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The Repton School’s 5K for Education

The Repton School recently spoke about an event they are holding to raise money for a charity they would like to support called A Matter of Kids. This charity works to provide education to all of the children of Bangalore and India. Though their process is selective, it is very inclusive and takes all of the different children’s circumstances into account. The chosen child will receive support and assistance from the foundation in all of their educational ventures that they otherwise would not receive. It takes only 100 pounds to support one child through the charity for an entire year.

In order to do this, the Repton School is hosting a 10K run that will consist of 78 different obstacles for them and other runners to overcome. The proceeds will be given to the A Matter of Kids Charity, so they’re hoping to receive more sponsorship before this event so that they can earn the amount of money they have set out to achieve for these children. Its amazing work, and they’re hoping everyone will try to get involved. Anything helps and there are lots of children who need it.

The Repton School is a co-ed boarding school that considers the education of today’s youth to be their biggest priorities, and also a huge necessity for our future. They’re top focus is making sure that these young minds are elevated, nurtured and full prepared for the modern world ahead of them. They have 10 boarding houses that are house the boys and girls separately. However, every house is fully focused on positivity and providing a family environment for all of the students enrolled. The students are able to connect with one another while also exploring their own ideas and taking their own initiatives as a house.

With their Head Master Mark Semmence, the Repton School intends to see more growth from the beautiful minds they house at their school.