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OSI Industries and Impossible Foods Discover their Common Traits

There are two types of successful businesses over the years. The first type are those that emit self-confidence and sell a product that is simply too good to ignore. These kinds of businesses often have a stronghold on their market consumer base. While second type are a pair of businesses that can work together to meet a greater portion of consumer demand. OSI Industries and Impossible Foods just became the most recent of companies to reach this status. It was a partnership between a meat supplier and a meatless food producer, but the combined nature of their product would encompass nearly all consumers. These two companies describe how their background evolved into this business move.

In order to first understand the current state of food distribution, one has to flashback over a century ago to 1909. Chicago had a thriving German immigrant population and one of them had the unusual idea of starting his own business. The shop saw modern success over the years, but it was the emergence of Ray Kroc during the post-war era that changed everything. This individual built an international food corporation form the ground up. OSI Industries was signed on as the meat producer and distributor. The company owes a good portion of their success to this partnership. View all job openings at

In each generation there will be innovate individuals who seek to challenge the status quo. The 2010s introduced an individual named Patrick Brown who had the connections and knowledge to find a new solution to making the age old food we enjoy. He spent several years researching and experimenting with planets to produce an alternative food that consumers could enjoy. The results of his labor were revealed in 2016 when the Impossible Burger made its national debut. Consumers were shocked at how much it tasted like a normal burger, but yet was more healthier than the typical option. OSI Industries took notice of this rising competition.

The solution that both companies reached was a partnership to give Impossible Burger access to large scale production planet, while OSI Industries could sell the product under their expansive global network.

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Meatless Burgers Via OSI Food Solutions

If you have some form of knowledge about the food industry, then you’ve probably heard of OSI Food Solutions. This particular food manufacturer is a top choice when it comes to food processing, food management, food distribution and food development. OSI was founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski back in the early 1900s. During this specific timeframe, the business was family-owned and operated as a local butcher shop. As the decades passed, this little butcher shop would expand into a global enterprise of wholesale foods. As of 2019, OSI Food Solution is worth over $6 billion. Read this article at to learn more.

Who would have ever thought that a former butcher shop would expand into meatless food solutions. This is certainly the case with OSI Food Solutions as the company will be working hand-to-hand with Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods has a specialty in this particular subject, and it has played an enormous role in bringing these meatless products to the food market. This California-based company has only been around since 2011, but it has created many partnerships with high-profile, fast-food chains. The Impossible Burger is probably the company’s go-to product as of today. This meatless burger got its start at St. Louis-based Burger Kings over the past year. Thanks to such huge demand, Impossible Foods is looking to take this burger to a mainstream level.

OSI Food Solutions and Impossible Foods will be rolling out this majestic burger to a number of chains by the end of 2019, including White Castle. Staying ahead of the game is the way to go, and this partnership will surely institute its case for further growth. OSI Food Solutions’ food scale has increased six times over thanks to this exclusive partnership. With so many advanced facilities available, OSI Food Solutions won’t miss a beat throughout this new transition in food services.

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OSI Group and the Food Sector

OSI Group is the name of a sizable company that operates in the United States currently. It’s aided McDonalds and plentiful other major names. It’s a global force that offers foodservice clients all sorts of indispensable products. It offers them all varieties of effective practices that can strengthen daily efficiency as well. People recognize the substantial business for all sorts of reasons. It even was an initial source of ingredients for McDonalds, an enormous fast food chain that has branches everywhere. People who are trying to find employment opportunities frequently take the time to assess the OSI Group. That’s due to the fact that company recruits fresh new employees consistently.

Jobseekers have all sorts of incentives to strive to work for this company from the United States. It’s been catering to clients for more than a century at this point. It’s a business that thinks that its team members are 100 percent instrumental to all of its accomplishments. Accomplishments are and have always been the thing that pushes the business to the forefront daily. It caters to jobseekers who are situated in all different sections of the planet. These sections include European nations such as Spain, Poland, Hungry, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Baho Group is the name of a company that hails from the Netherlands, a country that’s part of Western Europe. OSI not long ago purchased the business. Baho Group, in a nutshell, is a business that produces everything from treats to meats. It’s equipped with five separate sectors. It has facilities in both the Netherlands and Germany as well. Some of its sectors are Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Henry van de Bilt and Vital Convenience. They accommodate individuals who are scattered all throughout close to 20 nations all around the European continent. John Balvers is the professional who functions as the company’s managing supervisor right now. He’s going to collaborate with people who are part of the OSI Group crew. The aim is to set up an expansion method that can be favorable for the two parties and for all of their varied objectives. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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OSI Group: A Textbook Example of Success

