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Move Over Chapstick, A New Lip Balm is in Town

EOS lip balm is now a more popular product than Chapstick. Considering many people are still unfamiliar with the EOS name, this is impressive for a company so young. EOS got their start just seven short years ago, and now, with more than one million orbs of lip balm sold weekly, the brand sells more than the 100-year-old one-time leader. Evolution of Smooth plans to improve their product and brand further in the near future, because there’s no such thing as being ‘good enough.’

Once the EOS name began spreading amongst celebrities and an A-list of who’s who, everyone on Facebook and social media knew it would be only a short time before the brand exploded. And it happened, far sooner than anyone ever anticipated. The EOS lip balm brand was a breath of fresh air for women who wanted to keep smooth, chap-free lips, but also wanted a little fun, too. The container gave the lip balm an eccentric appearance, and the flavor choices ensure that you’re never bored. Add the fact that EOS lip balms are all-natural, made with only quality ingredients, and you have a winning product. Did we mention the low cost of an EOS orb? At a price of less than $4 each on Amazon and eBay,, EOS lip balm is luxury goods at knock-off prices.