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Richard Liu Qiangdong Interview with Davis-Klosters in the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Richard Liu Qiangdong obtained a degree in sociology from the Renmin University of China. While at the university, he self-studied computer programming. Richard Liu later pursued an EMBA degree at the China Europe International Business School. When he completed his studies, he got a job with Japan Life, a health product firm. He held different positions, including the director for business and the director for computers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was among the people that Davos-Klosters interviewed during the 2018’s world economic forum annual meeting. He used that spotlight moment to explain a few facts about him and his journey in the world of business. The information that Richard Liu revealed about his background shows that anything is possible as long as you have the right amount of determination.

Richard Liu Qiangdong said that he came from a poor background. His parents were involved in the business of transporting coal between North China and South China. At some point in his childhood, Richard Liu assisted his parents in the business. Thankfully, his impoverished background didn’t prevent him from studying and becoming who he is today. Richard Liu Qiangdong attended college in Beijing. While in college, he established a restaurant, which later collapsed. He found it challenging to balance his attention between the business and his studies. In a week, Richard Liu could only find two hours to dedicate to his restaurant.

Richard Liu knew that he couldn’t give up on business irrespective of the first failure. As such, he formed One of the reasons for creating the retail store was to find a way of making money to pay for his grandmother’s treatment costs. Upon finishing college, most of his fellow graduates managed to travel abroad to further their studies. Richard Liu didn’t have the financial muscles to do the same, and this is another reason he decided to open the retail business in 1998 and start making money. Little did Richard Liu know that his inability to go abroad was a blessing in disguise.

Davis-Klosters sought to know where Richard Liu got the name The business excitedly explained that his wife was his first girlfriend. He went further to explain that the name of the company was a mere combination of his wife’s last name and his first name.

In the beginning, J.D sold magneto-optical products. Five years down the line, the business already had 12 stores. Another hindrance reared its ugly face – the outbreak of SARS, which hindered face to face interactions with his customers. He closed down his 12 stores, but then got the idea of doing his business online in 2004a. A comparison of the data between offline and online business revealed shocking statistics. Online business was characterized by lower costs and a higher level of customer satisfaction compared to offline business. Today, is the largest retailer in China and sells a wide range of products.

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Igor Cornelsen Is A Reputable Investment Advisor

Are you searching for someone who can provide the guidance you need to be successful? Do you want to start investing for your future and need expert assistance? Perhaps you have an existing portfolio and need a reliable advisor to guide you in growing your business and investment ventures. That’s where a reputable professional like Igor Cornelsen comes in – to ensure that you make the right decision for your situation.

Igor Cornelsen has been in the financial services field for a long time and he understands what needs to be done to secure your future. He was an investment banker for many years and later started his own investment advisory firm.

As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen handled underwriting and other issues related to raising capital through selling stocks or bonds. He has helped many clients achieve great results.

Igor Cornelsen is fully committed to helping clients achieve a great outcome in their ventures and is well equipped to cater to a wide variety of investors. He is passionate about the investment industry and has access to excellent resources.

Whether you are trying to save money for your future or you want to invest for your

children’s education, it is crucial that you consult a professional who is well versed in the field.

Many individuals all over the world want to start investing and are looking for reputable firms and professionals to guide them properly. Anyone who is interested in investing or

managing their money will benefit immensely from the expert services provided by Igor


Investment opportunities are available but you need to know how to go about taking advantage of them. You’ll want to choose an opportunity that can yield significant returns on investment. With proper guidance, you will certainly take the steps you need to reach your goals.

Meet Peter Briger: A Co-Principal At Fortress Investment Group

Alongside Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger is at the helm of the corporate leadership team of Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative asset manager in the world. Prior to Fortress Investment Group, Briger spent 15 years at Goldman, Sachs serving in different capacities including as a partner. He joined Fortress in 2002 and he was part of the asset management firm during its initial public offering in 2007, making it the first equity firm and alternate asset manager in America to go public. Fortress is a global company which manages assets worth more than $39 billion on behalf of more than 1750 individual and institutional investors from across the world.

