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Newswatch TV Reviews Covers Technology, Entertainment and Safety Devices

Newswatch is a cutting edge morning news show that helps individuals stay up to date on current technologies and news related stories. A popular segment is the tech report that in depth discusses toys, gadgets and new technologies that discuss basic operation and cost of these items. App watch is another popular segment that covers new and old apps for people to consider installing or removing from their smart devices.

Beyond the technology Newswatch also has a biz segment in their broadcast that goes over hot to watch business trends. Some trends may include smart device hearing aids and neighborhood smart device charging stations. The end of the Newswatch show is concluded with an entertainment wrap up that covers movies and celebrity interviews. In addition to watching Newswatch directly on their website fans can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

With such a wide variety of broadcasts to watch it can be difficult to choose just one. The OWL Auto Escape Tool broadcast is of important interest to those who have ever felt trapped in an emergency situation. What happens if you are trapped in your own car? There can be situations where rolling down a window or opening a door is an impossible task. The OWL emergency escape device is the size of a credit card. It is installed at the top of the window where the window meets the upper door frame. Simply tugging on it will immediately shatter the entire window which allows quick escape from a vehicle. The Owl is comprised of a carbine tip and uses vibrations to shatter the glass. An individual’s strength is not a factor when utilizing the owl. Children and seniors can easily safely shatter a window with it. Newswatch features several videos about safety and trending items to keep consumers in the know about new products such as the Owl.


NewsWatch TV Reviews is an popular Television show that focuses on keeping the public informed on issues concerning Technology, Consumer News, Business as well as updates on well known Celebrities. Technology related topics such as the best mobile apps to use may be talked about on NewsWatch. In addition, Celebrity news is another common topic that is discussed on Newswatch. You may find the latest news concerning Celebrities such as the Kardashians or an O.J. Simpson update.

Public service related announcements as well as medical discoveries and reports can be found on Newswatch. Newswatch is geared toward keeping the public informed on issues that society may consider important. Some of the issues discussed on NewsWatch may not be of interest to everyone however, the issues are still discussed on the network due to public’s overwhelming curiosity about a particular topic or subject.

SMT based interviews and video releases can also be found on the NewsWatch Network. NewsWatch is owned and operated by Bridge Communication Group. NewsWatch is headquartered out of Washington D.C. In addition, the network has other locations in New York City and Denver Colorado. A smaller satellite office was opened in 2016 which is located just outside of Fairfax Virginia. NewsWatch receives high ratings and the organization appears to be growing at a rapid rate. Michelle Ison is a frequent Co-host on NewsWatch.

In 2017, NewsWatch won a special “Videograph Entertainment Award” for their half hour Television show. It came as no surprise that the network received an award. Of course, there are some that are critical of NewsWatch as well as the topics covered on the show. Generally speaking, the show is a big hit and it seems the news and information discussed on NewsWatch is becoming more interesting and informative. Therefore, naturally more people seem to be tuning in to watch Newswatch on a regular basis.

NewsWatch is also in line for a Gold and Platnium Award. It is quite an honor for any organization to receive the Gold and Platnium Marcom Award. NewsWatch first came into being in early 1990. Back in the early 1990’s NewsWatch primarily focused on economic as well as financial issues. Since that time NewsWatch has become a TV News Magazine based program. According to recent ratings NewsWatch has more people tuning in to watch the show almost like a regular ritual. This is very good news to the networks.

Academy of Art University and Its Excellence in Nurturing Creativity

Richard S. Stephens is the architect of The Academy of Art University which started operating in 1929. The school is privately family owned and experienced a couple of changes since it began its operations. Back in the days, the institution was used for teaching advertising art only but later evolved to be an Academy Art College before it changed its name to the currently known The Academy of Art University.


The institution has grown to enroll more than 12,000 students who are taught by well-experienced lecturers. Currently, The Academy of Art University has 283 lecturers who are employed on a full-time basis and 1154 on a part-time basis. This prestigious school is located in San Francisco and has proved to be one of the largest among all the other private universities found in the United States of America.


Interestingly, the university is accredited to provide online classes for the courses they offer and their system accommodates both undergraduates and postgraduates. Most of their courses go for fours but there are some that take a bit longer, 6 years if the students enroll for part-time studies. The university participates chiefly in athletics as one of its major co-curriculum activities and has received a series of accolades due to their good performances.


The Academy of Art University has been participating in New York Time Fashion Week as from 2005. These events are normally held twice every year to give various fashionistas and designers a platform for showcasing their talents. During the most recent event that was held in September 2017, many of the fresh graduates, students, and alumni came together in unity to rock the runways with rich designs of different origins. Some of the students used this opportunity for their internships.


The designs done by the students during the fashion week included the MFA Fashion Design that they adopted from China and Los Angeles, BFA Knitwear Design of New York origin and much more. This was an amazing opportunity that enhanced the creativity of these students.


Altogether, The Academy of Art University has made great advances that the students have explored for the success of their careers.


Rubica’s Personal Cyber Security Offer Protects Against Severity As Well as Number of Attacks

Along with the internet, there have been tons of cyber attacks committed against various people. Of course the nature of these attacks were quite diverse. For one thing, people have attacked different users for different reasons. However, there is one common reaction to these attacks. The victim is devastated and his life is changed forever. This is one of the reasons that it is important for users to get personal cyber security protection. This can give them a much greater peace of mind than when they are vulnerable. For one thing, an attack can occur at anytime, and it is more often than not when one is least prepared for one.


However, it is not just the number of attacks. The severity of the attacks is also something to look at when it comes to cyber security. The more disturbing aspect of it is that anyone can be a victim. While higher profile people like the Obama administration and political figures can be subject to attacks, people who are low in profile are not safe either. Fortunately, there is a personal cyber security firm that can fight against all of the attacks that people are faced with. This security firm is called Rubica.

One thing that can be said about Rubica is that it is one of the most effective personal cyber security protection firms. For one thing, their experts do all of their work from US-based ops center. Among the things they do is monitor all of the threats to identity and other pieces of personal property that are shared online. This makes sure that the hackers are unable to break through security and get a hold of any assets that are online. While the internet does provide a lot of convenience, it is also filled with a lot of dangerous activity.

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