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Well Done for Daniel Taub

There are many jobs that are not just jobs but a way of life and a part of the very essence of the persons who perform them. For example, nannies, crimefighters, nurses and ambassadors all do what they do in someway no matter what the task at hand is. Daniel taub is one such a man and loyal patriot to the United Kingdom and to the Israeli nation. This fact becomes apparent from a single conversation with him on the matter of British-Israeli relations and the big business that can come from good rapport and negotiation between states and nations.


And, there are so many memories and jobs done in his service to the Court of Saint James that it is not unimaginable that Taub’s presence may still remain after he passes the batton so to speak. Perhaps, the strongest effect he is to leave from his time spent in office should be an unchanged love, favor and devotion to the Jewish faith and nation. This is true, even in light of his British born citizenship. But, he recalls letting go of that treasure for the honor and privilege to know a life that he dare to dream before. The benefits of being able to raise his family in the ancestral lands of his fathers is something that he not only could not say no to, it is something that chose him. Learn more:


And over the course of more than thirty years, his rise to the challenge is not only sufficient, it is compared to some of the great master’s works before him such as Shlomo Argov. But if it all sounds like glitz, glamour, good times and flashing lights, it is not. Neither the history or the present state of the relations between the United Kingdom and the Israeli nation are to be thought of lightly. It is all about taking potential wars and making them into milestones of peace and prosperity instead. When done correctly on both sides of the field, Daniel Taub describes the experience as “feeling good”. And, there is nothing wrong with that. The success of his work while in the office predicates on the understanding that Israeli needs to see the united Kingdom for the financial power that it is, and the UK needs to understand Israel’s history richness. Making this happen does not always prove easy, but the progresses made under Taub’s administration and liaison are record breaking to say the least.