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Discover Your Fashion Passion at Academy of Art University


Those interested in fashion design can discover their fashion passion at the Academy of Art University. This fine arts school is located in the center of gorgeous San Francisco. This eclectic neighborhood has always embraced art and diversity. The close knitted neighborhood comes together often for community volunteer projects that benefits their neighborhood and other people. The Academy of Art University runs an impressive fashion design program known for its diverse creativity results. The fashion school students attended the well regarded New York Fashion Week just last Fall. Their runway fashions were an overwhelming hit for the audience in attendance.

New York Fashion Week is a haven for those that want to showcase their original fashion designs. The talented students that participated from the Academy of Art University presented some exciting fashion-forward outfits. These designs represented current environmental concerns with fun fabrics and clothing styles made from ordinary trash materials. Other students presented unique fashion expressions that conveyed their diverse cultural and heritage backgrounds. The runway was filled with beautiful Asian fabrics and designs, Scottish styles and other around-the-globe designs. Soft knits featured intriguing textures, and spectacular draping techniques were on display. These creative fashion students and graduates showed the stunning results from their studies at the well respected Academy of Art University.

The staff from Academy of Art University each have distinctive backgrounds that give them an edge in teaching their specialties. While the fashion school is well known to the public, this all-inclusive university offers many fine degrees and specialized courses to prepare for a huge myriad of arts employment possibilities. The campus is absolutely sensational, and the positive energy vibrations are felt wherever a person is on this thriving college campus. Students find the campus beneficial for spurring their authentically diverse creativity passions and future career goals.

It is easy to see why the students attending Academy of Art University get inspired from each other in a good way. This university has long promoted environmental and social causes. Students and staff often take part in the various neighborhood volunteer activities. Academy of Art University promotes creative individuality.

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Ryan Seacrest Conquers The World Of Media

He does it all. Radio, daytime television and hosting one of America’s most infamous singing competition shows are the three main media jobs this man has. Media is his middle name. From running a radio show to jumping on daytime television to appearing on millions of television screens during the evening for American Idol, Ryan Seacrest has truly embarked on the road of media (Thebrotalk).

From an early point in his life, he was intrigued by communications. Being a great talker and a smart businessman, led him to have great success in the world of media. His career has allowed him to amass a great wealth. He has invested his wealth into other projects as well as launched a charity called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

His radio show On Air With Ryan is one of his most beloved passions. Ryan Seacrest truly shines when he is on the air interviewing a Hollywood celebrity or talking to people who have called into his show. The radio may have been his start but radio has turned into his outlet. Being a radio host actually caused him to want to create a charity where children would get the chance to imagine what it could be like by being a tv anchor or radio host.

American Idol has been the highlight of his career. This show allowed him to become so familiar with millions of households across the world. His personality truly shines through the television. Hosting American Idol has led him to other hosting gigs, where he also gets to show how committed and passionate he is to host. Daytime television got a great surprise when he joined Live With Ryan And Kelly. He is now on television during the mornings due to getting hired as a co=host on this morning talk show.

Though media is where his heart is, Ryan is a businessman as well. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his clothing company. Polish is the skincare line that goes along with the clothing company. Together, these two business ventures allot the media mogul more income strems and jobs to add to his already successful media empire.

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Donata Meirelles’ Most Important Accessories

In terms of accessorizing, many of us don’t know where to start; even among those that do, many may only be able to accessorize for specific outfits. One person who’s been looking to change that over her career has been Donata Meirelles, who has spent over thirty years in the fashion business in Brazil. Through this time, she’s been involved with a variety of notable Brazilian fashion companies and helped launch a variety of different trends. With that in mind, Ms. Meirelles has a few distinct fashion accessories that she believes everyone should have.

Bucket Bags

Donata Meirelles has always been somewhat nostalgic when it comes to fashion; much of this is because of the fact that she’s worked on a variety of styles that have since come back into style. With that in mind, she’s normally gets a thrill when one of them becomes popular again. Recently, however, one of the more significant of these has been the re-emergence of bucket bags. There were initially popular in the 1990s, and may have been something that Ms. Meirelles had a hand in during her career at the time. Bucket bags have become increasingly more popular over the past few months, with much of this being because of a few key reasons.

The most notable of these is the fact that they’re incredibly versatile; with the amount of styles and textures available, there’s a bucket bag for almost every outfit. Because of that, Ms. Meirelles has noted that they can be one of the best accessories that you can invest in. As such, they’ll be able to last through a few different seasons while still looking fashionable.

