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Rebel Wilson Enjoys Her Birthday and Banner Year

Rebel Wilson is having a banner year and a banner B-day. The Aussie-Actress hit up Instagram recently to dish on her wonderful birthday adventures. Adventures that included a private cake-making excursion as well as a surprise birthday bash. The surprise was thrown by some of her friends and co-stars.

According to Wilson’s posts the party ended up in Beverly Hills where the group took part in a 30-minute rehearsal. The culmination of the rehearsal was a Cats-themed dance number featuring Wilson front-and-center donning fluffy pink ears. Wilson coined the performance Catzercise.

Wilson has been a frequent headliner recently in more ways than one. When she it not featured in articles about her birthday adventures, she is also headlining a series of films coming out in 2019. The movies end with the anticipated film version of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats. Wilson is one of many big names donning cat ears for the film release.

She will be playing the part of Jennyanydots alongside actors like Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Hudson. Additionally, the movie also features Taylor Swift. Despite bearing a late-December release the movie is already garnering a lot of attention. It should be a nice feather in Wilson’s cap and a good finish to a busy year.

Presently, Rebel Wilson is just getting past the release of her rom-com Isn’t It Romantic. The twist on the traditional romantic comedy hit theaters on Valentine’s Day and co-starred Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine. Read more:   Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The film followed Wilson in the role of Natalie, a jaded architect who hits her head and wakes up in an alternate reality. The alternate reality of a sappy rom-com. The film did well in the box office and bore the distinction of being Wilson’s first outing as a leading lady. Up until now she has played the plucky comedic relief supporting roles. Isn’t It Romantic is just the beginning, however, as Wilson will be back on the big screen soon.

The Aussie-actress is also co-headlining the remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Anne Hathaway. The remake, called The Hustle, will be showing soon and features Wilson in the Steve Martin role. The film actually debuted its trailers during Isn’t It Romantic’s run. Cats will be Wilson’s final film of 2019. As she is also playing a featured role in Cats 2019 might just bode well for Wilson and launch her career to new heights. If all else fails she can release a new exercise series called Catzercise.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson began her career in Australia. The actress and comedienne wrote and produced many special, movies, and plays during her tenure there. She moved to the U.S. to break out into the stateside film industry.

Her first big role came in the movie Bridesmaids where she played the role of Brynn. Her breakout role came with the film Pitch Perfect where she scored the defining role of Fat Amy. Now two sequels later she has been a part of many films as scene-stealing supporting roles. Her appearance in Isn’t It Romantic signals the elevation of her career.

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Rebel Wilson Will Soon Be Front And Center Again With Her Newest Film That Comes Out Soon


2019 is certainly looking like it is going to start with a bang for well-loved actress Rebel Wilson. She has an exciting new romantic comedy coming out in which she is the main star. This film is entitled Isn’t It Romantic and it is about the trials and tribulations of her character Natalie as she wades through the waters of love after being knocked out and waking up to find herself battling every cliche trope in the world of romance.

This is all part of her overall quest to find love. Rebel Wilson is at the center of this highly anticipated film release but she has an outstanding cast in support of her as well. Cast members include Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra and Adam Devine along with Jennifer Saunders, Tom Ellis and Betty Gilpin who plays one of Natalie’s closest friends.

Talk of this exciting new Rebel Wilson film has been ongoing since 2016 when the first announcements about the production were made. At the time there was still no title for the comedy film. It was during 2017 that the selection of director was made. Todd Strauss-Schulson was chosen for this important role. Soon Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine were brought in as cast members. July of 2017 saw the beginning of principal photography. Read more Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

The announced release date into theaters for Isn’t It Romantic is on the fourteenth of February in early 2019. The film is being released by the legendary Warner Bros. Pictures company. This film is sure to be a can’t miss for lovers of the romantic comedy genre and certainly, a can’t miss for fans of Rebel Wilson. The best part is that the wait will soon be over.

