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Dan Bethelmy-Rada and the R.A.W. Materials for Success

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is no stranger to success. As the for L’Oreal, he has a profound background and extensive experience with launching campaigns for new product lines. One such project, Biolage R.A.W .maybe is most ambitious endeavor yet. He has dedicated his time and expertise in developing a product line that is all-natural and respects the environment.

L’Oreal is fulfilling a mission to utilize 100% renewable materials by 2020. Currently, 59% of the raw materials that L’Oreal brands process to create their beauty products comes from sustainable and renewable sources. Bethelmy-Rada raised the bar to almost 90% for Biolage R.A.W Nourish shampoo and conditioner. Many of these sources for their raw materials are plant-based and can be found growing in the Earth’s rainforests. About 1,600 organic materials, representing 340 species, are grown as crops in over 100 countries worldwide.

As an important partner with quality suppliers, Dan Bethelmy-Rada of L’Oreal ensures that they respect the biodiversity of the regions in which their raw materials are grown. This includes responsible farming practices, maintaining soil health and refraining from deforestation. Another important concern is using water resources responsibly. They are also working on minimizing their water footprint by developing products that have a high biodegradability. For example, the company manufactures cardboard packaging. The wood used to make this cardboard comes from wood that is grown within sustainable forests. The other species of plants and animals living in these forests are not harmed. L’Oreal is determined to minimize its impact on the surrounding environment and local ecosystems.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada also seeks to be socially responsible by improving the conditions in which their producers work in. This includes environments that are not toxic, do not affect their overall health in a negative manner, and enhances the quality of their overall lives. Great care is taken to ensure they are paid fairly.


Maarten De Jeu Believes in MSIs Farrell Fellowship

One of the most successful finance professionals in the Chicago area by the name of Maarten De Jeu believes in the programs of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), which helps to educate their museum visitors on the field of STEM. Maarten is currently one of the founding members and managing directors of SVM Business Advisory. But previously, he served as a co-chairman of the Science Spins programs of the MSI, where their goal was to provide exhibits and interactive displays for the museum patrons, so they will learn more about the history of the bicycle.


The Farrell Fellowship in MSI


MSI is known to be the biggest science museum in the entire Western Hemisphere. They offer a Farrell Fellowship program to engage the interest of the many adolescents in the Chicago area. Of course, the thrust of this summer program is on science, engineering, and technology. The goal is to spark their curiosity and keep their minds growing because learning is a vital component in personal development. By providing them productive avenues, it keeps them away from distracting and destructive choices like drugs and alcohol.


This summer fellowship takes place in 5 weeks and includes a dynamic program not just on science, but also on leadership enhancement and public speaking. Being able to communicate effectively in a field is an asset so this is emphasized throughout the entire program. Leadership is also seen as a strong trait that must be developed early on because taking this dynamic role is expected of everyone at some point in their journey. After all, being able to lead, inspire, and help others to achieve greater heights is a noble endeavor.


End Goal of Farrell Fellows


The primary goal of this Farrell Summer Internship is for the students to have a culminating project that will showcase everything they have learned throughout the entire summer. They get the chance to present interactive science activities that they themselves developed. They don’t just showcase and display these in the museum itself, but they also go out in the surrounding communities to help teach and engage with other kids in the area. One of the most memorable summer projects was called America’s Got Bubbles, which was patterned after the famous show America’s Got Talent. As it can be gleaned from the name, this activity deals with the science and chemistry behind what makes bubbles a bubble. It was a fun topic because young and old are still fascinated with bubbles. Learn more:


Another activity that gained attention was the building of carnival tens from newspapers, which they taught to younger children in the community. On top of that, there was a launch of model rockets in an interactive striker game. Other activities included visiting 17 public library branches in the Chicago Area. Truly, this remarkable program that was spearheaded by Maarten De Jeu is changing children’s lives for the better as it leads them into a positive direction. 

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HCR Wealth Advisors and Equity Matters

2018 was a year that went out with a bang. It gave people certain thoughts that involved the Federal Reserve as well. There were so many people all around the United States who thought that the group was going to raise interest rates in 2019. There were other ideas that were somewhat unsettling as well. People had all sorts of issues related to balance sheets and other topics. Investors had feelings of nonstop apprehension. They were apprehensive about economic consequences and recessions.

There have been international central banks that have tweaked their approaches to financial regulations as of late. They’ve given the markets additional liquidity as well. It has made investors and consumers feel more at ease, too. Economic tweaks have also been taking place in the United States. Late 2018 was quite volatile. Investors are perpetually prepared for all kinds of issues that pertain to amounts for interest rates. They’re constantly prepared for economies that don’t move as rapidly as they did in the past. Investors who are headquartered in all different sections of the planet have thoughts that revolve around equities.