Serving as a co-principal, Peter Briger came on board four years after the equity firm had been founded. The equity firm grew spontaneously and during its IPO in 2007, he was listed in The Forbes 400 ranking number 317 with a net worth of $1.5 billion. Peter Briger went to Princeton University and acquired his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Briger is responsible for Fortress’s Credit division focusing on credit as well as real estate business. During his time at Goldman Sachs, he was a member of Japan Executive, Global Control and Compliance, as well as Asian Management committees. He was in-charge of Asia focusing specifically on real estate as well as debt vehicles. This background prepared him for the roles he plays at Fortress, an asset management firm which was recently acquired by SoftBank for $3.3 billion in 2017.

The Japanese multinational purchased Fortress and left it to operate independently with its corporate leadership team intact. Principals at the company including Briger addressed their employees that ten years after going public, the company has embarked on a new path to embrace the challenges that come with being in a worldwide market by combining efforts with the Japanese multinational. Personally, Wes Edens welcomed the move for the company to become private again.

Apart from his roles at the firm, Peter Briger serves as a member of the board of directors of the Princeton University Investment Company. Additionally, he supports the Central Park Conservancy and Tipping Point.

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Paul Mampilly Has The Midas Touch When It Comes To Investing

Paul Mampilly is a very good financial investor and he has a great financial mine. His financial expertise landed him as the senior editor at Banyan Hill publishing. He received one of the best education from Fordham University and graduated with an MBA. After graduating college he received a position as a portfolio manager with Bankers Trust. He also managed a six billion dollar hedge fund for a company by the name of Kinetic Asset Management. While he was employed by this company he turned the six billion in assets in twenty five billion in assets. Paul Mampilly eventually grew tired of working on Wall Street and decided to start educating regular people on how to invest and maximize their weekly paychecks. Read more on

Paul Mampilly investment abilities are so good that in 2008 when the market crashed he was able to turn a 50 million dollar account in 88 million dollars. This was extremely impressive because it was a 76 percent return doing one of the worst times to invest in the stock market that is currently on record. He has made other substantial gains in the stock market as well. He made a 696 percent return on investing in a company called Ariad Pharmaceuticals and a 736 percent return on investing in a company called Coeur Mining. Paul Mampilly has the ability to find the diamond in the rough when it comes to investing. When Mr. Mampilly left Wall Street he decided to start a newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This newsletter has helped common everyday people build wealth in the stock market.

Mr. Mampilly has some incredible testimonies that have been given by individuals who used his newsletter and actually applied the advice that was given. One gentleman stated that he made a $4,000 investment on the advice given by Paul Mampilly and that $4,000 investment made him $120,000. Mr. Mampilly is currently recommending that people start investing in the technology industry because it is expected to go from a 20 billion dollar industry to a 15.7 trillion dollar industry within the next 5 years. If you do the math it is it predicted to be a 76000 percent growth.

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Ara Chackerian’s Work in the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian has years of service in the healthcare world. He has built a career working as an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Chackerian has spent more than twenty years taking start-up healthcare companies and building them into successful companies. His resume includes work with some of the most successful companies in the healthcare world. He has demonstrated on several occasions that he has the knowledge and skills to build a successful business.

After graduating college, Ara Chackerian entered the working world. One of his first jobs was co-founding the healthcare company PipelineRx. PipelineRx is a national leader in providing pharmacy services. This company was the first of a number of major companies that Chackerian would either start or work with. This list of companies include TMS Solutions and BMC Diagnostics. These companies have been influential by providing unique and innovative medical solutions. Along with working with very well known companies, Chackerian has also served in a number of leadership roles. For several years he worked as the Executive Vice President of PSS/Medical World. This company is a global leader in providing medical supplies.

Ara Chackerian has always been focused on putting patients first. His company TMS Solutions has been forward thinking in addressing mental health issues like depression. Through lots of research he has discovered the power of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and has been a huge supporter of this therapy. He ultimately believes it will join medication and talk therapy as a major part of psychiatric care. Over the years this therapy has been particularly effective in treating those suffering from major depressive disorders.

