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Sergey Petrossov and the Quickly Dropping Price of Flying on a Commercial Jet with JetSmarter


Sergey Petrossov and his company, JetSmarter, have changed the way that many people fly on a private jet. His company has made it easier than ever before to fly on a private jet, which has led to a rapid growth in this industry. As more people than ever before fly on a private jet, this means that the prices are going to continue to fall. Therefore, Sergey Petrossov is going to push the commercial travel industry as well. If this happens, it might turn the entire industry on its head. There are many people who would probably welcome this shift with open arms. Sergey Petrossov has done this changing the way the charters for private planes are booked.

When someone is looking to rent out their jet for private use, they typically rely on a third-party company to make this happen. Unfortunately, these companies haven’t been the best at filling up these planes. This has led to lots of planes flying for hours without even filling up half of their seats. This is far from a profitable business model and Sergey Petrossov looked to change all of this. He knew that if there was a way to make this process easier, the planes would fill up. Then, people would get a bigger return on their investment when they rent out their plane, making it easier to keep the industry afloat.


Sergey Petrossov did exactly that. He created a company called JetSmarter which allows people to book a seat on a private plane from their mobile device. As a result, there are no longer any planes flying half empty. This means that the average price per seat is starting to drop, with more people using the service. As the prices continue to drop, Sergey Petrossov sees his company making the world of private travel accessible to more people than ever before.

James Dondero, Investing and Charity

James Dondero is Highland Capital Management’s conscientious President and Co-Founder. He’s a credit and equity wizard who has been a staple in his fields for more than three jam-packed decades so far. He concentrates heavily on both distressed and high-yield investing subjects. Jim Dondero has been a major force for Highland Capital Management throughout the years. James Dondero has guided the way for a firm that has been instrumental in the creation of all kinds of innovative collateralized loan obligation concepts. Jim Dondero knows so much about credit strategies that can be favorable for global investors who are part of the retail and institutional classifications.

Highland Capital Management presents clients with with many varied choices in products. It presents them with everything from private equity funds and hedge funds to exchange-traded funds and even mutual funds. People who want to learn a lot more about real estate investment trusts and how they function often put a lot of energy into Highland Capital Management. Jim Dondero is NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc’s President and Chairman now.

James Dondero studied at a credible Charlottesville, Virginia institution of higher learning. That college was the esteemed University of Virginia. His classes there centered around both finance and accounting.

Certification isn’t a topic that’s at all unfamiliar to this financial executive in Dallas, Texas. Jim Dondero is qualified to refer to himself as being a Chartered Financial Analyst or a CFA. He’s allowed to refer to himself as both a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant as well.

Jim Dondero has a schedule that’s pretty chaotic at times. That never ever interferes with his selfless charitable and philanthropic aspirations, however. People who take on all sorts of charitable and philanthropic projects in Dallas tend to know a lot about this painstaking and thoughtful man.

Steve Lesnard Shares His Ideas on Digital Marketing

Digital and social media platforms are taking over the marketing industry. With the emergence of start technology, it is only reasonable to create advertising and marketing methods through the platforms. New products have a higher chance of reaching the potential client if marketed social media. For brands to get through to the customer, they put their clients’ interests first and focus on personalizing their approach. The companies also have clearly stated benefits to the consumer. Steve Lesnard holds a degree in business and entrepreneurship, and he shares with us his insights on marketing in the exciting digital platforms.

Steve lesnard’s principles for effective advertising

His experience in the business world is exceptional. He has previously been recognized several times for his authentic ideas and breathtaking creations. He has also been recognized for growing a sports following from five hundred thousand to seven million people through a strategic deal with Apple to grow the brand’s name. Talking to upcoming marketers and entrepreneurs, Steve Lesnard offered two principles that should be adhered to when presenting a new product to a client. Quoting a saying by Walt Disney, Steve Lesnard advised entrepreneurs to keep their presentation simple and to the point. Most advertisements have clear outlines specifying what value the product offers the client or any new details that interest the client.

Steve Lesnard used iPod as an example as they used the simple slogan ten songs in your pocket to keep the clients focus on the solution they offered to their problem. He also advised that the best way to make your advert stand out is to bring it to life. As vague as this may sound, the strategy has been used by major companies and has proven successful. The strategy involves visualizing what you want your customer to experience. Showing the client how their products will look like on them or how the product will add value to their life. This can be actualized by placing the product in the best settings and outlining the best features of the products for the client to remember. Keeping the consumer in mind is always key in creating powerful adverts.

Adam Milstein Provides Vital Assistance to Jewish Communities

Adam Milstein is the first-born son of a home maker mother and a real estate developer father. Mr. Milstein spent his early years in Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971. His mandatory service included assignment to Ariel Sharon’s army division during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

After he finished his military service, Mr. Milstein enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology, from which he graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s in business and economics. During his college years, Mr. Milstein obtained indispensable real estate investment experience by helping to expand his father’s real estate development business.

Mr. Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration in 1983. He entered the real estate profession as a sales agent and eventually gained enough experience to become a successful real estate investor.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila were married in Haifa in 1974. The couple moved to the United States seven years later and became actively involved in philanthropic endeavors that strengthen Jewish communities worldwide. Adam Milstein’s community development efforts are based on the principles of active philanthropy, life-time impact, and synergy.

Mr. Milstein and his wife co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (AGMFF), which contributes to causes that strengthen the Jewish people and that promote a positive U.S.-Israeli relationship. Mr. Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board.

In addition to financial resources, the Milsteins commit significant time and expertise to every project they sponsor. They create partnerships with agencies that support individuals throughout the entire life cycle, from childhood through later adulthood, and actively promote organizations that maintain life-long connections with service recipients.

Through consulting and fundraising, Adam and Gila Milstein help non-profit agencies to enhance their overall impact by partnering with other community-based organizations that have shared goals and a similar mission. Adam Milstein is a Board member of several organizations that promote Jewish solidarity and that support Jewish communities. He and Gila continue their active philanthropy through the work of the AGMFF.

Stream Energy: Rewriting Social Empowerment Narrative in Dallas

Corporate scholars point out that the greatest mark of a company is how it uses its profits, especially on philanthropy. Although Stream Energy was one of the most active companies in the charity world, Hurricane Harvey redefined their approach in this important niche. With over 56 inches rain, it was a moment to revisit their approach to charity especially to neighborhoods surrounding Huston.

Since the company was one of the less affected by this hurricane, it used a large portion of its profits to help families get back together after the infamous hurricane. The management of Stream Energy, with the help of other professionals, designed one of the most effective foundations in Texas.

Through this foundation, Stream Energy has been able to change thousands of lives in Texas and more importantly children’s lives. Unlike other organizations, the foundation understands that collaborating with other entities helps in expanding the operational scope.

For less than three years, the entity has worked with different organizations in Dallas especially in giving children a better experience on their recreational lives. Through different programs, Stream Cares continues to change thousands of homeless children in Texas and its environs and this according to the management this is their greatest contribution to Texas communities.

Stream Energy was previously one of the most active partners to other charitable organizations such as the Red Cross. Although the organization is currently channeling their CSR to their foundation, they still work with global charity organizations regularly. According to the management, this relationship with other entities helps them to retain a good working relationship with other organization.

Apart from changing lives through their well-thought energy programs, the management believes that this is also a better way to serve the Texas population and more importantly share their profits with thousands of people. In 2019, the company intends to improve its resource allocation to the foundation.

With other major projects in like such their Green project, the company is still focused on its four-pillar plan. Some of the projects include providing unmatched energy services to both commercial premises as well as private spaces. The company is also a leader in providing wireless services and Internet connections.