Rebel Wilson has become one of the biggest stars to come out of the country of Australia in recent memory. She has been on a fast-rising path of stardom ever since her 2003 graduation from the Theatre for Young People in Australia. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

It was shortly after this that she landed the role of Toula on the show Pizza which aired on the Special Broadcasting Service television network. She also appeared on a show called The Wedge. She decided to further her career with a move to the United States and was quickly added to the case of the film Bridesmaids. Since then, she has had steady work in the Hollywood scene and has become one of the most recognized celebrities in the world today.

Rebel Wilson is known for her confident yet down to earth demeanour and this has endeared her to a significant fan base worldwide. She has quite happily reached a status in the film industry where she can be pretty comfortable about picking up the projects that she is passionate about.

This is certainly something that all aspiring stars will admit to striving for. The reality is that it takes hard work to achieve this level of success in the ultra-competitive world of Hollywood and Rebel Wilson worked incredibly hard to get to where she is now.


A Busy Beaver named Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a very busy man these days. In the past year, he has moved his base of operations from Los Angeles to New York City. He is the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. That is not all that is on his plate. He is a radio personality with his own show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. In addition to those jobs, he is the executive producer of popular shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the talent show American Idol. It is amazing to think that he has any time to spare but he also takes the time to help sick kids in the hospital with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. On top of all of that, he has a clothing line and a skin care company too. He is one incredibly busy beaver. In an article for the New York Times, Ryan breaks down what his daily routine is like.

Ryan says that he gets up around six in the morning during the week. He takes a quick shower and then shaves. He puts on sweats, a hoodie, and Ugg boots before heading downstairs. He usually has a cup of matcha tea, then a cup of coffee before taking a seven-minute drive to work. He believes fully in keeping fit so when he goes to work he has a trainer go with him in order to keep the routine going.

One thing Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) makes sure of is to eat properly but also to have a little fun too. He enjoys a bottle of wine with his food on Fridays and Saturdays. He admits to being distracted easily and has to put his phone away or lock it up in order to be in the moment.

This is only part of the routine of radio show host Ryan Seacrest. He makes things look easy and balances his jobs and life well. Ryan Seacrest could not ask for a better spot in life. He keeps himself level-headed and makes sure to live in the moment each day. That is his goal.

See Ryan’s profile on Forbes:

Fascinating Career Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is prominent in the Hollywood and the busiest person. He is the man that has been able to manage lots of activities at the same time and ensure success and accomplishment. He hosts radio shows, design suits for men, interview stars, manages Production Company among many others. An interview was carried out to find out how Ryan Seacrest manages his schedule and jobs.

According to the Ryan Seacrest, he runs lots of radio shows, American Idol, Hosting New Year’s Eve, Red carpets for E, Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and others. It is evident that Ryan Seacrest has many jobs and all of them are efficiently managed and done so fast. What makes him to be successful is that almost all of them are situated in one location such that he can walk from radio show to a TV studio. Besides, he has some experts that keep him updated at all times. Since he has a brand of the fashion line, the Ryan Seacrest distinction and the idea and suggestions came from Christopher who was a designer. Now Ryan Seacrest has a distinct brand of suits that are well fitting.

Ryan Seacrest usually wakes up very early in the maori9ng since by five or five-fifteen he is usually on air to bring his radio show. He desired to be a radio presenter since he was a kid. At the age of 16 years, he got the experience while in Atlanta. He was passionate about his job, and it seems like an American Idol to him as it motivated him more. Through his shows, he can now have greater access to more prominent businesses and meeting that Ryan Seacrest could not have the opportunity to get there before.

However, it is the habit of Ryan Seacrest to see things done fast and that is an attribute of impatient as that has propelled him to accomplish his goals in life. Therefore, Ryan Seacrest ensures that everything gets started and out of his way. As mentioned in an article from, he knows that is the only way he can be able to go far and accomplish his determinations as he has planned.

The Music Industry with Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers have surprised their fans by dropping hit after hit in the music industry. Alex Pall and Drew have been making progress since they began working together. Pall says that they began working immediately they met. They had a burning desire to figure out the music industry and make it to the top. The music industry being competitive, they had a lot to work on, to match the premium artists.

