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Article Title: Coffee And Organo Gold

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Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water. Many people drink it because they enjoy the taste and the boost they get from drinking it. More and more people are learning that it also has a number of potential health benefits. There are a number of studies that provide evidence that coffee could potentially help people live longer. Studies done by the Annals of Internal Medicine show that coffee can reduce the potential of many diseases including both heart disease and stroke.

There is research that coffee can improve health in many other ways. Coffee has the ability to lower the risk of cancer, stroke, and diabetes. It does not matter if the coffee is caffeinated or decaffeinated, the health benefits remain. These results have been noticed in African Americans, Latinos and other ethnic groups. Having a diverse group of people who have benefited from coffee’s consumption is a strong indicator of it’s power according to experts like Veronica W. Setiawan, associate professor at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

Few companies understand coffee like Organo Gold. For the last ten years Organo has been a leader in provide coffee to people across the globe. They take a unique approach in producing coffee and other products that can help improve their consumers health. Organo uses the herb Ganoderma in its coffee and other beverages. This herb has the power to improve cholesterol, fatigue and overall mood.

Organo Gold has a mission to help people find balance and well being through their health products. They produce beverages, body management tools and personal care products that are changing lives everywhere.

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Article Title: The Health Potential Of Coffee

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For years coffee has been one of the most consumed beverages in the entire world. There are many who now believe consuming this beverage could lead to a much healthier life. Recent studies published by the Annals of Internal Medicine show that coffee can be effective in reducing the risk of getting a number of diseases which include heart disease and stroke.

Researches have been studying the power of coffee for decades. Large studies that include as many as 200,000 people show that people who drink coffee, regardless of which kind, are less likely to get cancer, diabetes and kidney disease. These results are especially noticeable in Latinos, African Americans and Japanese Americans. Veronica W. Setiawan,leader of the Annals Study, believes seeing results across various ethnic groups is a strong indicator of the health benefits coffee provides.

Few companies understand coffee and its health benefits like Organo Gold. For more than a decade Organo has been providing coffee and other health products to customers all over the world. Organo has a mission to provide balance, freedom and well-being through all of their products. The company has become well known for using the herb Ganoderma Lucidum in its coffee and other beverages. This powerful herb is believed to have many health benefits including boosting the immune system, fighting fatigue and helping to control blood sugar.

Organo Gold was founded by entrepreneur Bernardo Chua in 2008. Today Organo is a globally successful company that has several products which include beverages, body management tools and personal care products. This company is on a mission to help make the world a much healthier place.

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Article Title: Agera Energy – Lower Your Energy Bills With Greener Energy

Agera Energy is known to provide customizable energy plans for commercial and residential customers in the United States. As the best energy regulations in the United States is very stringent, only a few states where the deregulation law is in place is where Agera Energy operates currently. Even though the company started operations as early as in 2014, it has been able to provide energy solutions to more than 600,000 residential customers along with many businesses as well.

If you want to get rid of high energy bills and need sustainable and affordable energy plans, rest assured Agera Energy plans would be able to provide you with plans that would suit your energy requirements as well as budget. Agera Energy Company is also expanding its reach and moving to new cities. The company is also starting its services in Cambridge and hope to help out their clients there in the best way possible.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: Founder & CEO,

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It is no doubt that technology has swept the contemporary world by storm. Technology has been incorporated into various sectors of the society; including retail, industry, the medical arena, hospitality, and industry. Indeed, the impact of technology has been felt in the e-commerce sector, with many firms now shying away from brick and motor stores and opening online platforms. One such individual who has attained global recognition as an e-commerce guru is Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Richard Liu has managed to build an e-commerce giant that has gained a global reputation as a leading retailer. has streamlined online shopping, providing advanced and swift shopping solutions to millions of people not only in China but also countries like Vietnam, India and other Asian nations. This burgeoning type of business has proved essential in the modern age, providing reliable shopping solutions to individuals who are on the go. Richard Liu Qiangdong has managed to modernize’ platform to stay ahead of the stiff competition and increase its market share.

Educational Background

Richard Liu was enthusiastic about technology and computers from a tender age. His passion for the tech industry was the main driving force behind his enrollment at the Renmin University of China in 1996. His enthusiasm for computers saw him spending a great deal of time improving his computer skills via coding. He enrolled for an EMBA at the China Europe International business School immediately after his undergraduate program.

Career and Entrepreneurial Journey

Soon after graduating from the university, Richard Liu Qinagdong was hired to serve in the computer department of Japan Life. However, after serving in various capacities in the company for two years, he decided to charter his own path by delving into the murky waters of entrepreneurship in 1998. He started off selling magneto-optical equipment in Beijing. His resilience and dedication eventually grew the company, making them expand to 12 stores by 2003.

