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Felipe Montoro Jens Comments On Brazil’s Stalled Infrastructure Projects

Close to 3000 Brazil development projects have been stalled. This is according to a report put together by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). Felipe Montoro Jens, who was interested in this development, pointed out that 517 infrastructure projects were among those affected. This was at a cost of R $ 10.7 billion. The infrastructure projects expert had a lot to say about the disruptions.

The stalled infrastructure projects were spread out in different sectors including airports, ports, waterways, highways and mobility works. Basic sanitation was the hardest hit sector as work on 447 projects came to a standstill. The shutdowns have resulted in unprecedented losses as the investments put in the projects are not paying much dividends to the society. Other less costly projects including preschools and day-care centers were also affected. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens stated that CNI’s report included the factors that had brought about the disruptions. Top on the list was the issue of budgetary constraints. This was coupled to land ownership issues along with technical hitches. Expropriation of land only made matters worse. Some of the companies that had been tendered to carry out the projects backed out as they did not have the capacity to see out the tasks. The economic crisis received part of the blame for this.

The federal government had opted to rein in on their spending to keep their financial situation in good shape. Felipe Montoro Jens pointed out that this had a ripple effect which trickled down to the development projects. The strained relationship between the control bodies and public managers did little to help the situation.

The government was urged to put in place measures that would save the country from finding itself in a similar position in the years to come. It was encouraged to design better contracts, improve macroplanning and offer better support to the development teams. With the presidential elections coming up soon, Felipe Jens Montoro believed that the candidates should consider this as they make their manifestos.