Foods is looking to take this burger to a mainstream level.

OSI Food Solutions and Impossible Foods will be rolling out this majestic burger to a number of chains by the end of 2019, including White Castle. Staying ahead of the game is the way to go, and this partnership will surely institute its case for further growth. OSI Food Solutions’ food scale has increased six times over thanks to this exclusive partnership. With so many advanced facilities available, OSI Food Solutions won’t miss a beat throughout this new transition in food services.

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New ViSalus President Blake Mallen Uses His Marketing Experience To Move The Health Brand Forward

ViSalus is on quite an upward path in the nutrition marketplace, and that path has now spanned past a decade. Blake Mallen is partially responsible for this, since he was among the three ViSalus founders years ago. Mr. Sarnicola and Mr. Blair were the others. Bringing, via ViSalus, a healthy direct sales offering of shakes has propelled this team financially, and Mallen in particular has found marketing to suit his sales oriented set of skills. Leading the vital marketing department at ViSalus is how Mr. Mallen proved himself before ultimately finding himself even more elevated in that company’s structure. Helping the entity’s trajectory towards thriving is what allowed the presidency role to recently fall upon Blake, and a major task for Mr. Mallen es now expanding his nutrition company further.


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Blake Mallen being among the ViSalus member base is cetainly fortunate for the weight management oriented company, and his presidency will aid in the profit gathering of ViSalus from this nutritional market. A leader with Mallen’s experience is quite enviable with regards to this nutritional brand sphere, and when strengths of Mallen are added to the strengths of Ryan Blair, ViSalus CEO, it is difficult for any peer health businesses to keep pace with ViSalus. Via Mallen’s marketing understanding, the group’s direct sales saw a sum o $2 billion during a certain period, and that could be dwarfed if the global ViSalus efforts continue.

Though Los Angeles, California, still acts as ViSalus headquarters, the group’s reach now goes across twelve countries in the European region. With both ViSalus and Blake Mallen becoming increasingly prominent as far as nutritional brands are concerned, he team of both Blake Mallen and Blair can leverage ViSalus resources and their experience to press for further ViSalus expansion. Getting into other nutritional markets is among Blake Mallen’s tasks as company president, and this will necessitate challenge for not only president Mallen, but also CEO Blair and the entirety of the ViSalus team. Dedication seems to be a professional commonality for Blair and Mallen, and this has thus far proven advantageous though the organization’s lengthy and lucrative existence.

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The success Todd Levine has received over the years handling disputes

Todd Levine is based in Miami and offers his services as an attorney in solving complex disputes that might be affecting the sellers, real estates, contractors, and investors. At the Kluger, Katzen, Kluger, and Levine he is a founding member. Also, he will offer his services to financial institutes and partnership companies. Todd has also been involved in the disputes between entertainment, commercial real estates, and sports. He attended the University of Florida where he was trained on law and finance. From the training, he gained a lot of new skills and excellent knowledge. One of the skills that have been of help in his career is being creative and has analytical thinking.

For Todd, when he is faced with any challenge, he will use his analytical thinking to come up with a creative solution. Todd Levine learned from the talent he has in that he was able to find simple solutions in every dispute that was brought up to him. Because of the success, he has received over the years in solving complex disputes he is referred to in America as the best lawyer. The reason why he is sort after by so many lawyers. He is now afraid to explain why if he has any idea, he will always implement it into action.

Every case that he will be approached with to get the best, he will handle each case individually that will make it possible for him to handle it with a different set of strategies. The best approach that has been of help to him over the years is to get the best he should get the highest understanding of every dispute and at the same time get to understand its legal side. The advice he has for young entrepreneurs is that they should love their career. Todd Levine believes that it’s okay to learn everything that’s involved in someone’s job.

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USHEALTH Advisors Has Key Tips for Long Term Healthy Eating

Most people know that healthy eating is one of the keys way you can stay in shape, avoid illness, and lead a more active lifestyle, but that is often easier said than done. There are lots of ways to lose focus. People often do not have the time to make healthy meals, on the easiest ones on offer in the supermarkets are often very unhealthy. Eating out and eating healthy is also a problem. Most restaurants are more focused on adding salt and fat to their meals as they taste good. It is only by making a long term plan and sticking with it that healthy eating will stay a part of your life. It is all hard work and no enjoyment, it will never last. USHEALTH Advisors has studied some of the best ways to eat healthy and make it last. Learn more about the organization of UShealth Advisors at

USHEALTH Advisors recommends preparing dinner before you get home in the evening. After a long day at work, people do not want to spend an hour making dinner. Putting ingredients in a slow cooker is a great way to have something ready in the evening that can also be very healthy. Spicy Turkey Chili is a great option. Lean turkey and lots of spices are great for a bunch of reasons. New research has shown hot spices can help with overall health.

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal, but people still skip it. It can lead to hunger issues later in the day, and it can have longer term problems for overall metabolism.

USHEALTH Advisors has a range of tips to help you start a health eating plan and more importantly stick to it.