Portfolio managers have to put a lot of care into market practices. That’s because their attitudes can substantially influence the course of markets. Managers need to do anything they can to understand equities and how they operate thoroughly. Grasping equities can simplify things for supervisors who are attempting to shine.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a trusted investment advisory firm that’s in Los Angeles, California. HCR Wealth Advisors works tirelessly in order to help to give all of its clients a feeling of true liberation no matter what. The people who work for HCR Wealth Advisors can talk to clients for long spans of time about all kinds of pertinent financial topics. They can talk to them about different investment options and financial strategies Knowledge about equity can reduce nerves in many individuals.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


Knowing the Tricks and Tips of Free Classified Advertising

Online free classified sites offer a risk free, no cost solution to promote your businesses and sell products and services. Advertising in free classified sites can be time consuming and frustrating if you do not know how to successfully profit from these sites. Knowing the right tricks and tips of online free classified ads will separate you from the hundreds who post thousands of ads without getting any results.  leolist

All free classified sites are not created equal. You should focus on a few good sites and post your ads regularly in those sites only. Your starting point is Google search. Go to and search for “free classifieds” and “free ads”. From the search result pages, visit 10 to 15 sites and register in those sites. If a site asks too many questions during the registration process, abandon the site and go to the next site. Why should you have to provide all your personal information for the site’s benefits? Good sites will only ask minimal questions to setup your account so that you can edit, delete and renew your ads. Also, look for sites that will allow you to post without any registration.

Write a precise ad using 80 to 100 words. Write about benefits of your products and services for ad viewers. Try to think benefits in terms of generating extra income, improving health and relationships and providing a sense of good feelings when they use your products and services.

Write a concise, interest grabbing, key words filled ad title with action words that asks the reader to do something now. If you are promoting an affiliate product and many ads are also about the same affiliate product, write your ad title and ad copy differently than others so that your ad stands out in the crowd.

If you are selling personal items, like used cars, cameras etc., provide details description of the item, its selling price, and your contact information. If you are promoting an item to make a profit, do not try to sell your products or services in the classified ad. Use the free ad to lead to another site or your affiliate site where you can provide more information to make a sale.

In classified sites, most recent ads are listed on the top of the ad search or ad listing pages. Some free classified sites have paid premium ads which are displayed on the top of the listing pages, followed by the free ads. Avoid those free sites that accept premium listings. In free classified sites, your ads will be buried deep in the listing pages as more ads are posted in the same category. To keep your ads fresh and on the top of the listing page, renew your ads every couple of days.

Do not spam by posting your ads in all categories. Post only in a few relevant categories, preferably using different ad copies and ad titles. If the site has regional sections, e.g. US states, cities, or countries and your target is to reach every region, post in 10 to 15 regions only. For the search function of the site to pickup your ad for display, you do not have to post in all the available regions. This will save you time.

Always use photos or banners in your ads. Make sure that the size and dimensions of your image files are within the site’s acceptable limits. Otherwise, the site may not display your images in your ad at all. There are a few free sites where you can create your banners or you can use your affiliate banners. If you are using the picture of a product, take the picture using a good digital camera and then convert the image to jpeg format and reduce the dimensions prior to uploading.

Using the simple techniques mentioned above, you should be able to minimize your online free advertising effort and increase responses from your ads. Remember, your ad title and ad copy should stand out with action words and pictures. You should regularly post your ads to keep them fresh and on top the listing page.

Maarten de Jeu Highlights The Farrell Fellowship’s Effects

Maarten de Jeu has made quite a name for himself in the financial world around Chicago. The majority of this has been because of his innovative financial strategies that have provided a significant amount of returns for his clients. Much of this has been with the SVM Business Advisory, which he founded and served as the Managing Partner of. With SVM, de Jeu has worked with a variety of international clients. He first got his start in the industry after graduating from the University of Oxford with an Executive MBA in 2005. Prior to this, he had received an M.A. in Social Science, while also majoring in Public Administration at Leiden University in 2001. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter


Between 1999 and 2007, he gained a significant amount of experience in the corporate finance world, working with TVDK Management Consultants. His skills were highlighted throughout this time as he continued to climb the corporate ladder within the company. After several years, he was promoted to Senior Associate. Maarten de Jeu then traveled from his native Netherlands back to London to work with insurance firm Aviva.


However, Maarten de Jeu has also been known for his love of science education. This led to him co-chairing the Science Spins program with the Museum of Science and Industry. Since leaving the position, he’s still been involved with the science museum.