Richard Liu’s entrepreneurial dream almost hit the wall when a SARS outbreak occurred before 2004. The outbreak forced both customers and staff alike to remain housebound. It was then that Richard Liu decided to reconsider using his brick and mortar stores. It signified the birth of Since then, he hasn’t departed from his aim of providing his customers with top-notch products with unparalleled quality.

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Article Title: Jingdong Streamlines Procurement Process For Businesses

Article Text: has emerged as a leading e-commerce outlet not only in China but also in the greater Asian region as well. Jingdong’s success in online retailing has put it on the coveted position as the largest retailer and internet firm by revenue. The company has stayed committed to delivering authentic and top quality products ranging from electronics, cosmetics, apparels, and food products. Their vast network covers more than 99% of the Chinese population.’s reputation as a leading online retailer has been instrumental in its provision of procurement services to various firms. Their many years in the sector have put them in a position to meet other companies’ procurement needs and fulfill an unexploited market. Some of the procurement areas they specialize in include improving other firms’ procurement process, maintenance of office components through repair and finally buying of office supplies such as furniture and computers.

Most companies that have worked with confess that the relationship has significantly improved their operations. Jingdong has acted as a one-stop solution to various companies and provided them with services that were hitherto unavailable to them. Companies that have worked with them reveal that they have managed to improve their procurement efficiency by at least 50%. With such positive testimonials, has managed to increase its market share, currently having more than 7 million enterprise clients.

A One Stop-Solution to Traditional Procurement’s introduction of procurement as one of their services could not have come at abetter time. Their services have overshadowed traditional procurement that was highly inefficient and opaque. Apart from being inefficient, traditional procurement required companies to have individual relationships with different suppliers and at times rely on incompetent merchants. The benefits that are associated with modern procurement cannot be underestimated.

For instance, Jingdong gives its clients an opportunity to access a plethora of products from various suppliers on the same platform. The process has simplified traditional procurement that required you to go through a long list of suppliers and setting procurement teams to meet with prospective customers. Indeed, their system has brought not only transparency but also reinforced trust among them and their clients. The company’s spirited effort to provide tailor-made services have created a loyal pool of customers over the years.

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Article Title: OSI Food Solution’s Expansion

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OSI Food Solutions has grown very fast to get among the biggest value-added food suppliers in the world. It now operates facilities more than 65 in about 17 countries and has a total of about 20,000 employees. Currently, OSI is ranked among the large private companies in the United States. Their resources offer the organizations that are food-related business partner of extreme strength, positive global reputation and quick responsiveness.

The success for OSI Food Solutions did not come overnight. They started in 1909 as a small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Even after their success, the company still maintained its headquarters at the city of Illinois. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky who came from Germany to the States. Two years later, he opened family meat market at their local town. However, he relocated to Maywood, a Chicago suburb. The next decades saw the company establish strong reputations in the local communities through provision of the highest-quality meat in that region.

The expansion process for OSI Food Solutions soon started and they moved beyond their area. In 1995, the company achieved its first major partnership in their history. Ray Kay, an Illinois entrepreneur got franchising rights to start a chain of restaurants of burger. The first one was opened in 1955 at Illinois whereby their official ground beef supplier was Otto & Sons. By 1973, Otto & Sons had a meat plant processing high volume of products. They officially changed their name to OSI Food Solutions later in 1975.

Their journey of success went on through several partnerships. In 1991, they made several partnerships that led to their massive growth around the country and also globally. In 2002, they expanded further all the way into China and opened their headquarters in Illinois by 2012. Their access to the food supply chain of the world gives them an added advantage over their competitors. They can secure prices that are good enough by providing senior products fitting their customers operations, culinary profiles and reduce the amount of time taken to prepare the foods. They now provide a wide range of products that match the emerging and the evolving tastes of the market.

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Article Title: Agera Energy

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In deregulated energy states Agera Energy is helping to bring prices down and make the market more competitive. Agera Energy is a top respectable company that seeks to provide its customers with energy-efficient solutions to their electrical needs. Agera Energy is committed to helping you save money and be more responsible when it comes to protecting the environment.

Agera Energy has many services available to customers. Pure Wind is one of their latest innovations allowing customers to match from 50-100% of their energy needs with clean and eco-friendly wind energy.

A competitive market is a fair market. Companies such as Agera Energy Company are helping to ensure that those of us lucky enough to reside in an energy deregulated state have more options available to us. Agera Energy Company is forcing other companies to try and keep pace with them as they continue to offer value and choice that was not so long ago completely unheard of.