Before meeting Drew, Alex Pall had a career and was only DJing in New York, on a part-time basis. He used to do it as a hobby. With time, he realized he was spending much time in his music passion. Well, it was exciting for him, but at the same time, he was scared. He says that in New York City, no one is supposed to be spending time doing their hobby. They should be looking for money to pay their bills.

Nevertheless, he decided to take the risk and concentrate with his music career. This was when his manager introduced him to Drew. Drew was ready to plunge in, and give his career a shot as well, so he moved to Pall.

Their business is booming, and they are now achieving all the dreams they once shared. Their tracks “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” were embraced by the fans. They also made a big accomplishment of working with their dream artist, Halsey. Halsey is among the most celebrated female pop star artist. She is a composed lady, who does not apologize for who she is. Her nature of keeping it real, makes her fans love and appreciate her more. Alex Pall confirms that this is how she is in real life. She is the kind of artist that anyone would enjoy to work with, and her voice is heavy and breath-taking. The song they just released together; “Closer,” has also gained popularity within a short time.

Alex Pall says that the other achievement that the Chainsmokers are enjoying is their expanded audience. He says that their music is now international. Even countries like South Africa, are aware of their music now.

The Chainsmokers Remember Avicii at the Billboard Music Awards

Following the death of Avicii, The Chainsmokers decided to honor the departed DJ in retrospect. In an emotional event held at the Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, The Chainsmokers duo described the departed DJ as a warm-hearted person who brought joy and excitement to everyone who ever worked with him. The duo; Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart could not stop heaping praises on the Swedish DJ who passed on after struggling with mental illness for a while.

The Chainsmokers

The group is a singing DJ production duo made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Taggart joined the group after he caught wind that one of the band members at the group had left. He says that on meeting Alex Pall who managed the group in New York, they struck a rapport and set to work almost as soon as they set eyes on each other and discussed the basics. The Chainsmokers have been in the news for a couple of years now. They are among the few groups that have sprouted from DJ work. Unlike the typical DJs, The Chainsmokers are performers and singers. In fact, since they decided that it was high time their fans saw their faces and watched them do their thing on stage, they have achieved great feats. They released their first single called Selfie in 2014. It was magically received by the crowds and the industry. So, they set to work and released their first album. It contained several songs that came to hit the charts hard shortly after they were released. Some of the songs that rocked the music scene from the album include, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Roses”, and “Closer”. After several sterling performances in which “Don’t Let Me Down was featured among the top 10 on the Hot 100 Billboard, and “Roses” hitting number 5 on the same charts, “Closer” sealed it off by striking gold and rising to the top of the charts.


Avicii was a talented DJ whose colleagues describe as a warm-hearted person. He passed on, on 20th April 2018. It was reported by his family that the sound craft expert from Sweden took his own life following a bout with mental illness. Avicii had already recorded some songs with Geffen Label. The president of the late star’s record label indicated that the music he had recorded may still be released.

Bridget Scarr Works Hard

Bridget Scarr is the individual who puts all that she has to give into the work that she does. She does not back down from a challenge, and she tries her best to bring about positive results in the work that she completes. This woman is someone who has been working hard for some years, and she still has a lot to give. Ms. Scarr is a creative director based out of the UK. This woman is someone who knows what she needs to do, and who is going to put all that she is into the work that she must complete.


Bridget Scarr did great work as she was part of Pollen Creative Media. She helped that company grow from something that was very small into something that is large and that completes many different projects. Ms. Scarr helped a company that might not have made it without her support, and she turned that company into something great. Becuase this woman put all of her efforts into the work that she did for Pollen Creative Media in the years that she was employed there, she was able to accomplish great things for that company and make it into something that others take notice of and watch.


The business world is one that is always changing, and Bridget Scarr is someone who works to keep up with the changes. She is someone who has the talent that is needed to stay on top of all that is happening and to stay up-to-date in the way that she works. Ms. Scarr creates content that is visually rich. All that she does is done specially, and that helps her to be successful in the work that she is doing and the way that she impacts the world around her.


Bridget Scarr is someone who has had to deal with a lot in her time in the business community. Things have not always gone right for her. When her first business shut down, she had to push past the pain and depression that she felt and work hard to move on. She succeeded, and all that she went through then made her what she is today.


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