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The Cone Marshall Firm Helps Families Create And Manage Wealth

The New Zealand-based law firm Cone Marshall is a unique company that works in the field of international tax and trusts and helps companies establish businesses abroad as well as handling funds from trusts and dispersing them accordingly. The company was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Both of these individuals have extensive experience in commercial litigation. They also have expertise in tax planning and handling trust funds. The Cone Marshall Firm has a reputation for helping to accomplish international ventures. They essentially help to set up and establish businesses by companies located in other countries. Their company handles all of the tax paperwork and licenses all of the red tape which makes creating new companies much easier than it would otherwise be.


Geoffrey Cone was referred to as a Quintessential Tax Lawyer in an article that was published earlier in the year.Geoffrey Cone helped to dispel the myth that New Zealand was a haven for shady tax dealings by offering a great deal of transparency in the company and is a member of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. That organization holds up standards for transparency in company actions regarding tax matters.


Cone Marshall leads the combined experience of two individuals that have been working in their specialized fields for several decades. For many, Cone Marshall provides necessary services that help them to become established and guides them with valuable wealth management insight.


In 2005 she joined Cone Marshall and one year later she began to serve as the principal. She currently specializes in trust and gives her clients direction and avenues for action. Geoffrey Cone was Chairman of Partners at a law firm in New Zealand before founding Cone Marshall. He has extensive background knowledge in commercial litigation and he also has worked as a tax advisor and a tax trustee. Together Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone have created an effective and trusted company that can accomplish goals that help to serve their clients and create smart strategies for wealth management.