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What GPB Global Resources is Doing to Improve the Environment

There are so many companies that are committed to reducing the impact of negative environmental changes. Some are struggling to achieve their targets while others are still on the course of their work. One of the committed countries is Ethiopia which is working around the clock to enhance improved climatic changes. It has been able to break the world record with a record-breaking target of more than expected in 12 hours. There has been a large number of volunteers who have been involved in the trees planting mission. One of these is the GPB Global Resources.

GPB Global Resources is a global company like its name suggests and has been known for its efforts across the world. The company’s office in Ethiopia was able to play its role in various ways. The majority of these are narrowed down to funding. According to reports, the institution supported two communities in planting more than 1000 trees across the country. These volunteers were able to plant all these trees within a very short period. They were so excited and through Global, they managed to revive their hopes regarding the future of their children which has been affected by the illegal cutting of trees. To know more about the company click here.

The whole event was attended by a large number of volunteers from across Ethiopia. Their Prime Minister was also in attendance and made h event very colorful. Abiy Ahmed took part in the Green Legacy Initiative to prove to the world that he is committed to making the country green. The project is targeting to have more volunteers like the GPB Global Resources so that they can continue reducing the environmental impact.

One of the ways this can be done is through returning of the forests. This was recorded through a record-breaking process that witnessed over 350 million trees being planted across the whole nation. The July 29 initiative saw them break India’s record of 50 million seedlings. This is a good move towards the environmental conservation that GPB Global Resources has enhanced. They did not stop there and have been moving across the globe advising people on ways to preserve the environment.