Ankle Boots

Your footwear can make or break an outfit, which is why it’s so important to make the right decision. One of the types of footwear that Donata Meirelles has praised over the last few years has been ankle boots. This has been because Ms. Meirelles has noted that they can complement almost any outfit; furthermore, they can be worn in almost any season. This versatility is because ankle boots have a variety of different textures and styles that let them match up with whatever outfit you might be wearing. Because of the sheer amount of ankle boot styles, as well as the amount of outfit possibilities, Ms. Meirelles has noted that having a few different pair can be worth the investment and will help boost your outfit throughout the year.

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Donata Meirelles’ Key Fashion Tips

The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is a cliche that is not entirely true. The way you look is very important because it is an indicator of a lot of things. Fashion is one of your first lines of defense and communication. Your physical fashion is the first visual cues that you present to the people who see you, and most especially the people you interact with. Which is why everyone should take time with choosing how they dress and present themselves because this is the first message that they send to everyone, and it is a manifestation and a reflection of who you are and how you want to be seen as.

Donata Meirelles is a legendary and an iconic fashion authority – and she has a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to be able to design your own fashion and define your own identity. Besides your main pieces like your top and bottom, and your shoes. Donata Meirelles puts a lot of importance on accessories, because accessories will always complete the look. See more on

Donata Meirelles says that there are a lot of elements that you can play with your accessories like textures and fabrics. Right now, ankle boots are getting into trend again and they are gaining fetishistic status and take the most casual looks into more sexy and more daring looks. Bucket bags are also getting back into cycle, as they were so successful in the 90’s – they are getting back their statute now. And they are regaining their status as the darling of the times.

Donata also punctuates that everyone should invest on things that hold timeless and as classics. Handbags with classic shapes, great fabric and special finishes are always reliable. Donata punctuates that excellent quality handbags are always a good investment, and they will always stand with you through the times.

Donata punctuates that fashion is always a cycle and trends always go back in style, one way or another. And it is always great to check out trends from way before to reinvent yourself and take inspiration from fashion fads before and make it your own and modernize it. There are a lot of elements that you can get from the fashion from before, like the 80’s like metal laminates, embroidery and varieties of luster – these are some of the highlights from the fashion of the 80’s.

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Donata Meirelles: Characteristics of a Progressive Fashion Brand

The Brazilian fashion market is one of the fastest growing in the world, thanks to — Donata Meirelles. In this industry, she is not only a writer and an art director, but also a loyal consumer. Donata believes that for one to be a big name in the fashion industry, creativity is essential. One of her job descriptions is to find and recommend creative pieces. She points out that any fashion piece should have a creative aspect. Last year, the fashion market was home to some of the best trends such as transparent bugs, unmatched fabrics, and brilliant designs. She points out that the level of creativity was unparalleled.

She also points out that any upcoming designer and fashion brand should have bold products — more importantly, should pay attention to details. Donata notices that most of the mainstream fashion brands are reluctant to implement bold ideas. As a result, clients and fashion customers have started moving to smaller brands, which are more willing to step in and be bold with their ideas. Donata also points out that the modern fashion consumer is also keen on details. Details — regardless of the fashion item — have replaced some purchasing factors such as prices. Donata points out that this trend is part of the fashion world. To learn more about Donata Meirelles view her Crunchbase profile

Donata Meirelles has also observed how customer embraces individualized items. Just like other markets, the modern consumer is keen on looking for products that fit their taste, the perception of life and more importantly a trendy item. Donata advises the upcoming designers to pay attention to ‘the customization factor’ in their fashion items. Although the customization market is still relatively small — she believes it has unmatched potential. Customization as a market requires understanding and the best way to understand your market — according to Donata Meirelles — is by research. She points out that information on different markets is now readily available in different spaces.

Finally, she believes that finding and cultivating one’s fashion voice is critical. Donata Meirelles is a firm believer that an authentic voice is what enables major brands to remain consistent in the fashion market. Finding a voice however requires work and more importantly — endless experimentation. The extent of experimentation, according to her, should be controlled and accommodative to customers. As the creative editor in one of the most vocal fashion publication in Brazil, she points out that she has interacted with companies operating on a million dollar budget but do not have an authentic voice. Operating without a specific ‘fashion voice’ that customers can relate with — is dangerous. Read more: