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Recap of when Waiakea was honored as a Best Bottled Water Brand

About the water

The bottled water is filtered through porous volcanic rock that is a thousand feet long. It is famous for producing the most natural water rich in electrolyte and alkaline in the world. Waiakea ensures that 5 percent of what they make from selling the water goes back to community programs. Some of them are environment protection, education programs, and peace programs. Also, Waiakea has collaborated with Pump Aid to supply clean water to people in Malawi. Therefore, for every bottle of water you buy, you are helping a needy person.

Specialty Food shows that Waiakea water is also the first bottled water company in the United States to be certified Carbon Neutral®. Some of the initiatives that have helped them get this tag are actively participating in courses to help the community be a better place.

The award

PR News Wire stated that Waiakea was named the Best Volcanic Water of 2017 by 10 Best Water. Waiakea came second in the overall category. Some of the household names they were competing with are Smart Water, Evian, Fiji, Icelandic Glacial, and Voss.

Although Waiakea water is a new brand in the industry, this is the third year they have come on top of the top ten list wards. It means that someone is recognizing their effort to maintain purity, good taste and their commitment to conserving the environment. For this reason, Waiakea can be considered as one of the most famous premium waters in the world.

If you are an American citizen, you have noticed the quality of water keeps deteriorating. However, if you are drinking Waiakea water, you do not have to be worried about the quality of water you are drinking.

The great tasting water is obtained straight from the source. You can trust the integrity of this brand. Water is crucial for your daily life, and it would be advisable if you took several bottles a day. The good thing about Waiakea water bottle is it is portable so you can carry it around.

According to the founder Ryan Emmons, their primary goal was to change the industry from within and to set up a good example to the rest of the companies. He added that their continued philanthropic initiatives prove they can affect positive change in the world through their product.

Ryan said that the award showed that consumers are now opting for products that promote a healthy life and those that are more sustainable. He added that the future of the company is brilliant.