OSI Group is a success story. OSI Group started in 1909 as a small meat market just south of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois, and is now one of the largest value-added food suppliers in the world. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, created the business in Oak Park shortly after arriving in America. He then moved his business from Oak Park to Maywood, another Chicago suburb, under the name Otto & Sons. Kolschowsky built his business with high quality products and was able to venture outside of the local area over the next few decades. However, in 1955 Otto & Sons was able to partner with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, as the restaurant’s meat supplier. This partnership helped Otto & Sons to remain a profitable business venture, but the company did not simply rely on this relationship; instead, it continued to branch out and thrive on its own. Otto & Sons created machines that shaped meat patties and it developed innovative ways of freezing products. These innovations resulted in the company’s opening of its own plant in the early nineteen-seventies.

By 1975, Otto & Sons had become OSI Industries. The company continued to expand and in 1990s partnered with various companies and created a global presence under the names GenOSI. It then went into India under the name Vista Processed Foods, and then it continued to expand into China in 2002 calling itself OSI China.

Still located in the Chicago area, OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. In 2011, OSI Group added the Culinary Innovation Center to that location. OSI Group’s focus has always been on innovation and customer relations, which is now evident in its practice of tailoring products to meet the customer’s needs. Instead of mass producing a product and peddling it out to possible customers, the OSI Group seeks information from its customers, and then it creates products specifically designed to meet those needs. It is that kind of dedication to customer service that has helped a small meat market located in a Chicago suburb to become the global leader it is today. OSI Group acquires Rose Packing

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OSI Group Is Controlled by Sheldon Lavin

A huge percentage of the meat processing industry is controlled by a company called OSI Group. The Chief Executive Officer of this company is a man named Sheldon Lavin. He has received a great deal of acclaim for the way that he has been able to make the company bigger and stronger than other meat processing operations around the world. Lavin has been able to do this by always thinking about the future. He feels that it is very important to innovate instead of being one of the many companies that simply jump on the bandwagon when something becomes popular.

One of the things that Sheldon Lavin is most known for is his use of technology to make the operations of OSI Group faster and more efficient than their rival companies. He has been using automated facilities for many years. This has helped to reduce the overhead of the company and increase their profits at the same time. Lavin is always attending trade shows so he can stay informed about the latest technological advancements that are being made in the meat processing industry. He always wants to be the first one to start using technology that he feels will keep OSI Group ahead of their competitors.

Sheldon Lavin is also known for his ability to make wise decisions concerning his facilities. He carefully scouts an area in order to make sure that it will be the ideal location for an OSI Group facility. Ideally, he looks for places that are rural and have no other meat processing facilities that are nearby. He wants to be the only game in town. He has used this particular strategy repeatedly in foreign countries in order to get a foothold in a new market. This is one of the reasons why OSI Group has grown so big on an international level.

Sheldon Lavin started with a single meat processing factory and turned it into an empire. His attention to detail and incredible foresight have helped him to accomplish this amazing feat. He has no plans to step down as CEO any time soon. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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OSI Food Solution’s Expansion

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OSI Food Solutions has grown very fast to get among the biggest value-added food suppliers in the world. It now operates facilities more than 65 in about 17 countries and has a total of about 20,000 employees. Currently, OSI is ranked among the large private companies in the United States. Their resources offer the organizations that are food-related business partner of extreme strength, positive global reputation and quick responsiveness.

The success for OSI Food Solutions did not come overnight. They started in 1909 as a small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Even after their success, the company still maintained its headquarters at the city of Illinois. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky who came from Germany to the States. Two years later, he opened family meat market at their local town. However, he relocated to Maywood, a Chicago suburb. The next decades saw the company establish strong reputations in the local communities through provision of the highest-quality meat in that region.

The expansion process for OSI Food Solutions soon started and they moved beyond their area. In 1995, the company achieved its first major partnership in their history. Ray Kay, an Illinois entrepreneur got franchising rights to start a chain of restaurants of burger. The first one was opened in 1955 at Illinois whereby their official ground beef supplier was Otto & Sons. By 1973, Otto & Sons had a meat plant processing high volume of products. They officially changed their name to OSI Food Solutions later in 1975.

Their journey of success went on through several partnerships. In 1991, they made several partnerships that led to their massive growth around the country and also globally. In 2002, they expanded further all the way into China and opened their headquarters in Illinois by 2012. Their access to the food supply chain of the world gives them an added advantage over their competitors. They can secure prices that are good enough by providing senior products fitting their customers operations, culinary profiles and reduce the amount of time taken to prepare the foods. They now provide a wide range of products that match the emerging and the evolving tastes of the market.

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