The Museum of Science and Industry is known for being one of the largest science museums in the world, and the largest in the country. However, it requires a significant amount of funding for many of the services it offers. One of the most notable of these to increase the amount of Chicago-area teens who are interested in science. While a certain amount of this is through education, the MSI is also doing so through the use of a more hands-on approach. This is where the Farrell Fellowship comes in. For the past few years, the program provides internships to teens across the area considering a career in the scientific community.


The Farrell Fellowship has been having quite a considerable effect in recent years. This has allowed students to become increasingly involved in science and begin laying the groundwork for a career in the field. In 2014, for example, students staged America’s Got Bubbles. This was an educational show that presented viewers with the science and chemistry behind bubbles. Despite being informational, the program was well-received, thanks in large part to its entertainment value. Learn more:


Recently, Maarten de Jeu has noted that there have been helping students with a variety of other educational activities. Some of the most notable of these include the likes of developing and launching model rockets and much more. Through this, The Farrell Fellowship has helped to increase overall interest in science education across Chicago.

When Is The Very Best Time To Send Out a Crowdfunding News Release

A crowdfunding news release is a precise approach to market your Kickstarter task, gain backers and reach your funding objective. Crowdfunding jobs are time-sensitive, meaning, projects have deadlines, so it is essential to distribute your news release at the correct time.

The news release is a straightforward means to provide journalism details concerning a crowdfunding campaign. It is essential to release journalism release at the correct time since it can go viral, which means your campaign can reach its financing objective easily in merely a matter of a couple of hours.

Bear in mind that journalism can make or break your campaign, so it is essential to be mindful of when to send your launch. If you’re uncertain concerning when to send your paid press release distribution service, below are a couple of giveaways to provide you an idea on when to address it.

Target a few journalists and also little publications.

If you think that targeting everyone on your media listing is excellent, you’re making one significant error, beginning sending to a couple of journalists, who write an appropriate crowdfunding launch. Don’t snub the tiny publications since most of the times; they fish out their news from the tiny range outlets.

Starting on the local electrical outlets can assist you to get even more press focus than you can ever before imagine. Furthermore, you don’t know, as well as outlets, have links with national electrical outlets.

The correct time to pitch.

Pitch the media asap as well as repeat it before and also during the day of launching your project. Different magazines have various time for releasing stories. News outlets always desire fresh, new tales to provide so you should send them your account as quickly as you can.

On the other hand, some publications are not time-sensitive, so they publish information in some cases for weeks or months. You require to recognize the timeline of publications you’re targeting.

A few weeks before the launch, make sure that you have completed the media checklist that you’re preparing to pitch your campaign. A week before the start, you may send your pitch to reporters and also magazines, who cover the same campaigns.

Pitching your Kickstarter campaign a week before gives reporters an adequate time to cover your story. Bear in mind the days you’re sending your pitches. Tuesday has a higher email open price than the majority of days, so it offers you more opportunity of obtaining attention.

Send your release while preventing significant occasions.

This is a no-brainer. Do not send your crowdfunding news release corresponding significant occasions, such as the presidential election insurance coverage or Super Dish.

Journalists are more concentrated on public information and significant occasions than focusing on a tale like your own, other than if it is groundbreaking. Sending your release throughout those times is not a smart choice. Plan your technique extremely well in sending out launches, while keeping in mind the significant events.

Don’t forget social networks.

Don’t assume that the only method you can obtain attention for your crowdfunding project is with pitching. You can disperse your press release to gain backers on various networks, consisting of Pinterest, Kickstarter Live, Instagram, Google +, Snapchat and also Quora.

Sending out a Kickstarter launch takes a significant amount of time. You require to allocate time for press outreach for a press research study, pitching, connect and follow up.

You need to budget plan your time. Make sure that you set time daily for your press outreach. Pitching is various when you have developed a relationship with the press. So, before pitching, make sure that you have a secure connection with the journalists.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Points Out Rise in Joint Replacement Surgeries

Some of the common joint replacement surgeries are done to remove arthritis. The parts are replaced with implants which could be made of metal, ceramic or plastic. The implants are parts designed to act in the same manner the natural joint components would act. The implants are of the same size, shape, and follow the same movements that the natural bone would follow. Some of the common joints that need replacements are shoulders, hips, elbows, ankles, wrists, and knees.




There are over a million joint replacements surgeries in the United States every year. This is an indication that this is one of the most sought-after medical services. There are two conclusions that experts are drawing from this trend. The first one is that access to good medical care is improving and secondly, there are many cases of poor health in the country. The average age for seeking joint replacements keeps on falling which could be an indication of many cases of obesity.




