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Agera Energy’s Commitment to Efficiency and Sustainability

Focusing on efficiency and sustainability Agera Energy has established a great reputation for being true to their word supplying electrical and natural gas services. Visit to know more.

Agera Energy specializes providing natural gas and clean electrical energy services to business owners and residents of areas they service. For customers that are unaware of the environmentally healthier choices Agera Energy provides customer representatives consult with customers educating them of what services and programs they have to offer while being echo-friendly (Inc, 2018).

Services and programs such as LED outfitting for customers interested by saving 20% of their light energy consumption by switching to LED lighting and the Pure Wind Program where customers can supplement some of their electrical services for 50% of their energy services being generate by a nationally sourced wind farm (Premier Gazette, 2019). Agera Energy promotes this service and program because they truly believe in efficiency and sustainability. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.


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