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Bringing Your Dreams to Life with The Brown Agency

If you haven’t heard of the Brown Agency, then you’re missing out on one of the top Austin, Texas-based modeling and talent agencies. Established in the late spring of 2010, the Brown Agency is part of a wider family of model and talent agencies within the greater Southern United States. Since opening their business, the agency has locked down talent-based contracts with some of the world’s leading corporate brands, such as Dell Computers, Toyota, Loreal, Louis Vuitton, and many others. In the modeling arena, you are likely to have seen the Brown Agency’s beauties strutting up and down the runways hosted at events such as the Austin Fashion Week, New York City Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and many other prominent venues.


The Agency’s president and founder, Justin Brown, is known for his gracious quote about the company’s growing roster, stating “our agency is only as good as the talent we possess”. Justin is known to take great pride in selecting and grooming the very best talent and most beautiful models that Austin, Texas has to offer. This rigid standard has helped the Brown Agency rise to the very top of its industry.


Regarding specific modeling and talent representation offered by the Brown Agency, they cater towards pure fashion modeling, commercial modeling, theatrical talent, as well as creative talents such as photographers and make-up artists. While the criteria for representation with the agency is strict, they are known for being able to place people exactly where their gifts are best served.


In addition to offering representation for Austin’s best talent and models, the Brown Agency is also well known for accepting a diverse range of models and talent from many different ethnic backgrounds. The agency features many prominent models and talent stars from backgrounds ranging from Latino, Caucasian, Jewish, African American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and many others. The agency also accepts different body builds, whether you’re tall and thin, a plus size model, have an average build, or are just absolutely chiseled, the agency believes in equal representation for everyone, gender, body, or ethnic background aside.


In addition to offering top-notch talent and modeling representation for adults, the Brown Agency is also one of the best agencies for child models and talent stars. Not only can the Brown Agency find excellent contracts for aspiring models and future stars, but through the agency’s guidance, these individuals are able to harness and maintain a brilliant career well into adulthood.


If you or your child are seeking the very best talent and modeling representation that Austin has to offer, then be sure to contact the Brown Agency today. Their professional staff can assist you in gathering the required materials needed to evaluate whether or not you or your family member qualify to be a part of the growing Brown Agency ensemble. You can visit their Instagram page.