One of the specialists as far as joint replacements are concerned is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. He is an experienced expert who has been in this profession for a long time. He has a degree from Brown University and a medical degree from the Albert Einstein Medical College. He is one of the people who has made huge efforts to ensure that join surgeries are conducted in the right manner. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also passionate about the application of technology in this field. He normally writes about the use of Information Technology in the medical field.




One of the things that Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum does is to encourage his patients to live a healthy lifestyle after the joint replacement. Obesity is one of the common contributors to joint damage. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also points out that people with end-stage arthritis are more likely to be recommended for joint replacement.


Super Star, Todd Levine

In 1988 Todd Levine graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor`s in finance and later on joined Florida Levine college of law where he graduated with honors in 1991. He is well conversant in commercial real estate litigator with over 20 years’ experience in this field. Todd Levine has been recognized for handling several complex business disputes in various field including sports and entertainment. Todd is also a founding member at Kluger, Kplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., where he has ensured his client’s goals to be a priority in search of a successful winning strategy.

During a recent interview on how to secure a commercial litigator, Todd Levine shared helpful information on how to apply mediation and Arbitration and also about his law firm. Todd is well recognized for his knowledge and creativity which has won him the award of best lawyer in America for real estates in 2018. In 2012 Todd was awarded as one of the most rated lawyers for commercial litigation by Martindale Hubbell legal leaders.

Todd Levine aims at developing independent strategies with inclusive of his clients’ needs. These strategies are easily made possible through combing his outside love art of music together with science in his law practice. Mr Levine considers himself exceptional when it comes to handling complex litigation issues for he holds much experience in this field.

In an interview, Todd shared some of the key reasons why he felt to be the best attorney. They are;

  1. Long lasting relationship- He says that building a long-term relationship with his clients is of vital importance to building confidence and trust to customers.
  2. Skills – Todd Levine experience is beyond doubt for he has been in this field for not less than 25 years.

Having any complex dispute issues seek Todd Levine for assistance, and you will never be disappointed.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets Article

Oral pain. Just reading those two words may conjure up memories of unpleasant days past. But what if it’s one of your mini-me’s experiencing oral pain, specifically, teething pain? Just reading those words may trigger your protective maternal instincts — because we want our progeny to thrive. And anything that causes them pain, pains us.

To that end, when life’s little teething moments flare up, we want to do a bit more than open the medicine cabinet and reach for just any old tablet or tablets. Hyland’s, founded in 1903 in Los Angeles, California, is one such place that will put your mind at ease. This company has been in business long enough to know that simply taking one or two tablets and call me in the morning just won’t do.

What’s there secret? Hyland’s has been in business long enough to know that following me-too healthcare trend after another doesn’t work in the long run.


Instead, they’ve taken a different approach. And it may sound radical to some. What this means is they’re different by staying original. Their secret? Homo homeopathic medicine. While Hyland’s may apply tablets where appropriate, they know this is not a solution for every malady. Instead, they’ve focused on homeopathic approaches. Why? For one reason it’s grounded in science. Medical science now has recognized the benefits of homeopathic remedies.

When baby alerts you to baby-teeth pain. This approach is sure to put some mama mania back into your smile.

Aloha Construction Has You Covered

If you’re looking for a company whose specialty is repairing gutters, that does siding and roofing, then Aloha Construction is the company for you. This is a construction company that is insured, licensed, bonded, and committed to giving the best work for roofing. They use a strict system to identify damages to the ventilation of your attic and shingles. And you’ll be informed with information when it comes to payments and timelines. While others overlook gutters, the people of Aloha Construction will make sure that your foundation is good by checking every inch. They’ll assist with repairing and replacing any gutter, weather it’s regular or over sized. This company gives free of charge inspections of properties so that home owners can be sure that their insurance company will cover the cost of repairs. They’re partnered with Synchrony Financial, a company that provides financing products, loyalty programs and installment for lending. Therefore, payment plans can be arranged. And all customers are covered by the craftsmanship guarantee which last for 10 years. Insurance

Aloha Construction was found in 2008 by Dave Farbaky, who is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the company. And for the time that they’ve been in existence, this family owned company has done 20,000 jobs for roofs serving the Illinois State. And since they have offices in Bloomington and Lake Zurich, Aloha Construction are able to serve homeowners in all kind of ways. They are known as the company to call for repairs whenever a storm strikes. Every man and woman of Aloha Construction is trained by the Vinyl Siding Institute. This is to make sure that they become certified and are fully capable of installing vinyl siding and perform other important task. This is to guarantee that all customers and their roofs are in good hands. Aloha