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Stream Energy: First Respondents After the Hurricane Harvey Mayhem

Hurricane Harvey officially tied with Hurricane Katrina as the most destructive hurricane on record. The monstrous hurricane destroyed much of Texas, leaving thousands of people without homes and power. Many cities were also flooded, and coastal towns were decimated by the gigantic storm surges produced by the hurricane. Hurricane Harvey’s destruction reached more than $100 billion, and people have started claiming their insurance.

Stream Energy, which is a Dallas-based energy provider, is one of the first companies to arrive at the evacuation centers housing the survivors who fled their homes that are either destroyed by huge waves or damaged by floods. Stream Energy provided food, clothing, water, and hygienic kits to those who survived, and they also turned over a certain amount to the American Red Cross to be used for buying additional supplies for the survivors. Stream Energy has its own philanthropic department, called the Stream Energy Cares, and they mobilized their rescue teams to locate people who are in need of help.

Stream Energy Cares has been providing relief efforts to thousands of people, and many were delighted that they are the first ones to give assistance to those who are in need. The company is known for helping people who are having issues with their energy sources, and the reason why they decided to reach out other states is that they wanted to give an affordable choice for those who are complaining about their high energy rates. As of 2018, the company started to expand in Delaware, where they were welcomed by the locals.

The energy company stated that they will keep on helping those who were affected by the disaster, and they will also partner with the government to address some of the issues that the survivors are facing. Many homes were out of power and destroyed after Hurricane Harvey unleashed its power, and the company promised that they will be looking into the electrical posts that tumbled after resisting the strong winds from the hurricane. They will also release a budget that will be used to rebuild homes for those who were affected by the destructive force of nature.

Stream Wireless Energy Provider

Recent researches conducted have confirmed that when plugs are left connected to a power source, they still consume electricity. It explains why sometimes the bill comes too high to the extent of believing the usage. However, little each gadget may accumulate per unit; it’s important to consider their product.

By removing electrical appliances from the strips and shutting those down, you can save from miscellaneous costs. Smart meter allows one to have a weekly report with electrical usage. The meter has tools for measuring energy usage.

Thanks to the application developed by Stream energy one can receive energy, protection, and wireless services. The organization was funded by an energy and oil group in 2004. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki were some of the people behind it. The company is registered under public utility commissions of Texas. The organization started its activities in 2005; from there the technology grew to Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Washington within ten years. The group has its headquarters in Texas. View the company profile on

To create awareness to the market the group collaborated with a multi-level marketing agency. With the model, one can earn commission by either selling the product to the customer or by recruiting sales personnel. Once in a while, they hold meetings to create more awareness. In order reach more clients, sales associates are encouraged to host web-based services. For every customer gained one can accumulates a commission.

After shifting its headquarters to Dallas Parkway, the group named Larry Mondry as its CEO. The strategic move in location will enable the company to attract significant energy giants.


The company’s efforts have come to the limelight by the market strategies international as one of the top ten retail providers’. A study which was published by Cogent reports indicates that the influence of the company in the communities had doubled .stream launched a smart 30-month fixed energy rate plan giving their customers to save on energy services.

Despite the company not being huge, Stream Energy contributed to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and proceeded to do away with outstanding fees of those affected by the disaster. The company has also vowed to waive the fees for long distance calls to victims of Hurricane Irma. As a gesture of gratitude to esteemed clients, the group has promised to continue improving their services. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.