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Eli Gershkovitch And His Brewing Dream

Today, there are numerous Canadian craft beers that have flooded Canada, the United States, and beyond. These beers are not only known for their great taste and soft touch going down, they are also very potent and always make the party come alive.


One of the greatest Canadian craft beers would be the Red Racer Pale Ale. This beer is made by Central City Brewing. What people rave about the most when drinking this beer is the grapefruit taste. A lot of customers have stated that this beer tastes more like fruit juice, and a lot of people have reported even having extra energy after one or two beers.

Red Racer Pale Ale has even become a signature of the United States Army, as well as the Canadian and U.K. army as well. Soldiers enjoy the sweet taste of this beer, and it comes at an inexpensive price.


There is a new brewery, however, that is getting much attention in Canada, and that is the Steamworks Brewery. The Steamworks Brewery was created by Eli Gershkovitch ( Eli Gershkovitch is an attorney, a private pilot, and master of a few other trades. However, Eli Gershkovitch always wanted to serve great tasting beer at an affordable price.


Several years ago, Eli Gershkovitch finally decided to purchase a warehouse and turn it into a brewery. Eli Gershkovitch believed he was just going to be another general brewery in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch discovered that the land his brewery rests on has steam pipes underneath it. After several meetings with numerous engineers, it was decided that Eli could use the steam pipes to help brew his beer. Steamworks is the only brewery in Canada that brews beer with steam. The difference in taste has been called unbelievable by customers, and Steamworks now has customers from all over the world.

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