Most people know pizza should be avoided, but that applies more to take out and frozen pizzas. USHEALTH Advisors recommends making your own pizza and then they can be as healthy as you want. Putting on a variety of toppings and putting the pizza in the oven does not take much work.


Sheldon Lavin Has Made Philanthropic Giving a Major Part of OSI Group

As the CEO of a major American food processing company, Sheldon Lavin has made major contributions to charity both through the direct policies of his company, OSI Group, and from his seat on the board of Ronald McDonald House (RMHC).

RMHC is the philanthropic arm of McDonald’s restaurants. Sheldon Lavin’s position on the board is a natural position for him considering the decades-long relationship between OSI Group and McDonald’s. In fact, it was the forerunner company of OSI that supplied the very first franchise model of McDonald’s with all its burger patties. That was in 1955. The McDonald’s was located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Today, RMHC has a local chapter in 64 countries. More than $300 million has been collected in RMHC collection boxes. This has enabled the charity to serve millions of children and families worldwide. Sheldon Lavin is proud of the work he has done to help RMHC become among the premier charity organizations in the world.

But as the leader of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has also instilled his own organization with a culture of giving back to the communities where the company operates. That includes some 70 locations in 17 nations. In every one of those locations, OSI Group and its employees challenge themselves to get involved in local efforts to help disadvantaged people.

One of the organizations that OSI Group works with is Feeding America. This organization is a nationwide network of food banks that serves almost 50 million people with food shelves, soup kitchens and shelters. As a food processor, Sheldon Lavin thinks it’s only natural that his company should bolster the efforts of Feeding America.

To this end, OSI has worked with the Northern Illinois Food Bank located near the OSI corporate office in Aurora. OSI took a total of 252,781 pounds of surplus product from its facilities and donated it to feed food-insecure families in 2015. That bested the 2014 donation of 226,834 pounds.

In addition, OSI conducted several volunteer nights at the Food Bank that involved participation from corporate and local plant employees. That netted some 200 volunteer hours in 2015.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

OSI Group Changes Over a Century

The modern world and the world of a century ago are almost completely unrecognizable when you place them together. So much has changed in the past century. The global political structure has shifted dramatically, while at the same time technology has brought everyone just a little closer together. An individual can communicate with someone across the world in seconds. The ability to reach far off regions has lead to the raise of global corporations. OSI Group is among those companies in the food sector. A recent Chronicle of the Week article discusses the history of this century old company.

OSI Group is presently one of main food distributors across North America and Europe, but they did not attain this status until just recently. The company opened its doors on the streets of Chicago in 1909. It was operated by a man named Otto Kolschowsk, who had a sixth sense for success. He spent over 20 years building up the business as a cornerstone of the local market. However, his declining health caught up with him in 1928. He transferred ownership to his children, and likewise the business was renamed to Otto & Sons. The business continued to grow into the 1950s when everything took a sudden turn for the later half of the 20th century.

In a re-energized post war economy, Ray Kroc was a man on a mission to develop a new fast food chain. It was going to be named McDonald’s, and he needed a local meat supplier to help get it off the ground. This was the genesis of OSI Group. A national, and soon to be internationally, operated distribution network that brought meat all across the country. New technology allows for goods to be shipped safer and for longer duration. OSI Group quickly rose to become one of the most pivotal companies at the turn of the century.

OSI Group has continued to strengthen their hold on the market through buying international companies, and developing new planets back home. They are ready to handle whatever economic conditions, and the competition that might arise at any moment.

OSI Group acquires Rose Packing

Richard Liu And Strong Returns

Investors like Richard Liu may know that good times are not bound to keep on going and they may need to bake this factor into their analysis. They would rational in thinking that ROIC might see some form of decay over time.

The question one like Richard Liu must ask is always how long will a company be able to protect its position within the market? How long will the company be able to survive and innovate to stay ahead of its competitors? How long can it move about and stay above the discounted rate?

These are very important questions for people like Richard Liu to ask for those who are interested in buying only a handful of companies and keeping them for at least ten years or more.

An analyst like Richard Liu might expect that the ROIC might slim down sooner and might be undervaluing the entity. They might also make a mistake and think that one the ROIC might not be lost for some period of time and they might overvalue the entity.

These are certainly two costly mistakes, costly in different ways. If one were to overvalue, one will overpay, if one is undervaluing the business then one would not be able to benefit from the gains present within the equation.

There are companies that provide a strong return on invested capital and then slowly decrease this over a couple of years until they meet the discount rate, while others might show good returns and still stay above the discount rate to a certain extent.

So the thing that one would have to watch for is the level of ROIC. Specifically, people have to watch out for the top percentages of return on invested capital. Depending on the context, analysts would see that companies that have very high levels of return on invested capital are able to start off at a better point, and because of this, as they experience a return on invested capital decay, they would still be above average.

This is why Richard Liu and those who are like him think about capital.