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Article Title: Takes Its Services To The Thai Consumers With The Launch Of JD CENTRAL

Article Text: has partnered with a leading Thai retail conglomerate, Central Group, to expand into the Thailand market as part of its expansion to Southeast Asia initiative. The largest online retailer in China launched JD Central, e-commerce platform in the country. JD is looking to increase its presence in the region further. It has already established a presence in Indonesia. Additionally, it has invested in a leading B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam called Tiki.

JD CENTRAL was opened for test operations mid last year during Jingdong’s anniversary. It provides direct sales and marketplace models. Consequently, sales have skyrocketed. Some of the categories in the site include electronics, fashion, digital products, books, best home appliances, fast-moving goods and music. More than 80% of shoppers have visited the site through mobile phones with fast-moving consumer goods, fashion, and mobile devices among the top-selling categories. Chinese products have proved to be popular, with Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, Lenovo and other leading brands.

JD leveraged its cutting edge technology to build the most advanced retail operation in the world. It has brought the exemplary logistics expertise as well as impressive delivery speed to Thai market. JD CENTRAL uses the company’s Warehouse Management System to power its warehouses. Additionally, JD CENTRAL devoted itself to the provision of nationwide coverage in partnership with local service delivery providers.

According to JD CENTRAL’s CEO, Vincent Yang, the subsidiary of is excited to continue pressing on JD’s path to expanding into the Southeast Asia and serve customers in the region. He added that the partnership between JD CENTRAL and Central Group will enable them offer the best e-commerce experience to Thai customers with 100% product authenticity. He believes that the move will unlock the potential of the region’s large population and transform the local market.

JD is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China with a worth of approximately $57 billion. It started the B2C initiative to be able to help startups increase their sales leveraging its robust online infrastructure. It has also been aiming to increase its presence in the Southeast Asia and with the launch of JD CENTRAL, it is a step towards the right direction.

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Doe Deere: Never A Dull Color

The life of Doe Deere is a story about achieving the American Dream in the world of fashion. When Doe, her mother, and her sister packed up their lives in Russia to move to the United States, they had a lot of hope for the future. The family setting in New York City and quickly realized that things were not going to be as easy as they had hoped they would be. While Doe Deere thought about giving up and the family even considered moving to Russia, she continued to pursue her dreams of becoming an important name in fashion. This is how her makeup company, Lime Crime, was first created.

While living in an apartment with her boyfriend in New York, Doe Deere began creating bold pieces of fashion from clothing that had been repurposed and redesigned. She began to develop a following on social media for not just her fashion, but also her makeup. It was then that she decided to venture into selling makeup alongside side her repurposed creations. The began and cruelty-free makeup brand Lime Crime was then born and quickly became known for the bright colors that were offered. Lime Crime became a big name in makeup and Doe Deere was excited to see all of the success that she achieved. Recently, she decided that it was time to move on from makeup and she was able to spend more time on Poppy Angeloff, her jewelry brand.

Poppy Angeloff is inspired by Victorian designs but it bright and colorful like everything else Doe Deere has become known for. She spent several months learning about different aspects of jewelry design over the years and how jewelry is made. While her designs have modern influence, she has determined that she is inspired by designs from the Victorian era above all else. Above all, Doe Deere has always considered herself an artist and designer. This jewelry line is allowing her to bring her art to a new medium and is part of the evolution that she is going through as an artist. Above all, Doe Deere will always be bold.

Nitin Khanna’s Transformative and Successful Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Nitin Khanna is an Indian born entrepreneur. He was born in 1971. Nitin Khanna came from a family where his father served in the army. Most of his schooling time in India, he mostly attended boarding schools. When he was an the age of 17 , he managed to migrate to the United States of America where he went to purse his higher education studies. While in the United States of America, he managed to attain his undergraduate degree as well as his masters degree in industrial engineering.

In the late 1990s, together with his brother who had joined him in the United States of America, were able to start a software firm they named, Saber software which became very popular and successful for its contribution towards the electoral process whereby it was involved in providing software used during the election process. Later, Nitin Khanna and his brother sold the software entity and invested heavily in helping mobile firms through his firm, Mergertech.

Nitin Khanna is an individual who has worked with many companies whereby he has developed a rich experience. He believes that most of his time and energy have been mostly directed towards companies having the appropriate individuals who fit well in them. He believes that having the right individuals in a firm is a valuable ingredient for success in a given firm. Nitin Khanna engages in productive undertakings that that work towards his mission and vision of success in any activity he carries out. He also practices time management very well by staying on top of time all the time through prioritizing his areas of concern on a daily basis.

Nitin Khanna is a business minded person that cherishes the success of businesses he has handled with the hope that they grow into multinational companies recognized throughout the globe. He believes in people evaluating their capabilities and skills before deciding to undertake their entrepreneurial dreams. It is therefore his belief that having an idea about entrepreneurship does not guarantee its success. He is also a person who dedicate some time to spend with his family.

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