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Betsy DeVos and Schooling Questions

Betsy DeVos isn’t a silly or frivolous gal. She’s a lady who has accomplished so much throughout her incredible time on this planet. She’s impacted so many lives in the United States. She’s changed people for the better. People have changed her for the better as well. DeVos is fortunate enough to have an incredible support system in place. That support system starts with a man by the name of Dick. He’s her diligent and attentive husband. He’s her backbone in all sorts of ways. She definitely doesn’t need assistance in the strength department, though.


DeVos was born with a different name. She’s like many other women around the planet in that sense. She started out as a gal named Elisabeth Prince. Although she’s still Elisabeth Prince at the core, she’s changed in all sorts of monumental ways throughout the years. She’s been a tireless champion for all sorts of causes in the United States. Doing charitable work is natural to her. Operating as a philanthropist is just as natural to her. She has a penchant for bettering humankind. Her husband has that exact same penchant. They can verify that, too. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation isn’t at all a joke to them. It’s something they’ve been working on since the end of the eighties. They’ve had many sleepless nights out of the desire to push the not-for-profit group forward.


There are so many topics that encourage DeVos to contemplate life. She thinks about educational concepts in America. She wants to live in a country that makes getting education simple for young people. She wants pupils in the United States to learn all about mathematics, science, history, social studies and more. It makes her feel helpless any time she realizes that there are so many youths who are unable to go to schools of their own choosing. There are so many frustrated American parents who know what she’s talking about as well. These people have discussions that touch upon the subject of educational choice.


There are many educational subjects that are a big deal to DeVos. She likes to think about choice and the United States’ vast educational system. She likes to think about schools in general. Her husband doesn’t tune her out any time she chats about schools. He even has his own school to ponder. That’s the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The name of the institution isn’t at all misleading. It’s an institution in Grand Rapids that revolves around air travel, engineering, and related subjects. Students who know what they want out of their careers often try to sign up at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It was founded at the airport about 10 years ago.


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