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Todd Lubar – Real Estate Professional With Over Two Decades Of Experience

Even though Baltimore area was severely struck during the real estate crisis and is still to recover completely, signs are showing up that indicate a real comeback in the region. Lesser foreclosures are happening now than in the same quarter earlier year, and the prices of the bank-arbitrated property sales are higher as well this year. Several changes made by the state government of Maryland in the regulations about real estate helped in making the housing market more consumer-friendly. It resulted in foreclosures rate in Maryland remaining lower than in many other states across the country. For more info, visit his linkedin page.

Due to the rapid progress in the otherwise volatile and distressed real estate and housing sector in the State, the median price of the house also increased considerably. Todd Lubar is the highly popular figure in the real estate industry in the Baltimore area. He did his graduation in speech communication from the Syracuse University and started his career in the real estate space in the year 1995. He had always been fascinated with the real estate industry and combining with his urge to help others, reassured Todd that he belonged to the industry. In his early days in the real estate sector, he worked for Crestar Mortgage as a great originator. While at Crestar Mortgage, he gained exposure and extensive experience in the field of mortgage banking, which he feels is invaluable and has helped him tremendously throughout his career.

To advance his career in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar networked with other high ranking professionals from the industry, such as CPAs, real estate agents, attorneys, insurance agents, and financial planners. Many of these who he networked with are now a part of his extensive referral base. After leaving the job at Crestar Mortgage, he joined Legacy Financial Group, where he helped the Maryland branch office to expand and grow exponentially. Currently, he serves as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments and is the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

Apart from real estate, Todd is associated with many other industries, including commercial demolition and automotive scrap recycling. Thanks to the business expertise of Todd Lubar, he was able to take both these firms to great heights with the auto scrap recycling company being traded publicly as well. His business and financial expertise is well known in Maryland and is one of the most sought after personalities in the real estate scene in the state.

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