Giving back to others is a major part of Ara Chackerian’s work. He has become well known for his philanthropic work. During his career he has collaborated with non-profit groups like Nor Luyce, CREA Nicaragua, and JUMA Ventures. He continues to be committed to worthy causes all over the world. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

Jana Lightspeed- An Admirable Leader in Business and Technology

Jana Messerschmidt is an inspirational advisor and investor based in the United States. She is a businesswoman who turned from being an engineer. Her knowledge expertise in market places, digital and social media, and platforms enabled her to start Lightspeed Venture Partners. She has been at the middle of technology and business in all her career, holding various positions in business development, sales and marketing, and engineering.

Jana Lightspeed attended the University of Illinois in 1997 for her tertiary education. In the university, she graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2001. She started working with a San Diego based firm that focused on technological development in 2005. Jana Lightspeed was responsible for the management and expansion of offshore accounts and also served as a Senior Manager. She later joined Netflix in 2009 where she served as the Business Development Director. In the company, she expanded and developed new consumer and mobile electronics online partnerships.

Jana Messerschmidt also worked with twitter between 2010 and 2016 where she held the position of Vice President of the Department of Business Development and Platform. She led a team of over 150 members who were responsible for the establishments of international partnerships, that included both enterprise focused and consumer companies. Through her knowledge and expertise, she was successful in assisting partner management and business development, account management, and developer marketing, among other things.

After she left SmartDrive Systems in 2018, she joined Lightspeed Venture Partners where she is a member of the investing team for consumers and also a partner. Her company specializes in early-stage investments in technology and enterprise space. Her investment portfolios include technology, enterprise, cleantech, and consumer markets. Lightspeed Ventures specializes in start-up, incubation, and growth companies, and she utilizes her experience and knowledge in debt financing to develop progressive strategies.

Paul Mampilly Highlights The Importance Of Security For IoT Systems

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The world has in recent days been abuzz with the news about the Internet of Things. One of the main questions that people have is whether the hype behind IoT will live up to bring the impact. According to Paul Mampilly, an top American investor with a huge reputation of investing in tech stocks says that IoT will face some challenges in 2019. He believes that these challenges are some of those that will divert the trajectory of the IoT going into the future. Mampilly, a former hedge fund manager has made a name by making predictions that other experts can barely notice in advance. He has a knack for good opportunities, something makes him an exceptional trader.

According to Gartner, the number of tech devices that connect to the internet grew from 35 percent to 44 percent. By 2019, it is expected that the total number of such devices will rise to over 14.2 million. By 2012, there will be over 25 billion devices that will support IoT technology. Mampilly, however, feels that although the technology has huge potential to change the world, some of the challenges that stand on the way need to handled as early as possible. Two of the main concerns that he has about this technology is incompatibility and security.

Paul Mampilly has been featured numerous times on business news channels such as Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg. For IoT to realize its full potential, certain things need to be done. New protection methods should be developed, and developers should not assume that the current protection methods will serve even for future gadgets. In 2019, Paul Mampilly predicts that the security of IoT will be put to the test. As an experienced expert in financial sector, Paul Mampilly cannot fail to spot excellent opportunities in advance.

Paul Mampilly is an exceptional investments manager. While working with Kinetics Asset Management as the hedge fund manager, among the things he did was to raise the net worth of the organization from $6 billion to $25 billion. As a result of his work, KAM was featured as the “World’s Best” hedge fund in the world.

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Nitin Khanna’s Transformative and Successful Entrepreneurial Undertakings

Nitin Khanna is an Indian born entrepreneur. He was born in 1971. Nitin Khanna came from a family where his father served in the army. Most of his schooling time in India, he mostly attended boarding schools. When he was an the age of 17 , he managed to migrate to the United States of America where he went to purse his higher education studies. While in the United States of America, he managed to attain his undergraduate degree as well as his masters degree in industrial engineering.

In the late 1990s, together with his brother who had joined him in the United States of America, were able to start a software firm they named, Saber software which became very popular and successful for its contribution towards the electoral process whereby it was involved in providing software used during the election process. Later, Nitin Khanna and his brother sold the software entity and invested heavily in helping mobile firms through his firm, Mergertech.