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Serge Belamant Founder Of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is the famous founding patent holder of blockchain technologies. Block chain technology is seen as the driving force that can rival or maybe even surpass crypto currencies. Crypto currency has been recently making waves and grabbing the attention of many global investors over the past couple of years, with Bitcoin and Ehtereum leading the cypto pack. These are seen as forces that will revolutionize the global economy.

However, many industry professionals highlighted the Serge Belmant’s blockchain technology can easily stand alone without crypto currency. In fact, they view that blockchain has outrivaled crypto. Only time will be able to tell which technology is the last one standing. But one thing is sure, many industries today now already rely on blockchain technology to be able to do their business transactions.

Serge Belamant is an innovative man that is seen as the instrumental factor that developed block chain applications. He utilized smart cards containing microprocessors that have the capacity to function online or offline. The capacity to function offline is a huge boost and advancement.

Blockchain technology is always compared to a ledger of records. But Serge Belamant crafted it in such a way that the information contained therewith are easily linked together and encrypted for added safety. On top of that, each ledger is embedded with crucial data protections features, including a time stamp.

Serge Belamant said that he envisioned blockchain technology to help financial services sector. It is there for security and transparency. On top of that, the accuracy of data is guaranteed making worldwide transactions possible. With many systems now becoming old, decrepit, and inefficient, the ability of block chain technology can come in handy to make everything more trust worthy and reliable.

That being said, financial transactions are only a small fraction of what blockchain technology is capable of performing. Serge Belamant sees that his patent will play a critical role in the future of global economy because it has the capacity to affect things like costs, contracts, labor-intensive businesses. These operations can be made smoother with the infusion of block chain technology. It has the capacity to reduce inaccuracies and errors, which are vital in business because it has detrimental consequences that can affect company outcomes on a large scale.

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Admirable Leadership Of Mauricio Mendonca Godoy

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of the most successful Brazilian leaders who have contributed significantly to the growth of Brazil’s economy. He plays significant roles in the business sector in the community. He is popularly known for his incredible style of working and his leadership skills. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Toyo Setal a professional construction engineering company.

Through the excellent leadership of Maurício Mendonça Godoy, Toyo Setal has gained great recognition all over the world. It is mainly contracted to perform numerous diverse engineering works. Mauricio portrays excellent leadership skills that offer direction to other employees. He ensures that all team members have the necessary knowledge and skills to focus on achieving the company’s goals. Mauricio Mendonca Godoy always selects a compatible team to perform diverse tasks simultaneously and enhancing success. He always encourages the team to learn to attend to multiple tasks and ensuring they are done efficiently.

Mauricio Mendonca Godoy is always confident and most importantly works hard to achieve set goals. As a good leader, he embraces good interactions with his fellow team members at Toyo Setal. He always makes sure that he engages them in all activities concerning the organization. When bringing ideas to life, he allows the team members to put across their opinions and insights. They discuss them together and come up with quality decisions on how to implement certain ideas or solve a problem. This way, the team members get a sense of belonging and responsibility. They, therefore, work harder to perfect in all their activities.

Positively influencing people’s lives is one character that defines Maurício Mendonça Godoy. He is caring and always hopes to reach out to many people as possible so that he can help in improving their living conditions and lives as well. Despite being on a higher level than his customers are, he always seeks ways through which he can positively change their lives. He equally treats everyone, which is evident in the workplace.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has a great passion for philanthropic acts. He feels satisfied with his work once he is able to help as many people as possible. He hopes to consistently offer a hand where he is needed.

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OSI Group and the Food Sector

OSI Group is the name of a sizable company that operates in the United States currently. It’s aided McDonalds and plentiful other major names. It’s a global force that offers foodservice clients all sorts of indispensable products. It offers them all varieties of effective practices that can strengthen daily efficiency as well. People recognize the substantial business for all sorts of reasons. It even was an initial source of ingredients for McDonalds, an enormous fast food chain that has branches everywhere. People who are trying to find employment opportunities frequently take the time to assess the OSI Group. That’s due to the fact that company recruits fresh new employees consistently.

Jobseekers have all sorts of incentives to strive to work for this company from the United States. It’s been catering to clients for more than a century at this point. It’s a business that thinks that its team members are 100 percent instrumental to all of its accomplishments. Accomplishments are and have always been the thing that pushes the business to the forefront daily. It caters to jobseekers who are situated in all different sections of the planet. These sections include European nations such as Spain, Poland, Hungry, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Baho Group is the name of a company that hails from the Netherlands, a country that’s part of Western Europe. OSI not long ago purchased the business. Baho Group, in a nutshell, is a business that produces everything from treats to meats. It’s equipped with five separate sectors. It has facilities in both the Netherlands and Germany as well. Some of its sectors are Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Henry van de Bilt and Vital Convenience. They accommodate individuals who are scattered all throughout close to 20 nations all around the European continent. John Balvers is the professional who functions as the company’s managing supervisor right now. He’s going to collaborate with people who are part of the OSI Group crew. The aim is to set up an expansion method that can be favorable for the two parties and for all of their varied objectives. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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