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How Will the Future President Affect Me Financially?


With the election coming up within the next few weeks, Brad Reifler writes that many Americans are wondering how each of the candidate’s plans will have an effect on the financial stability of America. There are certain areas where the candidate’s plans will have larger impacts on the wellbeing of America.


Capital Gains and Childcare

Clinton and Trump have both promised that they will try to simplify the way the tax code works as well as making it more accessible to the country. Clinton plans to do this by making the way that capital gains are calculated more complex and taxing capital gains by how long they have been held by an investor. Trump wants to condense tax brackets to a smaller amount of income levels. Trump also plans to increase the limit for single and married people in terms of deductions. Both candidates believe that there should be breaks on child – care. Both of the candidates would like to give more assistance to families.


Estate Taxes

Trump would like to repeal the estate tax and increase the amount from any capital gain taxes. If Trump did this, this would then offset subsidies for local businesses and farms.


It is important to follow the election closely so that you are aware of the changes the candidates plan to make, as well as how they will affect you.

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