Nitin Khanna is an individual who has worked with many companies whereby he has developed a rich experience. He believes that most of his time and energy have been mostly directed towards companies having the appropriate individuals who fit well in them. He believes that having the right individuals in a firm is a valuable ingredient for success in a given firm. Nitin Khanna engages in productive undertakings that that work towards his mission and vision of success in any activity he carries out. He also practices time management very well by staying on top of time all the time through prioritizing his areas of concern on a daily basis.

Nitin Khanna is a business minded person that cherishes the success of businesses he has handled with the hope that they grow into multinational companies recognized throughout the globe. He believes in people evaluating their capabilities and skills before deciding to undertake their entrepreneurial dreams. It is therefore his belief that having an idea about entrepreneurship does not guarantee its success. He is also a person who dedicate some time to spend with his family.

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This Man Bhanu Choudhrie: A UK- Indian Based Billionaire

Middle East is not being left out in the vast growth happening in various continents. Investors such as Bhanu Choudhrie one of the UK- Indian based investor is taking the business to another level. He hails from a rich family of the famous Choudhrie clan. The clan is one of the wealthiest families in India. His father was a philanthropist who is famous for having donated a considerate amount of his capital to UKs liberal democratic party. He is also a prominent businessman mainly dealing in arms.

Bhanu Choudhrie and his father Sudhir, are friends and business partners. Bhanu is a director in C&C Alpha Group. The family business has an interest in care homes and utilities. Since its inception in 2002, the group serves as a holding company for private investors. The investors represented by C&C Alpha Group have been venturing in capital funding for more than three decades. Learn more about Bhanu Choudhrie at

Bhanu Choudhrie’srole is to provide advice and assistance to infant companies. He helps investors by laying down strategies for them and maximizing their growth potential. The company is interested in healthcare, real estate, aviation, hospitality, agriculture and utilities.

Bhanu’s company has shown interest in aviation. The company has been partnering with the UAE in a number of ways. The company supports an aviation school by the name Sharjah – Alpha aviation academy. The aviation academy has been training pilots for supplies Air Arabia and short hauls airlines. The school has had tremendous growth and now it’s recruiting more than 120 recruits. The firm has launched a Centre in the Philippines that is currently training 500 pilots.

The school is proud of training pilots from scratch to professionals. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the aviation industry is experiencing growth and more opportunities are emerging. He is also advocating for more women in the aviation industry. There are only 3% of women pilots globally. Players in the aviation industry have been carrying out campaigns to encourage more women to study airline related courses.

Bhanu Choudhrie has also shown interest in water desalination business. Through his firm Alpha Utilities, he operates a seawater reverse desalination plant. The plant supply’s desalinated water to Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority. The plant plans to increase its volume of production from 0.5 million gallons of water per day to 2 million gallons per day.

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HGGC – Achieving Financial Success Through Private Equity Investment

HGGC is a well-known private equity firm and it has catered to numerous clients around the world. The company has access to some of the best resources and takes steps to ensure a great outcome for clients.
Before you try to get into the private equity market, it is very important that you have a good understanding of the industry. Highly knowledgeable professionals can walk you through the process of creating a fortune in this investment arena.
Private equity investment firms invest in private companies. They can also engage in buyouts of public companies and then delist public equity. This popular investment method is an attractive option for many investors around the world because it generates huge sums of money.
An investment group may decide to keep the current management if they have expertise in that company’s industry. The investment firm may also have long-term goals for the newly acquired company and want to promote stability, rather than selling it quickly.
Perhaps you are considering investing in private equity. Maybe you want to find out what’s involved in creating vast fortunes using this investment strategy. That’s where the experienced professionals at HGGC can help.
Growth capital is one of the private equity investments which can generate huge amounts of money for all parties involved. HGGC acquires companies which can be improved and bring in experts to help make them more attractive to buyers. Restructuring a company can be complicated, but the overall goal is to take it to a point where it is generating a positive revenue. If they can see the potential for growth, they proceed and invest a lot of money to restructure operations.
Poor management, unseen opportunities and a high volume of assets can make any company a takeover target. Private equity experts like HGGC can see invisible losses. They can tell why a company is performing poorly. Perhaps the company has too few or too many employees. The experienced professionals at HGGC can identify a company’s weakness and take steps to grow the business and then take it public and sell it.