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Whitney Wolfe’s App Bumble Is More Loved Than Many Others

Countless people over the years have always relied on apps like Tinder, whom Whitney Wolfe also originated and co-founded. However, since the early rise of Bumble over the past few years, most women are liking this app because of its new splendid idea that brings women to the top.

Most people would call this app, “the feminist” app because it enforces women to message men first, but many women have liked it because it helps take the pressure off guys right away, enabling most men to reply almost immediately when a woman sends a message after swiping.

Whitney Wolfe co-founded both Tinder and Bumble, just not at the same time. Tinder was originally the first one, and while it was such a huge success for her, she had trouble with the rest of the team in the long run, causing issues between the original people who founded Bumble. She decided to team up with another group of people to finalize and create a brand new app that would change the way Tinder works. It’s such an ingenious idea that so many people have grown to love because it’s so different. Whitney Wolfe is the mastermind behind the way Bumble is designed.

Most people will admit that the app really gives women plenty of chances on meeting genuinely real people because the app isn’t like most apps where guys have it easy with women. They can’t just message a girl they like in an instant. The app makes women empowerment beautiful, and the app is always trying to come up with something new that delivers and provides legitimate opportunities. Whitney Wolfe is basically the best in the dating business, and she strives to find the right ways to build these apps as effectively as possible and create a platform that brings people together.