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Ryan Seacrest Conquers The World Of Media

He does it all. Radio, daytime television and hosting one of America’s most infamous singing competition shows are the three main media jobs this man has. Media is his middle name. From running a radio show to jumping on daytime television to appearing on millions of television screens during the evening for American Idol, Ryan Seacrest has truly embarked on the road of media (Thebrotalk).

From an early point in his life, he was intrigued by communications. Being a great talker and a smart businessman, led him to have great success in the world of media. His career has allowed him to amass a great wealth. He has invested his wealth into other projects as well as launched a charity called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

His radio show On Air With Ryan is one of his most beloved passions. Ryan Seacrest truly shines when he is on the air interviewing a Hollywood celebrity or talking to people who have called into his show. The radio may have been his start but radio has turned into his outlet. Being a radio host actually caused him to want to create a charity where children would get the chance to imagine what it could be like by being a tv anchor or radio host.

American Idol has been the highlight of his career. This show allowed him to become so familiar with millions of households across the world. His personality truly shines through the television. Hosting American Idol has led him to other hosting gigs, where he also gets to show how committed and passionate he is to host. Daytime television got a great surprise when he joined Live With Ryan And Kelly. He is now on television during the mornings due to getting hired as a co=host on this morning talk show.

Though media is where his heart is, Ryan is a businessman as well. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his clothing company. Polish is the skincare line that goes along with the clothing company. Together, these two business ventures allot the media mogul more income strems and jobs to add to his already successful media empire.

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