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Barbara Stokes specializes in the commercialization and engineering aspects of GSH, a company developed in the Disaster Relief sector and based in Alabama. Read this article at

There are many customized services they can offer to support the home restoration cause and recover properties from disruptive events.

Construction Development Project: What Barbara Stokes does is implementing modular home innovations with GSH and replicate these structures among all the struggling regions.

In Huntsville, Alabama, this was the primary activity on the company to diminish the negative effects of natural events.


Logistics: Even though Barbara Stokes has spread the GSH influence about multiple locations, transportation technology helps them to support zones where the company hasn’t been established yet.

A clear example is the contributions made after Hurricane Harley and Katrina. Thousands of dollars worth of donations were delivered to disaster relief programs such as FEMA. The company earned the respect of many residents due to their 30 years of experience supporting their families. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.